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  • THU 9.3.2015

    By Holley | In Community, Competition | on September 3, 2015

    The exact schedule will be announced soon, once all teams are finalized, however the rough timeline of the day will be from around 8a – 2p.

    If you are interested in volunteering, sign up here: https://www.competitioncorner.net/events/111/volunteer. We could use assistance with judging, equipment set up/movement, registration,etc.

    If your team is already registered, make sure you go onto competition corner and update your information, including your shirt size. Please make sure this is done by the end of the day this Friday.


    WOD 09.03.2015

    Bench Press
    A. EMOM 8 x 2
    B. 3 x 5


    3 rounds, 1 min stations:
    Pull overs (sub ball up, T2B, KR)
    Tire flips
    Ball Slams

  • WED 9.2.2015

    By Alia | In CrossFit, El Segundo | on September 2, 2015

    If you are interested in volunteering at the competition, please sign up at using this link: https://www.competitioncorner.net/events/111/volunteer

    If you have already registered for the competition, double check your shirt size to make sure it’s correct. We’ll be ordering t-shirts for the men and tanks for the women. Please do this by the end of the week as we’ll be placing orders right away!


    WOD 09.02.2015

    5 rounds:
    20 Pull Ups
    30 Push Ups
    40 Sit Ups
    50 Squats
    rest 3 min between rounds

  • TUE 9.1.2015

    By Alia | In Competition, CrossFit | on September 1, 2015

    Today is the registration deadline for the in house competition, so don’t forget to sign up! If for some reason you can’t sign up today, shoot coach Holley an email so we can make arrangements.

    As a little incentive to sign up if you are still wavering, we’ll give you some hints about the workouts:

    WOD A:

    3 min, 5 min, 7 min AMRAPs with rest between each AMRAP (rest time TBA)


    • Dead lifts – Rx(255/175), Scaled(185/123), Masters(215)
    • Box jumps (24/20)
    • Front squats (scaled and masters)/Overhead squats (Rx) – (125/83)
    • Pull ups (C2B for Rx male)
    • Strict HSPU (Rx female, scaled male, masters – 1 ab mat, Rx male – yoga mat)/Push ups (Female scaled)


    Max lift ladder (45 sec for each to make a lift, 15 sec rest to move stations) – lift will be announced closer to competition date

    WOD B:



    WOD 09.1.2015
    Split Jerk
    A. 4×3 @ 80% C+J
    B. 3×3

    * split jerk footwork drills


    AMRAP 3
    9 Strict HSPU
    9 Power Cleans (165/113)

    Rest 1 min

    AMRAP 3
    7 HSPU
    7 Power Cleans

    Rest 1 min

    AMRAP 3
    5 HSPU
    5 Power Cleans


    *keep track of rounds, then after the WOD, total your reps for each AMRAP

  • MON 8.31.2015

    By Holley | In Competition | on August 31, 2015

    As of today we have 12 teams signed up for the CFI Games! It is very exciting to see so many teams signed up, but we have a lot more than 24 members, so I expect to see more signed up soon. Plus, Ruth and Sean will be back in town for the competition, so why not show off how much you have improved! Tomorrow is the deadline to register. Don’t force us to make allowable attendance at the potluck contingent upon participation in the comp (volunteer or competitor)! 😉

    Scott B is looking for a partner in the men’s scaled division!


    WOD 08.31.2015

    Front Squat
    A. 6 x 1 @90%
    B. 4 x 3


    4 rounds:
    6 Hang Snatch (135/93)
    8 T2B
    10 Box jumps

  • MON 8.31.2015

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on August 31, 2015

    WOD – 8.31.2015

    A. Front Squat 6×1 @ 90%
    B. Front Squat 4×3

    4 Rounds:
    6 Hang Snatch (135/95)
    8 T2B
    10 Box Jumps

  • SAT 8.29.2015

    By Jake | In Competition, CrossFit, Workout of the Day | on August 29, 2015


    WOD 08.29.2015

    Teams of 4

    • Wheelbarrow Walk relay (down and back, each person)

    then 2 people working at a time,

    • 100 KBS (70/53)
    • 100 OHS (95/63)
    • 100 Ring Dips
    • Relay row for 20 Cal each
  • THU 8.26.2015

    By Holley | In Competition, Events and Announcements | on August 27, 2015


    I have still been getting questions about divisions and moment expectations, so I’ll give a little more explanation. If you normally do the workouts in the gym as prescribed, sign up for the Rx’d division, otherwise sign up for scaled. Also, I have the advantage of working with all of you on a regular basis, so I will program the workouts so that everyone can participate.

    We will have some very special visitors for the competition, so this is an event you will not want to miss! We still need more teams to sign up in order to make this competition possible, so make sure you register soon. I promise this will be a competition that people of all skill levels can participate in, so there’s no excuse not to join in (unless you’re out of town already…but the competition date was announced months ago :) ).


    WOD 08.27.2015

    A. EMOM 10×2
    B. 3 x 5


    AMRAP 3, 3 rounds, 1 min rest btwn rounds:
    8 Deadlifts (115/73)
    7 Back squats
    6 Push press



  • WED 8.26.2015

    By Alia | In CrossFit, El Segundo | on August 26, 2015

    WOD 08.26.2015

    Every 3 min for 24 min (8 rnds)
    240m run
    10 Box jump overs (24/20)
    1 Clean (power or squat)

  • TUE 8.25.2015

    By Alia | In CrossFit, El Segundo | on August 25, 2015

    Happy Birthday Coach Jake!!!

    The deadline for registration for the in house partner competition is just around the corner! I’ve had lots of questions about details and format, so here’s what I’ll tell you all for now:

    – There will be three workouts, one longer, one moderate length and one skill focused workout. The workouts will be announced prior to the competition, but after the registration deadline. :)

    – Skill level and weight will match what is within reason for all athletes registered, the goal is to have everyone participate in every workout! This means there is no excuse not to sign up, there will be an option for all skill levels.

    – There will be a potluck following the competition. While we have fun working out, we have even more fun eating and hanging out together!

    Also, if you are not competing, we ask for you to volunteer the day of. It takes a great volunteer team to make the day possible. You can sign up to be a volunteer on the same website where you register to be an athlete.


    WOD 08.25.2015
    A. Hang Snatch + Snatch 4×2 @ 75-80%

    B. Power Snatch + OHS 4×2

    5 rounds:
    16 Front rack lunges
    14 pull ups
    every other min: 20 dubs

  • MON 8.24.2015

    By Holley | In Workout of the Day | on August 24, 2015

    Congrats to Team Intrepid Athletics who took 28th in this past weekend’s Summer Shakedown!!! Coach Avelyne, Mike H, Josh and Nicole (from Karma) competed in the Advanced division and endured through three very difficult workouts in a very hot summer day in the Valley. Great job representing Intrepid this weekend, we hope you all are enjoying a much deserved rest day. :)



    WOD 08.24.2015

    Front Squat
    A. 5 x 2 @85%
    B. 4 x 3


    AMRAP 8
    12 Pistols
    10 Push ups
    8 T2B

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