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2013 CrossFit Games Day 0 Recap

By Holley | In Competition, Yoga | on July 25, 2013

box jump

As if three days and ten workouts weren’t brutal enough for the CrossFit Games individual athletes, in true Games fashion, David Castro surprised the competitor with two additional workouts for today. At Monday’s athlete meeting, he announced that on Wednesday they would be doing 10 rounds of 25 m swim, 3 bar muscle ups, and another 25 m swim. This was the first ever CrossFit event to take place in a pool. The second event would take place later that afternoon and would be a half marathon row, or 21,097 meters. Yikes!

The swim event in the morning wrapped with some less familiar faces at the top of the leader board. This event was extremely tiring on the upper body as the swim stroke recruits similar muscles that the bar muscle ups require. Michele Letendre from Canada finished first in the event, followed by Kara Webb from Australia and Rory Zambard of the USA. On the men’s side of things, newcomer Jordan Troyan, former world ranked swimmer, ran away with the event, followed by Ben Smith and Josh Bridges.

The rowing event was broken down into two events. The first scored portion was a 2K race, followed by the rest of the half marathon for the second scored portion. The top finish left two familiar faces at the top of the leader board, as both athletes ran away with both events. Jason Khalipa finished the 2k row in 6:21.1 and finished the half marathon in 1:18:02.3, which translates to a 1:49 500 m pace for the entire half marathon. Impressive! Sam Briggs was the women’s leader and finished the 2k row in 7:17.0 and the half marathon in 1:27:47.9, a 2:05 500 m pace.

At the end of “Day 0” Sam Briggs and Jason Khalipa hold onto solid leads. 54 points behind Sam is Rory Zambard, and 7 points behind her is Alessandra Pichelli, both newcomers to the Games this year. 40 points behind Jason is Garret Fisher, and 3 points behind him is Chad Mackay. No, these aren’t all familiar faces at the top of the leader boards, but there are still three more days of competition for the individual athletes, so nothing is decided. Certainly another exciting start to the CrossFit Games!

Also worth mentioning, the Masters events wrap up tomorrow. There are five age groups for the Masters divisions, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59 and 60+. You can watch recaps of all of the heats on the Games website. I must admit, it is truly impressive and humbling to watch what these athletes are doing. These athletes make aging look bada$$!


Speaking of competitions, the second CFI Games has been announced. Only 58 days left. Sign up and start working toward your goals! Registration is $35. Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering on the day of, friends and family are welcome to help out! Even if you are competing, we can still find ways for you to help out. :) Sign ups for volunteering will be posted in the gym starting tomorrow morning.

Reminder: Lauren is back for another yoga class at 7p!

WOD 07.25.13


Hang Power Snatch 3 x 2


2010 Games WOD


7 deadlifts (315#/205#)

Sprint across court

14 pistols

21 double-unders

Sprint back


One Comment to "2013 CrossFit Games Day 0 Recap"

  • Ning says:

    July 25, 2013 at 10:58 AM -

    Josh Bridges is the winner of the SoCal Regional this year. For someone who is 5’5″, 165lb, he does not have the swimmer and rower build (think Michael Phelps and our big John). But he finished 3rd on the swim event and 17 out of 46 in the half marathon row. It’s very inspirational for us little people!!

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