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Avocado Fries

By Jake | In Recipes | on March 1, 2014


Photo provided by Mark's Daily Apple (I ate the avocado fries and forgot to take a picture)

Photo provided by Mark’s Daily Apple (I ate the avocado fries and forgot to take a picture)

One of the best things about the Nutritional Challenge has been the chance to prepare different meals. Whether it is a fellow Intrepid sharing a new recipe or the internet providing a new meal to make, I have really come enjoy the foods I have been eating. With that being said I recently stumbled upon a delicious Whole 30 snack. Although it is Whole 30 compliant, it should be made every once and a while as it is on the fried side (I got the “OK” from Marcus on this one). Mark’s Daily Apple shard his recipe for avocado fries last week and they are 100% easy to make and 100% delicious to eat.  The ingredients were very minimal for this meal (avocado, coconut, eggs, salts and spices) and my time in the kitchen was less than 30 minutes. Mark’s time in the kitchen was 20 minutes, but this was my first time making them so I get an extra 10 minutes in the kitchen. 

Once you are ready with the ingredients  go ahead and start with an avocado and slice into 8-10 wedges (depending on the size of the avocado), then sprinkle salt. Mark then used a food processor to blend the remaining spices and coconut flakes. Since I don’t own a food processor, I just used shredded coconut which worked very well. From there on out you take the avocado wedge and layer it with the egg and mixed spices/coconut. Once the avocado is covered in everything throw it in the pan with coconut oil until the wedge has a nice brown color. The cooking time in the pan is no more than 3 minutes. Once the wedge is cooled off, begin to enjoy the tasty treat!

In the link above you will find the step by step instructions and the amount of ingredients needed. I really have to recommend this for everybody to make. So easy and so good!

WOD 03.01.2014

Groups of 3-4 in 10 Minute Stations:

6 Rounds each-

  • 40 Yd Prowler Push
  • 15 Ball Slams

4 Rounds each-

  • 25′ Yoke Carry
  • 10 Burpees

3 Rounds each-

  • 3 Axle Bar DL (as heavy as possible)
  • 10 Pull Ups

*Rest while your team each completes a round


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