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2013 CFI Games “Rocky IV” Info & Birthday Shout-Outs

By Sean | In Competition, Events and Announcements | on September 16, 2013


  • Open Men: Yoke+100lbs; Open Women: Yolk+40lbs
  • Scaled Men:  Yoke+60, Scaled Women:  Empty Yoke
  • Novice Men:  Farmers’ Carry 70lb KBs; Novice Women:  Farmers’ Carry 53lb KBs
  • Master’s Men:  Yoke+60lbs

Every 5 yards the Yoke or Kettlebells are carried, the athlete is awarded a point.  The course is a 25 yard course so a maximum of 5 points is possible on any one pass.  Turning with the Yoke is not permitted.  Once an athlete reaches the end of the 25 yards they must clear the back pegs past the line, drop the yoke, turn around to face the opposite direction, pick up the yoke, and start carrying back the other way.  This continues for the 1 minute duration with the athlete accumulating as many points as possible.  A 1 minute rest period follows the 1 minute Yoke Carry.


Here are a few previous posts to help with the Yoke Carry. Most importantly make time to work on this and get your height settings before Saturday.
Fun with Yokes
Yoke Walks

Part 2:  Agility Course for Time

A short agility course follows the Yoke Carry.  The first part is Double Unders/12″ Lateral Parallette Jumps.

  • Open Men & Women:  20 UNBROKEN Double Unders
  • Scaled Men & Women:  20 Double Unders
  • Novice Men & Women:  30 Lateral Jumps over a 12″ Parallette
  • Master’s Men:  20 Double Unders

The Open Men and Women must perform 20 consecutive double unders without stopping or single unders in between.  If an athlete stops or messes up before the 20th double under they must start back from the beginning.  Scaled Men, Scaled Women, and Master’s Men are allowed to stop or perform single unders if necessary between double under reps.  Failed attempts do not count towards an athlete’s total count. Novice Men and Women will jump laterally over one of our white PVC parallettes that are 12″ tall.  Every time the athlete jumps over the hurdle will count as one rep.  Upon completion of the double unders or parallette jumps, the athlete must complete the rest of the agility course as quickly as possible.  Course details will be revealed on Saturday, but the finale is overhead walking lunges with a slosh pipe.  The slosh pipe is a very thick PVC partially filled with water.  To prevent damage to the slosh pipes, they are not available for use prior to Saturday.  In order for the Overhead Lunge to count the back knee must make contact with the ground and the pipe must be held overhead the entire duration of the step.  If either of these criteria are not met the judge will make the athlete return to the previous location before they can continue walking.  Novice Men and Women will hold the slosh pipe on the upper back as they perform the walking lunges.


Here is one previous post that may be of help for the agility course. One hint is that the entire workout will take place in the street, so practicing inside the gym can help but the surface will be different than the rubber mats or the slick concrete in the back.
Sprint Mechanics


Happy Birthday Katie M.! You may remember reading about Katie M. in a recent post as she successfully passed her California Physical Ability Test (CPAT), a huge step in the right direction towards fulfilling her goal of becoming a Firefighter Paramedic in the state of California. A regular in the noon and early afternoon classes Katie continues to work hard and make progress. Have a great birthday Katie!

I’d also like to wish Michael L. a happy birthday too. Mike has been a regular in my morning Barbell classes and after a hiatus away from CrossFit and lifting, has found his groove again. I apologize for a lack of a photograph, but if you’re one of the morning folks you’ll likely see him around Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings for Barbell. Happy Birthday Michael, and keep up the great work!

WOD 9.16.13

Back Squat 3×5/Wendler

3 Rounds for Time:
Three “Cindy” Rounds (5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Squats)
240m Run

*Upon completion of the WOD athlete has done 9 total “Cindy” Rounds*

6 Comments to "2013 CFI Games “Rocky IV” Info & Birthday Shout-Outs"

  • Holley says:

    September 16, 2013 at 9:12 AM -

    Happy Birthday Katie and Michael!

    Pretty excited about Rocky IV, it’s going to be so fun! :)

  • Tina says:

    September 16, 2013 at 9:14 AM -

    Happy Birthday Katie and Michael!!I I hear eye of the tiger!!

  • Nathania says:

    September 16, 2013 at 9:15 AM -

    Happy birthdays Katie and Mike!

  • Michael H says:

    September 16, 2013 at 11:36 AM -

    Happy Birthday guys!

    I heard the slosh pipes are filled with beer

  • Katie M says:

    September 16, 2013 at 2:08 PM -

    Happy Birthday to my birthday twin! Looking forward to cheering everyone on at the Games!

  • Amanda says:

    September 16, 2013 at 2:31 PM -

    Happy birthday, Date Night!

    Happy birthday, Katie!

    Happy birthday, Mike!

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