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Announcements & PR Saturday

By Sean | In Events and Announcements, Running | on July 14, 2012


Way to go Tom D. for conquering the Tough Mudder this past weekend!

-Today’s Post is courtesy of Jake-

PR Saturday is here again. Before I discuss our individual achievements from this week, I have a HUGE announcement to make. The Run for Your Lives 5K is sold out for October 20th!  I know what you are thinking. How could an event so awesome be sold out so quickly? Well folks worry no more. The So Cal planners for this event realized that this particular 5k would be so popular that they would have to make it a two day event. According to the site, October 21st will be day two. If you haven’t had the chance to register and are still interested Sunday is now available. It looks like it is 60 percent full. The price is $77 until August 29th and $87 after that. If there is any other zombie fanatics in the gym go ahead and sign up. Not a fan? Sign up anyways and enjoy a 5k like you have never seen. I signed up for the 9am wave under Intrepid Athletics. Hope to see more names!

On Monday we did front squat followed by Jeremy. Jeremy is a 21-15-9 of overhead squats and burpees. It is an all around body killer. For many of you this was your first time. Congrats to all the first timers. I hope you recorded your times and weights used, so that the next time you encounter Jeremy we will have plenty of PRs. Date Night knocked out a 3×3 set @ 185lbs. Pretty impressive seeing that Date Night weighs in around 145-155, Well done sir! Brian flew through this WOD. He finished Jeremy in an incredible 4 minutes flat @ Rx (95#). Amazing job!

Tuesday we had the chance to work on our push/split jerks. Amanda was able to jerk 108lbs for her set. The WOD was a combination of running, power cleans, and toes to bar. Everyone did a fantastic job. I would like to recognize Ning as she did her first toes to bar!

Wednesday was dead lift and a partner WOD. James completed his set at 325lbs. Shelley easily lifted 173lbs. For the partner WOD the team had 15 minutes to complete 2 couplets. The first was 100 pistols and 200 dubs followed immediately by a 2k row and 16 muscle ups/pullovers/rope climbs. Some stand outs from the partner WOD: Kyle performed not only his first muscle up in a WOD but did 8 total! Josh completed all his pistols without the aid of plates for the first time in a workout. Tyler knocked out 102 consecutive double unders. Shout out to Avelyne, who was my partner, who got the last six pistols to complete the WOD with two seconds left on the clock. The time cap helped to motivate the teams to work quickly and efficiently.  (Shout out to Jake who also did his first workout with muscle-ups without subbing getting all 8!)

On skills day we worked on kettle bell swings and handstands. Alice and Nathania were able to do their first handstand and Samantha got her first handstand push up and rope climb.  Watch out Kevin R.!

The lift for Friday was bench press. For our metcon we did two AMRAP 4 minutes of 6 pull ups / 12 kettle bell swings and 6 ring dips / 12 ball slams. Many athletes did very well on the bench. I may have missed some of the PRs. Both AMRAPs were grip killers but mostly everyone did 3 rounds our more. Well done.

Post any PRs that I may have missed to comments.

WOD 7.14.12

In Teams of 3-4:
400m Team Relay

5 Rounds:
10 Wallballs
20 Situps

40m Bear Crawl Relay

One person at a time for each relay. Must tag partner to start each leg. Time starts at first 400m and ends with last bear crawl. Team must complete each segment before advancing (ie everyone must complete all 5 rds before beginning bear crawl)

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