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A “Wristed” Development

By Alia | In Rest Day | on November 24, 2013


Being a connected unit is something we stress as coaches. Everything from your toes to your nose has to be in proper working order. If you’ve ever done the TP roller programming, tests and retest; you can see just how important proper mobility is to being connected. Our smaller and more fragile ankle and wrist joints take a lot of punishment, not just in our workouts but in our everyday lives. Our wrists take a major beating. We use them for everything, they are the vital link to the things that separate us from most of the mammalian world; fingers and opposable thumbs. We spend a lot of our time mobilizing our big muscle groups but how much time do you spend mobilization and stretching your joints?

Being in an industry where I am at a computer more than 80% of the tim, I need to keep my wrists flexible and healthy. While I don’t advise use of tape or strength wraps as a support while you type, I would suggest that you make time to stand up from your desk and perform some simple wrist stretches as well as spend time pre and post workout taking care of them. It won’t take long and it can only help you. A few simple stretches can be performed right where you stand or sit. Start with one arm extended palm facing up. Place your other hand on top of the fingers of the outreached hand and push down bending at the wrist. Your fingertips of the extended arm hand should be facing down and a stretch should be felt in the forearm and in the wrist. Repeat on the other arm. Another simple stretch is to clasp both hands in front, fingers intertwined. Roll both of your hands as one unit for a few cycles clockwise then a few cycles counterclockwise. A great drill I recently learned was the wall walk. Face a wall and position yourself so that your arms are extended and palms are flat against the wall. With your fingers facing up, walk your hands as far up and down as you can. Do that for a few sets. Then turn your hand around so that your fingers face down. Repeat the walking sequence up and down the wall as many times as you need.

A wrist injury can stop you from doing a lot of things, so taking care of them should be right up there with staying hydrated. Think about all the overhead and hanging movements we do. Take a few minutes a day to stretch and take care of your precious wrists.

Of course K-Starr has plenty of mobilizing videos. Check it out.

11.24.13 REST DAY

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