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Big Week

By Jake | In Uncategorized | on March 2, 2013


What a week it has been! With the Nutrition Challenge starting this past Monday you all may have noticed a slight change to the workouts. Three days this week we went for a max on multiple movements. These lifts and workouts could possibly make their way back towards the gym ninety days from now. Then again, it could be something entirely different. With such a huge amount of PRs this week I will proceed to list them down below. Since the list is long please forgive me for any that I may have missed.

 Monday was a 3 rep attempt to find a new max for the back squat. After the lift, athletes completed a 500 meter row for time and finally 3 rounds of 10 wall ball shots and 10 burpees.

Back Squat PRs-Francis 205lbs, Paul 225lbs, Luke 360lbs, Andrea 133lbs, Pat 118lbs, Sara 125lbs, Colleen 193lbs, Mercy 208lbs, Anna 203lbs, Holley 183lbs, Alice 113lbs, Steph 203lbs, and Scott with 335lbs.

Row- Holley 1:46.1, Kathy 2:03.5, and Anna at 1:56.6

Tuesday’s lift was the power clean. Athletes worked their way up to a challenging weight and then proceeded to do 3 reps for 3 sets. Francis and Paul got their power cleans up to 115lbs and 120lbs. Kevin E. completed his sets using 135lbs. After the power cleans all athletes had to complete 6 prowler pushes. The short partner WOD that followed consisted of 16 total tire flips and 32 total sledgehammer strikes for 4 rounds.

On Wednesday athletes saw another attempt to find a 1 rep max on a lift. This time the lift was the press. “Helen” was the WOD that followed the lift. “Helen” is 3 rounds of a 400 meter run, 21 kettlebell swings, and 12 pull-ups.

Press- Colleen 88lbs, Andrea 55lbs, Pat 60lbs, Paul 120lbs, Francis 115lbs, Celina 93lbs, Chris Q. 58lbs, Ashley 63lbs, Kevin R. 175lbs, Randy 165lbs, Tom D. 165lbs, David 105lbs, Mercy 93lbs, Lauren 68lbs, Adriana 85lbs, Tami 73lbs, Nathania 73lbs, Abel 165lbs, Scott B. 125lbs, Alice 70lbs, and Gusto 145lbs.

Helen- There were plenty of first timers for this WOD so by chance if we do it again soon you all have a time to shoot for. Shelley finished in 15:20 at RX. Tom D. completed the WOD in 11:56 at RX.

Friday marked the last day of 1 rep maxes on movements. The gym went out with a bang and attempted maxes on box jumps (for height), dead lifts (1 rep max), and total amount of double unders in 2 minutes.

Box Jumps- Neil 29½in, Pat 30in, Scott B. 42½in, Alia 36in, Colleen 30in, Paul 42½in, Anna 38in, AJ 29¾in, Date Night, 47¼in, Kevin E. 35¼in, Mitch 31in, Tom D. 32in, and Ashley 34½in.

Dead lift- Pat 173lbs, Neil 255lbs, Scott B. 245lbs, Francis 315lbs, Andrea 133lbs, Alia 245lbs, Luke 350lbs, Colleen 235lbs, Tom D. 335lbs, Ashley 133lbs, Kevin E. 245lbs, and Paul with 255lbs.

Double unders- Andrea was able to get 7 dubs, BUT they were her first 7 dubs ever! Date Night finished with a total of 200 double unders. The first 150 that he completed were done unbroken. Coach Holley knocked out 193 reps unbroken and finished with a total of 220 dubs.

Please post any PRs that I may have missed

WOD 03.02.2013

Run 5k

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