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Being Resolute

By Marcus | In Events and Announcements, Psychology | on January 1, 2014

It’s that time of year for people to start asking about what resolutions you’ve made for 2014. Being members of Intrepid, you likely have a fitness related goal or two. I personally am not a fan of setting New Year’s resolutions and saw a recent graphic on the T-Nation Facebook page that captures my opinion on the matter.

From my experience, people tend to not taking their resolutions that seriously. The joke is usually how long did someone last before caving in — did they even make it out of January? If you’re serious about any goal you set as a resolution, heed the advice in the following graphic. Write it on the goal board in the gym, post it in your cubicle or next to your computer monitor, tack it on your fridge or on your bathroom mirror. Make it public and in your face on a daily basis so that you can’t put it in your rearview.


Speaking of resolutions, here are a few quick details about what to expect in the 2014 Nutrition Challenge:

  • Most of you will be quite happy to hear the first item — the duration will be only 60 days this time around!
  • There will be a before and after dunk again (mandatory)
  • Food logs will be required, details to come (mandatory)
  • All participants will start with a strict Whole30 (mandatory)
  • For the final 30 days, meals should still follow a Good Food template, but you are encouraged to experiment with reintroduction of foods — no binges, though! (mandatory)
  • I will be holding another free Q&A session (optional)

WOD 01.01.14

Gym is closed for New Year’s Day, get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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