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5K Update & PR Saturday

By Jake | In Uncategorized | on September 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Mike S.! Sorry this is the only picture we have of you!

As you know the Balancing the Odds 5k is just around the corner. On August 24th Ruth did a post about the run and included event details. The LAPD inspired event takes place on September 9th and is only $25 to register. As of right now only two members of Intrepid are signed up. It would be awesome if we could get a few more bodies to represent our gym. If anyone is interested in participating, the link to sign up is on Ruth’s post.

The week began with overhead squats and an AMRAP 8 min WOD of 8 ring dips, 20 pistols, and 30 dubs. Many of you were able to complete 2-3 rounds of this workout. Seeing that pistols can take up a lot of the clock everyone moved well through the WOD. In terms of personal records, David P. was able to get his first pistol! Way to go David!

Tuesday we worked on cleans. The goal was to get up to a heavy set of 2 reps. The lift was followed by a 12 min cap WOD of a 1k row, 30 pull ups, 30 wall ball shots, 30 toes to bar, and 30 burpees. Now a 1k row always seems terrifying but some people rowed pretty quickly. Gerry rowed a time of 3:29. Simon wasn’t too far behind at 3:36. Mark and Kevin E. both finished the row at 3:39.

Wednesday was a double lift day. The first lift of the two was bench press. Brady knocked out 4 reps at 190lbs. Dead lift was the second lift and Mark hit single rep PR at 360lbs. Laura and Alice both got up to 103lbs for their dead lift.

For skills day we worked mainly on kettlebell swings and handstands. No PRs were set that day, but the technique for kettlebell swings were improved. Although I do prefer the traditional “American” style swing over the “Russian” style, I have tried to work more and more on the “Russian” style. The goal for me is to be equally efficient in both styles.

On Friday the lift was back squat. Jon, at an impressive 335lbs, knocked out 8 total reps. The WOD that followed was 4 rounds of a 240m run, 12 kbs, 10 goblet squats, and 8 handstand pushups. Sara and Laura finished the WOD right around the 12 minute mark. They both used the 26lb kettlebell. Cherie, using the 35lb kettlebell, finished the WOD in 13:40.

Post any PRs that I may have missed.

WOD 09.01.12
Partner WOD- Any Which Way:
10 rope climbs
20 snatches
30 tire flips
40 box jumps
50 ball slams
Total reps per team

One Comment to "5K Update & PR Saturday"

  • Datenite says:

    September 2, 2012 at 8:38 AM -

    Happy birthday Mike! I hope you have a great weekend.

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