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Au Naturale?

By avelyne | In Health & Lifestyle | on November 8, 2013

Courtesy of Wall Street Journal

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, they make note of the quiet change being made to food product labels that use the term “natural”.  In the natural food movement, major brands saw an increase in sales among products labeled “all natural” and ran with it changing labels on everything from juices to potato chips.  However, within the past year, multiple false advertising lawsuits have hit these major brands as consumers have challenged the loose term “all natural”.

One of the problems is that the FDA does not have a legal definition of the term “natural”.  The guidelines in place describe “natural” as nothing artificial or synthetic, including food colorings.  Yet within these lawsuits, they are alleging several products that are labeled “natural” actually contain GMOs and other additives.  The best part is that consumers are winning some of these lawsuits!  Big brands are having to backpedal their way out of their misleading labels.  However, even as some big brands have stopped using the “all natural” phrase in their labeling, they are still coming up with ways to entice you, the consumer, by using new terms like “simple” “simply” “homestyle” and  “from the farm”.  You can see why it is so important to read your labels.  Be the informed consumer!

Read the full article here.

For more on label reading see Alia’s post Natural Flavor or Marcus’ post Label Readin’ Redux.

WOD 11.08.2013

Jerk 3 x 3

Then AMRAP 4:

  • 4 Burpee shuttle runs
  • 8 Box jumps
  • 8 Ball slams

Rest 1 min

Then AMRAP 4:

  • 4 Burpee shuttle runs
  • 8 Kettlebell swings
  • 8 Sit ups

Rest 1 min

Then AMRAP 4:

  • 4 Burpee shuttle runs
  • 8 Squats
  • 8 Push ups

* Burpee shuttle run = Burpee no jump/clap, run across gym 15m

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