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2014 Winter Shakedown Recap

By admin | In Competition, Uncategorized | on February 24, 2014

This past weekend, Intrepid had a strong showing at the 2014 Winter Shakedown Team Competition.  Three teams participated and all performed fabulously, with each person playing a crucial role in the three workouts. Check out this post for the workouts and their descriptions. This link takes you to the results.

Dream Team of Alternates

This team was created two days before Shakedown.  These Intrepids were kind enough to guinea pig the workout for us on Wednesday night.  They did so well that when it was announced two teams dropped out of Shakedown, I  asked if they were interested.   They stepped up to the challenge, despite the fact none of them trained specifically for the event.

Josh PR’d his clean at 225 lbs and single-handedly did all the muscle ups in Juggernaut.  He would consistently string 6-8 of them in a row, most of the time doing them strict and always with such grace. He stepped up on short notice and even canceled Legoland plans to make the competition.

Anna put her bar tricks to good use and knocked out strong sets of deficit HSPUs for the team.  She also strung together multiple sets of 15 deadlifts at well over her bodyweight.   Quite a high performance considering she dedicated the last three months to improving her weightlifting technique and took a break from conditioning. She was most proud of how well her team worked together, understanding each others’ strength and weaknesses despite 2 days of training (which just shows how closely knit the 7pm class is!). Her goal is to learn muscle ups.

Mike K. PR’d all three lifts in Danger Room. He hit a 275 lb back squat, 2RM snatch at 155 lbs, and 3RM clean at 240 lbs. He was most proud of his strong cleans but said he needs to work on consistent muscle ups in addition to strengthening his lifts.

Kathy PR’d her back squat at 155 lbs, which was a 27 lb PR. She snatched 83 lbs (her previous 1RM from December) for a double. Last month, she cleaned 118 lbs for a PR and she was able to clean 113 lbs three times in Danger Room. She fought for every single clean and got under the bar beautifully. She attributes her lifting gains to weightlifting classes. Incidentally, the day after she signed up Dream Team for Shakedown, she got her first handstand push up ever. She also got her first rope climb three weeks ago. Her goals are to string together more pull ups as well as increase her strength.


Jon squatted 295, snatched 195×2, and cleaned 225×3. The snatch and clean were PRs for multiple reps. He was really happy with B-Sides’ teamwork and how they followed a well laid out plan for Juggernaut. His goals are to string together 5-6 multiple muscle ups when fatigued as well as increasing his strength.

Avelyne PR’d her back squat at 195 lbs and her 3RM clean at 143 lbs, which was so easy she power cleaned every rep. Hitting her target weights in Danger Room set the tone for her the rest of the day. Her goals include getting her muscle ups as well as breaking 200 lbs on her back squat (which I think she has in the bag).

Jake tied his back squat PR at 325 lbs. He also PR’d his 3RM power clean at 225 lbs. He felt his strong endurance background helped him get through the floater and was one of the few of us who didn’t hate the bike. Although he didn’t fail any muscle up attempts, he wants to increase his volume and be able to string together more reps consistently.

Amanda snatched 93 lbs for a double, so she not only PR’d by 10 lbs, she did it twice! In her final clean attempt, she got 143 lbs, which was a 20 lb PR. She was very pleased with her confidence and performance in Danger Room as well as her multiple unbroken sets of pull ups in Cerebro, and deadlifts in Juggernaut. She also attributes her improved lifting technique to taking the time to work on it in our weightlifting classes. Her primary goal is to get her muscle up.

Band of Intrepids

Holley PR’d her back squat at 195 lbs with tons of room to go. She also power cleaned 163 lbs (her previous 1RM) for a triple. She was pleased with her HSPU improvement since the last time she did them in a competition. Her ability to string together muscle ups played an integral part in the team’s success in Juggernaut. She wants to learn how to cycle butterfly pull ups, higher volume muscle ups, and be more comfortable with higher rep deadlifts, though the latter is more of a mental challenge.

Brian cleaned 245 lbs for a triple in Danger Room. He also played an integral part in our placing 8th in the air assault bike portion of Cerebro. Before every workout began, his pep talk got the team to focus on the goal at hand and shake off any nagging doubts or concerns. He also strung multiple reps of muscle ups in Juggernaut and never had a failed attempt. He is most proud of the team’s solid effort, especially when thrown the curve ball they had to do the floater (Cerebro) in the early morning. His goals are to work on butterfly pull ups, HSPU’s, and improving his cleans.

Sean back squatted 405 lbs, which is a post injury PR and Cleaned 280 lbs which is a 3 rep PR. Judging by the speed of the bar in his back squat it was pretty evident he had at least 40 more lbs left in him, but the team ran out of time. He was pleased with his Danger Room numbers but wants to keep improving his snatch and overhead lifts. In the floater workout, Sean was pleased with his performance on the Airdyne averaging 35-40 cals each round, but his grip strength was a limiting factor on his pull-ups which really slowed him down. In Juggernaut, Sean was happy to get the overhead lunges and rope climbs out of the way early because both are goats, and felt the rest of the workout went extremely well. In the last Shakedown, Sean was only able to do false-grip muscle-ups and fatigued pretty quickly doing only one or two at time. Heading into this competition he focused on improving his regular grip muscle-ups, and was proud of the fact that he was able to do 2-3 at a time and knocked out the team’s final 5 muscle-ups unbroken as time expired.

Ruth hit a back squat PR at 255 lbs and PR’d her power clean and 3RM at 183 lbs. While she was happy with those numbers, she felt a glaring weakness in work capacity with Cerebro’s air assault bike, light thrusters, and pull ups. She wants to work on overcoming the mental barrier of embracing the suck. Her primary goals are learning the butterfly pull up for competition, becoming consistent with muscle ups (since her team did them all in Juggernaut), and overall work capacity. She was also really proud of her team, which placed 17th out of 70 teams.

A huge thank you to the Intrepid Cheer Squad for coming out to watch 9 separate workouts and cheer us on with such encouragement and energy.  Also a special thanks to Michael H. for creating and updating the live blog for all to follow.  The play by play was awesome, especially for when some teams were competing at the same time and missed each others’ workouts.

WOD 02.24.14

Bench Press 3×5 or Wendler

8 Rounds:
5 GI Janes (Burpee Pull Ups)
5 Ground to OH (135/95)

3 Comments to "2014 Winter Shakedown Recap"

  • Nathalia says:

    February 24, 2014 at 9:50 AM -

    Congrats everyone on a job well done! The live blog play by play was awesome!

  • Katie M says:

    February 24, 2014 at 5:23 PM -

    SO MANY PRs! Congrats all around!

  • Chris says:

    February 24, 2014 at 5:34 PM -

    Nice job !!!!

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