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2013 Nutrition Challenge

By Marcus | In Challenges, Competition, Events and Announcements | on February 20, 2013

Piggyback ride

We are less than a week from the kickoff of our 2013 Nutrition Challenge and getting dunked. Thank you to those of you who have paid the entry fee so far, and for those that have not, this Friday will be the drop dead date. Sean has printed out the entry forms and they are available in the office. If you have not done so already, please grab one and fill it out. One quick note about the form — I’ve already seen people forget to write their name and many skip the note where I say choose only one goal. This is critical, since you are not eligible to enter more than one category.


  1. All participants will participate in the body fat dunk tank, both before and after.
  2. As stated on the entry form, you must declare what nutrition plan you intend to follow during the 90 days. This must be more specific than “eat good” and is mandatory — this is a nutrition challenge, after all.
  3. There will be baseline workouts next week. There will also be red herrings thrown in to discourage sandbagging. These are also mandatory for the competitors. Please arrange for makeups if your schedule does not permit you to make it.
  4. Food logs are not required, but highly encouraged. I promise if you come to me asking for nutritional advice, my first question will be for your food log.
  5. Last but not least, a closing essay will be required for consideration for the prizes. This is just a short few paragraphs summing up your strategy and experience during the challenge.

It should go without saying that we expect integrity from all of our athletes. I have heard some jesting about trying to game the dunk tank or the baseline workouts. While I don’t believe we have anyone that would truly do that, let me emphasize that behavior is completely unwelcome at Intrepid as it sabotages your goal of health and wellness.

Last quick reminder: this Saturday at 11:30am is a short (~1 hour) nutrition Q&A with yours truly to get you ready for this challenge. It is free for Intrepid members as part of the event. Please register here if you are interested in attending!

Today we’ll start collecting goodies to ship to Patrick who recently deployed overseas. Paleo snacks such as nuts and jerky as well as Starbucks Via Coffee (instant packets) are great ideas. Those of you who have deployed feel free to chime in with ideas!

We’ll plan on shipping it next Tuesday!

WOD 02.20.13

Snatch 3×3

Partner WOD:
Together with your partner complete the following:
4 Rope Climbs
40 Pistols
40 Box Jumps
40 Ring Dips
Run 800 meters (both will run 800)

2 Comments to "2013 Nutrition Challenge"

  • Celina says:

    February 20, 2013 at 7:49 AM -

    Great photo!!!
    Thanks for the post about the care package :) I plan on mailing next Friday

  • Michael H says:

    February 20, 2013 at 12:35 PM -

    Some other ideas for Patrick:

    Not sure what the weather is like out there but hand warmers come in handy.
    Cigarettes/Porn (Celina, it’s for bartering)

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