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Beyond a Challenge

By Alia | In Rest Day | on January 12, 2014


Many of the long time Intrepid athletes have participated in a few nutrition challenges. Changing the way we think about eating while keeping a journal of what foods do to our body when reintroduced after ‘reseting’ our systems. Obviously this is a nutrition challenge, but why not make it into something more? Have you started taking fish oils regularly? Do you sometimes skip a day here and there? Why not incorporate things you do on a semi daily basis into a daily routine? For instance, I take a VitaminĀ D supplement. But every day? Well, I’m certainly not 100% on top of my game. For this round of the Intrepid Nutrition Challenge, not only am I dialing in my diet, I will be dialing in my minerals and supplementations. No more ‘Oh it’s Sunday, I can relax’ attitude. Game on all the time! Rolling stretching and meditating are also very simple and realistic add on goals for those who like to push their challenge limits.

I encourage you to pick something small and fairly simple that you can do everyday. You may already be doing it, but step it up a little bit and see where it gets you in 60 days. And my advice to all is to have fun during the challenge and explore new food options you may not have considered before. Keep a weathered eye out for more Veggie:101 and Fruit:101 posts. Good luck to all the participants, be happy!

01.12.14 REST DAY

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