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2013 Summer Shakedown Recap

By Sean | In Competition | on September 2, 2013


Happy Labor Day Intrepids. This past Saturday Intrepid Nation travelled to Red Wolf CrossFit in Huntington Beach, CA for the 2013 Summer Shakedown team CrossFit competition. In short, Intrepid Athletics had a fantastic showing and a huge thank you goes out to the 20+ Intrepids who personally came down to support our competitors. Your support and encouragement was invaluable. Here’s a quick recap with the final standings and highlights of the day’s events:

Asian Invasion – Placed 57th of 70
Mike K., Michael H., Alia, and Nicole (from Karma CF) put up an impressive showing.  Asian Invasion chose to perform WOD 1 first with Axle bar thrusters at 135/95, Toes to Bar, and Double Unders with a weighted rope.  Their teammwork was evident right from the beginning.  Just a couple of hours later they tackled the Floater workout with 2 minutes on the Ski Erg followed by 2 minutes of snatches. Finally they set the bar high in WOD #2 getting 13 muscle-ups in on the final part of the workout.  Kathy’s video clip below captures the amazing effort by Michael H., Mike K. (first time linking consecutive muscle-ups!), and Nicole’s buzzer beater muscle-up as time expired.


Grade A Boloney – Placed 41st of 70
Jake, Brian, Holley, and Avelyne were veterans having done this competition together a few times before. Despite a few communication miscues and nagging injuries, Grade A Baloney held nothing back. They chose to attack the floater workout first and performed very well on the 2 minutes of snatches, placing 23rd overall. The weight of the Thrusters in WOD #1 proved difficult, but they made up for it in WOD #2 where I thought they put forth their most impressive performance. I was particularly proud of Holley, seeing the improvement in her ability to do muscle-ups really helped her team. She was able to grind through the final muscle-up allowing her team to finish the last workout with time to spare.

Dirty 30s – Placed 23 of 70
Ruth, Anna, Jon A. and myself made up Team Dirty 30s. Overall I felt our team was well-rounded and at the end of the day we were all proud of our performances. We were the very first team to do the Floater Workout, and were the very first team to break in the ski ergs. Not having used a ski erg we weren’t sure how hard to push ourselves but managed a respectable score, and our snatch total was respectable too. Jon A.’s 40 snatches in 2 mins using 75# was an impressive score that not many other competitors were able to beat. In WOD #1 the Thrusters were heavy but Ruth made them look easy carry the team on her back during the Thrusters. The toes to bar were easy enough for us and I didn’t have much trouble doing the double unders with a heavy rope. I felt wrecked after WOD #1 and thankfully had about 5 hours to rest up before our next workout. WOD #2 was challenging but again I thought we put together our best performance and were able to finish in large part to Anna’s domination of the lunges and Jon A.’s impressive muscle-up effort at the end.

At the end of the day everyone was all smiles, and while the competition had its ups and downs, I think everyone thought it was a positive experience and could hold their heads up high knowing they gave their best. Look for Ruth/Holley and Jake/Brian to attack the Legendary Competitor Dynamic Duo Competition in two weeks just down the 405 a bit at CSU Dominguez Hills. Details to come as the time draws closer but the first workout has already been announced.


Happy Beleated Birthday to Mike S. Hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend!


Also, Happy Birthday to Renee! Renee has been enjoying her summer traveling and preparing for an upcoming marathon. We hope to see you back in the gym soon.


One Comment to "2013 Summer Shakedown Recap"

  • Pablo says:

    September 3, 2013 at 6:07 AM -

    Go teams! Glad to read you rocked it!

    Happy birthday Mike!

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