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Attention Folks Who Hate Running…

By Sean | In Running, Speed & Endurance | on January 20, 2014


Jake posted recently that our Speed & Endurance class has returned, and our first session last Weds night was awesome. Today’s post comes from Colleen who has come on board to help springboard our re-vamped program.

Attention folks who hate running… I hear you and I used to be one of you. But now I am someone who looks forward to the WODs with a 400m or 800m run. How did I make this change in my life? Practice.  Intrepid is currently offering a Wednesday night class called “Speed & Endurance Running”. If the Colleen of 5 years ago had read about that class, I can promise there is no way I would have signed up. First of all, endurance means distance right? In my mind this class would only be for people who are already running MASSIVE miles. And speed, that to me seems more geared for football players and sprinters. Nope, that’s not true at all. Jake, Sean and I have designed a program that can meet you where you are, and help you meet your goals – whether it’s improving your 240m runs up and down California St, 400m sprints up vomit hill, or training for your first 5k or 10k, we’re here to help.

Now the question becomes why would you want to improve something that you hate? Well I know many of you continuously whip yourself with the jump rope trying to nail your double-unders. Others have callused, peeling hands from many pull-ups, knees to elbows, and toes to bar. The only way to get better at something you hate is to practice it… then you might not hate it so much anymore.

I didn’t start running at all until college, and the only reason I ran then was to try to fight the beer calories. I didn’t enjoy it, I never improved, and I didn’t see the point. After graduation my best friend decided to sign us up for something crazy – a 1/2 marathon. I had never been in any races before and I thought she had lost her mind. She was living in Connecticut and I had just moved to the foreign land of Los Angeles. I lived alone and knew no-one in LA. Every Sunday morning for 12 weeks I would drive to the Venice Pier and run north. I followed the painted mileage on the path and added 1/2 a mile or a mile every week. We met up in Idaho that summer and ran the Women’s Champagne and Chocolate 1/2 marathon. I was hooked. Crossing a finish line and having someone put a medal around your neck is addictive. I swear. I started a running group at work and encouraged a few friends to cross their first finish lines too. My 4th date with Mat (my husband) was a 6 mile training run with all my girlfriends from work. They thought he was really cute as he ran about 100 yards ahead of us the whole time.

Now, many finish lines later, I can tell you one thing for sure, I love to run. It’s my morning therapy. Whether I run with a friend and vent, gossip, or just chat, or by myself, listening to music, I need to get out a few mornings a week and put my time in. Crossfit has made me a stronger runner – I’m dropping minutes off my PR 5k and 10k times. I have starting running with a pacing watch to track my runs. The Colleen of 5 years ago wouldn’t even recognize me!

This post is my invitation to anyone who has ever wanted to try running – come find me and talk to me about it. I’m the girl dripping sweat, whipping myself with a jump rope or peeling skin off my hands, complaining about burpees… but at least I don’t hate running!

Sign up for our next FREE Speed & Endurance Running class this Wednesday at 6pm by clicking here.  Jake, Sean, and I also program Do-It-Yourself running workouts catered to your goals and experience level to give you the extra work you need to improve.  Did I mention that it’s FREE?!  So give it a chance and like Alia posted, go “Beyond a Challenge” and pick something easy like running that you can improve on as well as your nutrition.  See you this Wednesday night at 6pm!

To help us better plan class times, let us know what time of day do you prefer to run?
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WOD 1.20.14
Snatch 3×3

4 Rounds for time :
5 Push Presses (155/105)
10 Pull-ups
100m Run
Rest 30 seconds

3 Comments to "Attention Folks Who Hate Running…"

  • Amanda says:

    January 20, 2014 at 6:46 AM -

    Thanks, Colleen, for the fun post. Vomit hill. Hahaha!

  • Katie M says:

    January 20, 2014 at 9:52 AM -

    This is great!

  • Nathania says:

    January 20, 2014 at 5:08 PM -

    Thanks Colleen the class was really good all we need it more people to join so we create that running team and maybe ragnar?? 😉

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