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  • SAT 8.01.2015

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on August 1, 2015

    In Teams of 3
    2 Rounds:
    100m Tire Flips
    30 Medball Slam & Pass
    60 Team Box Jumps
    Row 1500 m

  • FRI 7.31.2015

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on July 31, 2015

    WOD – 7.31.2015
    A. Push Press 5×2@ 85%
    B. Push Press 4×3

    50 KB Snatches
    50 Wallball
    50 DB Burpee Deadlift

  • THU 7.30.2015

    By Holley | In Challenges, Community, Events and Announcements | on July 30, 2015


    WOD 07.30.2015



    1k row
    rest 1 min, then
    AMRAP 8
    8 ring dips
    8 weighted pistols (44/26)
    8 box jumps (24/20)

  • We are all pretty good about staying nice and mobilized. I see athletes coming in early or staying late to work on their tight spots. People are against the wall stretching their hips, on the ground rolling their thoracic, using the many tools we have to get into very specific areas.
    Being mobile means moving better. moving better means being more efficient, being more efficient means getting stronger. In our Trigger Point class, it was stressed that the whole body chain be worked on from the ground up. While addressing spots here and there may work as a quick fix, you may be ignoring a potential problem elsewhere. I’m certainly not a physical therapist, but I have often found that a problem I thought was because of one muscle group was actually a whole different group. Lets talk about squats for instance. When all I did was sit all day, my squats we iffy at best. I would spend time and time again wall stretching, getting adjusted, pidgeon stretching; but it would seem to get tight right away. Sure it may have been from the sitting, but I realized that I was ignoring part of my chain that was the real problem. My ankles.
    Ankle flexibility is just as important as hip flexibility. Those little narrow parts of our body do a ton of work. We jump, run, force impact on them everyday; and they just take it. I would like to introduce the concept of the ruby shoes. Dorthy (from the Wizard of Oz) had bright ruby red slippers. Contrasted to her blue and white dress they were the most prominent part of her fashion. I would look at mobilizing your entire system starting with the ruby shoes and working your way up. Making changes downstream can often affect the upstream.
    K-Starr does a fantastic video on ankle flexibility. But before you get to that, know that this is not a fix all. It is merely a suggestion of how to improve your mobilizing routine and hopefully make working out and moving smoother.


    WOD 07.29.15

    Handstand and handstand walking drills (i99Fit-style wall walks)

    10 rounds:
    7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (sub PU)
    6 Power Cleans (135/93)
    5 Push Press
    170m Run
    1 min rest

  • TUE 7.28.2015

    By Holley | In Uncategorized | on July 27, 2015

    This Sunday, the CrossFit community crowned their champions, the 2015 CrossFit Games champs were Ben Smith and Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir! It was a battle all weekend to earn the title of Fittest on Earth, with a point spread so small that each winner was decided by their performance in final workout of the Games. Also worth noting, the team champion was none other than CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, captained by Rich Froning. In true Froning fashion, they were well behind at the start of the Games, but battled their way back with a spectacular performance on Sunday to take the top spot on the podium.  Once again, we had an exciting 2015 Games season.


    WOD 07.28.2015

    A. 15 min to establish a 1RM
    B. Power Snatch 4 x 3


    Establish max yoke carry for 30 ft

    4 Rounds NFT:
    5-7 Good mornings
    1 min total side plank/1 min total L-sit hold*
    3 rope climbs (legless if very proficient)
    *2 min of each, L-sit on rings or paralettes


  • MON 7.27.2015

    By Holley | In Workout of the Day | on July 27, 2015

    WOD 07.27.2015

    Back Squat
    A. 6 x 1 @90%
    B. 3 x 5


    Front Squats (125/83)
    Double unders


  • SAT 07.25.2015

    By Jake | In Recovery, Workout of the Day | on July 25, 2015

    Earlier this week, Intrepid Athletics PDX had a post regarding recovery. They got the article from Dan Jan, one of the pioneers of strength and conditioning. Click here to check it out.


    WOD 07.25.2015

    Teams of 4-

    Buy in: AMRAP 3 Min rotating WB (14lb)*


    • 80-60-40-20
    • Hang Snatch (bottom of a squat) (115/73)
    • Pull Ups (1 person hanging from bar)
    • Push Ups (plank hold)
    • Box Jump Over (hollow hold) (24/20)
    • 50m partner carry (alternate rounds carry)

    *each rep worth a point, if one member drops it, that round does not count. subtract total reps from time at the end

  • FRI 7.24.2015

    By Holley | In Uncategorized | on July 24, 2015

    Three solid days of Games competition kick off today for the teams and individuals at the Stub Hub Center in Carson. Team competition starts at 9a each day and individual competition begins around noon. Tickets are still on sale if you decide you want to go one day, as well as cheaper passes to check out the vendor village. Vendor village is a great place to pick up home equipment without the shipping. If you plan on watching from home, you can watch on games.crossfit.com, ESPN3 and on ESPN at certain times throughout the weekend.


    For a re-cap of the masters and teen champs, check out this article here. There were some very impressive performances from all age groups. One young lady put on a very dominant performance in the 14-15 year old division, winning 6 of 7 events. Maybe another Thorisdottir coming down the line?

    WOD 07.24.2015

    A. 4 x 3-Position Clean @75-80%
    B. 4 x 2 Power Clean + Front Squat


    Double Hanger
    3 rounds:
    100 Dubs
    7 Hang Power Clean and Jerk (185/113)


  • THU 7.23.2015

    By Holley | In Competition, CrossFit, Events and Announcements | on July 23, 2015

    ben smith swim Maddox

    Yesterday the individual and team CrossFit Games events kicked off in Hermosa Beach. It was an overcast morning, but still pretty warm. The individuals kicked it off with a swim around the pier, then a 2 mile paddle on a paddle board that looked more like a small kayak, followed by another swim around the pier. Kara Webb from Australia and Junne Koski from Finland ran away with this event. The teams started off with a 150 worm deadlifts and 2 swims around the pier with the rescue board we saw last year. Once again, the European and Australian teams did very well in this event.

    Individuals wrapped up the evening with a flashback to the 2010 CrossFit with Sandbag 2015. Many Games vets struggled with this event and once again, we start with a rather unexpected leaderboard after day one. Teams finished with a 6 by 1-mile relay run. Looking forward to what happens when they face the worm again on Friday!

    Don’t forget, the Intrepid Games are coming up Sunday, Sept. 20th! Registration will be coming soon, so start claiming your partners now! Teams will be female-female and male-male.


    WOD 07.23.2015

    Bench press
    A. EMOM 8 x 2
    B. 3 x 5


    AMRAP 6
    6 Strict HSPU
    7 Deadlifts (185/123)
    8 Burpees

    Rest 2 min, then AMRAP 3 (same movements)

  • WED 7.22.2015

    By Alia | In CrossFit, El Segundo | on July 22, 2015

          Games are here as stated many times! An unexpected addition was Bulletproof Coffee! Dave Asprey has a dedicated contract with the Stubhub Ceter to sell his amazing coffee. Butter in your coffee not your thing? Don’t worry he has cold brew and regular coffee with the option of coconut milk. I was honored to be a part of a group to consume the very first cups of Bulletproof coffee while there. Something to keep in mind. This storefront is VERY small and I expect it will be crowded the entire time. Good luck and be sure to visit them in Vendor Village if you are going.

    WOD 07.22.2015
    For time:
    800m run
    25 Ground to shoulder (100/68)
    25 Box jump-overs (24/20)
    25 C2B PU
    50 Wall balls (20/14)
    25 C2B PU
    25 Box jump-overs (24/20)
    25 Ground to shoulder (100/68)

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