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  • Yesterday was a day spent with family and friends to celebrate the things for which we are are grateful. We’d like to add an extra day on the calendar next month where you can once again enjoy some time with your friends and family…at Intrepid Athletics.

    On Saturday, December 13, we’d like to invite you to bring along any friends and/or family that may have an interest in checking out what we do at Intrepid. The workout during our 9am and 10am workouts will be newcomer-friendly while still providing a challenge for our seasoned members.

    The offer is open to the public too. We hope you can join us for a fun CrossFit workout at our Friends and Family Day on December 13! This is open to all current Intrepid members to bring their friends and/or family members to try a CrossFit workout. Also, if you’re not connected with a current Intrepid athlete, don’t worry. Come on out anyway, we’d love to show you what Intrepid is all about!

    REMINDER We only have two classes today:
    9am CrossFit and 10am CrossFit
    We resume our regularly scheduled classes on Saturday morning.

    WOD – 11.28.2014

    With a 20 minute Time Cap, perform:
    400m Run
    80 Kayaks
    70 OH Lunges
    60 Burpees
    50 Wallballs
    40 Toes to Bar
    30 Calorie Row
    20m Bear Crawls
    10 Broad Jumps
    5 Rope Climbs

  • Return of the Best T-Day Post EVER

    By Holley | In Rest Day | on November 27, 2014

    An oldie, but a goodie! A few years back, Ruth posted on the healthy way though Thanksgiving in “Ruth’s Survival Guide to Thanksgiving.” I highly recommend reading this post (Brian’s response will make more sense if you do), and then read this one. I know, I know, twice the reading, but it’s worth your time.

    Today we have a guest post from Brian, one half of Team Tan Tahitian Beauties Pasta Power (they eventually joined the paleo bandwagon).

    Let me first preface this post by saying – the views expressed in this article are those of the author (Brian) and do not reflect the official policy or position of the CrossFit Intrepid or any of its trainers.

    That said, Brian took some umbrage with Ruth’s survival guide and had the following response:

    Let me be the first to say this is not an anti-Paleo rant, I have witnessed the benefits and results of the diet and yes… have been known from time to time to dabble. This rant is in defense on the BEST holiday ever and no one… not even the Son of Zeus himself (or his lady and heir), is going to diminish the amplitude of the day. So when I first read “Thanksgiving Survival Guide” my defenses were already up. I revised the original list for those of us who live in bliss… sometimes known as ignorance…. But that’s beside the point.

    1. Prioritize your PLATE: If you’re like me, the mere act of fitting all the goodness on one plate is like Tetris on Level 99 when the music is all fast. So here it’s key to avoid the crap that you can get everyday like dinner rolls or some b/s salad. Needless to say everything is getting smothered and covered with gravy anyways, so make it work.

    2. BYO-B: Lets be honest, whats BYO without the B!? probably BORING that’s what. Besides the “B” is the only thing that keeps me interested in another atrocious Detroit Lions performance other than getting another “B” or going “P”. Downside is filling your stomach with “B” before all that Thanksgiving goodness, so you can always sub out the “B” and BYOJD and coke.

    3. Leave NO leftover behind: 10 lbs of stuffing leftover?? Back the truck UP!!!

    4. Earn your Cheat: “Earn” is very subjective here. Everyone has their own Thanksgiving traditions so I’ll cover a few and how most can “earn” their dinner.

    Football- Let’s be clear Ruth, much like fun and run, friendly and football don’t go together. Your 50 year old uncle catches a pass on you, you’re going to hear it until Christmas… or later! God forbid it’s a catch for a touchdown. Lock it down with a solid bump and run or better yet be a spy linebacker. Make a statement when your 18 year old cousin tries to catch one in the middle by knocking him out of his cleats. (just don’t lead with the head that’s a no-no) Congrats you’ve earned it!

    Fun…ugh.. Run – Okay for those crazy people who want to get up early on a HOLIDAY and run for an extended amount of time, you DEFINITELY earn it. Even contemplating signing up I would give you a pass. Now I know what youre going to say… “well we probably run the same distance as those playing football”. Not quite. After a few intense minutes, most realize why the annual football game is only played once a year, quit and promptly start cracking open some “B”s. (While Brian complained about fun runs, he has now participated in or signed up for two obstacle course race-type events and a tough mudder…maybe they actually are fun runs???)

    Short Week Festivities – One of the best traditions of Thanksgiving is the short work week, essentially making Wednesday a Friday. This means you can get completely bombed on Wed night with no remorse of having to explain to your co-workers why you thought it was such a great idea when you are wearing the same thing as Tuesday. Some have traditions of meeting up with old friends at a local bar and catch up over a few glasses of chardonnay. Just a few, you gotta keep it together to be presentable for the family tomorrow or worse yet… have to cover that 18 yr old cousin in your annual “friendly” game of football. And if you’re like my friends the chardonnays are shots and a few equals a few dozen and keeping it together turns into find whatever mischief we can get into (it sounded like a good idea initially!). Anyways, if you’re like that the mere fact of getting up and putting on pants is a definite earn. You don’t want to be that relative who ends up Donald Duckin it in front of grandma.

    Crossfit Wednesday before Thanksgiving – Okay, this is not my first rodeo so I know whats coming. Our loving coaches relish in the fact the holidays come up on the calendar solely for the fact that they can concoct some hellish workout and give it a cute holiday themed name (i.e., “12 days of Christmas”). If you suffer through one of these… SOLID earn! (This year the cute holiday themed name workout comes the day of Thanksgiving, say hello to “Revenge of the Turkey”)

    In all seriousness, we have all earned it through our hard work, blood, sweat and sometimes tears (yes I can admit ive cried on the inside on a few workouts). Its been close to a year (gives you all perspective of how old this post is) since ive started CFI and its awesome to workout alongside such a motivated group of athletes and talented and dedicated trainers. I’m very proud to call this gym my home and wish you all (wherever you may be) a Happy Thanksgiving.


    REST DAY 11.27.2014

  • No Secret Ingredient.

    By Alia | In CrossFit | on November 26, 2014

          There are a multitude of movements in CrossFit. And occasionally you will see something you never thought of before like a double rope muscle up, using two ropes instead of a pair of rings. Or burpee pistols. Doing a burpee and landing on one leg then standing up in a pistol. These are all really fun and imaginative. But before you get all gung ho and try to make up your own trick there is a secret ingredient to being a great athlete I need to tell you about. Shhhh. Come closer. Closer. Close. . . OK OK too close, back up. There. OK. The secret ingredient is this. CrossFit is predominantly based around one movement. The hip thrust. *evil laugh and runs away*
          That’s right! Thruster, snatch, clean, wall ball, kettlebell, burpees, squats, muscle ups, kipping pull ups. It’s all based on the strength and stability in your glutes, hips and core. So what does that mean? That hip bridges of any and all variations are the most functional exercises in your life (at least top 10, right up there next to push ups)! We do this all the time. It’s no secret ingredient. It’s something we are all very familiar with. It’s not just the hips that have to be strong, it’s your glutes and the muscles deep down in your core. When we program hip bridges into the warmup, don’t just blast through them like your Richard Simmons teaching an aerobics class. Really put some mindfulness into them. Is your back in it’s neutral position? Are you engaging your glutes in the movement? Are you using your core to prevent your hips from dipping when doing the one leg variations? This is a very important exercise and can be done literally anywhere. Maybe not in a courtroom or a street corner but you get it.
          So please, take your time and develop a strong posterior chain and core, it will help everything!

    WOD 11.26.2014

    A) DL4x2 Deficit 2210 (Must have 1.75x BW DL)
    Partner WOD
    3 x each: Row 250 / Run 240
    3 x each: 20 Sit Ups / 20 KBS

    B) DL 2-3×5 2210
    Same as above WOD

  • A & B Workouts

    By Ruth | In CrossFit, Lifting | on November 25, 2014

    While I wish I could craft a cute little Cosmo style quiz to determine if you should do the “A” workout each day or the “B,” I’m just not that creative. But in all seriousness, there will be some gray area between the two. Eventually, we hope to have three levels of programming and a more distinct qualification for each one, but right now, there may be some of you who may straddle the line between the two. Some of you may do the “A” strength lift but do the “B” workout and vice versa.

    Today, I’ll try to explain what kind of athlete falls into the A category and which falls into B.  Generally speaking, an athlete who would do the A workouts:

    • has been training for a few years consistently and developed enough technique work to be able to perform the lifts (especially the snatch and clean & jerk)
    • has trained his central nervous system enough to be able to push the envelope, both in his lifts and workouts
    • has developed a good work capacity in both body weight and heavy loads.
    • has tested her 1RM before and generally has at close to a 2x BW deadlift, 1.5-2xBW back squat, BW+ clean & jerk, and BW snatch
    • is able to recover from an A workout to come back tomorrow and do another one
    • knows how it feels to finish a set of 5, 3, or 1 on a back squat and feel like she has expended every ounce of energy from her body
    • generally can do all workouts as Rx’d
    • Fran: sub 4 min men/sub 5 min women, Helen: sub 9 min men, sub 10 min women

    Someone who is a B athlete will be anywhere from beginner to intermediate (usually beginners will get a scaled version of the B workout) and:

    • is still perfecting his form and learning how to properly brace while under heavy loads
    • has been challenged during lifts, but not to the point it may take a few days to recover from a lifting session
    • is building her work capacity
    • is learning skill intensive movements required in A workouts (muscle up, handstand push ups, etc)
    • knows the difference between pacing and sprinting through a workout and is able to adjust his efforts accordingly

    There are so many other factors that are individual to every athlete (injury, experience, and ability level), which is why the coach will have discretion to choose which category you fall into each day.  Just know that an athlete who falls into the B category will not benefit as much from an A programming as he will the B, no matter how fun the A workout may look.  Be patient, trust the process, and keep making gains.

    WOD 11.25.14

    A. Back Squat 4×2-4 @85% 1RM 2010
    Rest 3 minutes between sets

    3 Rounds

    • 20 Push Ups
    • 40 Double Unders

    Rest 1 minute

    3 Rounds

    • 15 Strict Ring Dips
    • 100m Run

    Rest 1 minute

    3 Rounds

    • 12 Strict Handstand Push Ups
    • 12 Alternating Pistols


    B.  Back Squat 3×6-8 @3010
    Rest 2 minutes between sets

    3 Rounds

    • 15 Push Ups
    • 30 Double Unders

    Rest 1 minute

    3 Rounds

    • 15 Burpees
    • 100m Run

    Rest 1 minute

    3 Rounds

    • 9 Push Presses (95/65)
    • 9 Double KB Goblet Squats


  • According to neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert it’s, “for one reason, and one reason only, and that’s to produce adaptable and complex movements.” Movement (and sweating), he says, “is the only way you have of effecting the world around you.” His message struck a chord with me as a professional whose primary occupation involves helping human beings move more efficiently, more consistently, and more powerfully. I first saw Wolpert’s TED video on the MovNat website, and it’s some of the most fascinating 15 minutes you’re likely to experience today.  Watch for yourself below:

    Our goal at Intrepid is to help you move better both in and out of the gym by incorporating adaptable and complex movements into your training in our CrossFit, Strongman, and Practical Movement Skills classes (just to name a few).  Coming to Intrepid El Segundo on the last weekend in January we are hosting another MovNat Workshop/Level 1 Cert. If you’re looking for the perfect “outside the box” holiday gift for your active loved one the MovNat workshop/cert is an amazing hands-on experience that will stay with them long after the weekend is over. Check out the registration details for the Workshop and the Level 1 Trainer Certification.  We will host a MovNat Workshop/Cert at our Portland location in 2015, and I will post information once the details have been finalized.

    Power Clean+Power Jerk 3×3@75%

    AMRAP 7:
    5 Hang Squat Snatches (135/95)
    7 Toes to Bar
    9 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

    Power Clean 4×3

    AMRAP 7:
    5 Dumbbell Squat Snatches (per arm, 10 total reps)
    7 Toes to Bar (sub 2x Knees to Elbows or Knee Raises)
    9 Box Jumps

  • Keeping active at Thanksgiving

    By Jon Alarcon | In Community, Health & Lifestyle | on November 23, 2014

    Oh boy, you knew they would be coming soon… the obligatory “Don’t eat too much at the holidays and overindulge because it will kill your training and reset all the gains and progress you have made on that 6-pack” post. This post is possibly a reminder to myself, as I am watching KC make stuffings for a dinner we are heading to later tonight. But the truth is that I shouldn’t be the one to say “don’t eat this” and “don’t eat that”. And I recognize how hard it is to eat clean during the holiday season, especially when most people you may be spending time with people, especially family, that don’t have the same active lifestyle and diet as you. So here are some habits that have helped navigate some of the holidays.

    • Build active traditions: Many families I know have some sort of annual tradition, such as the family football game. When I was younger we always had basketball games at grandma’s house. So if you don’t have such traditions, maybe it’s a good time to introduce them? One of the things I look forward to the most about Thanksgiving is going on a hike with my little brother and sister-in-law in the morning, which is not only great time spent with family, but also a great chance to get prepped for later.
    • Time activity intelligently: Let’s be honest, are you really going to make yourself do burpees or go for a run after pumpkin pie? I’m not…but I’ve lied to myself in the past thinking that I would. So budgeting time to do something active in the morning would be much smarter.
    • Make things harder for yourself: “Say whaaaa? Aren’t the holidays stressful enough as is? Why would I make them harder?” No, I don’t mean more stressful, I mean more difficult. Many times I find myself segregating workouts as only happening at the gym, or when I intentionally put on workout clothes. But even things like deciding to walk or biking to the store and carry the groceries home can have a big impact on our health. So try to identify things that you use in your life that make it easier, and see if you can not use them to help you become more active.

    So what are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

    Rest Day 11.23.14

  • Rules of Successful Exercise

    By Jake | In CrossFit | on November 22, 2014

    According to Mark’s Daily Apple, there are 10 Rules of Successful Exercise. While his list is purely based off of his own personal experiences, I can see the reasoning behind his selection of the 10 rules. You can check out his entire post by following the link above. If that doesn’t work just go to his site and find the post from November 5th of this month. I went ahead and selected some of his rules to discuss a little more in detail.

    Do the Thing You Love- This one is first on his list and I think it is the most important. Sometimes we do things just out of habit and go through the motions of what we are doing. I believe the ones who truly love their sport or exercise get the most out of it. When you love your sport or exercise you will subject yourself to all the good and bad feelings that come along with it. I love to run, but there were times during my training that the wear and tear would break me down and I would continue to push on through because that is what it would take to improve.

    Get a Workout Buddy (Or Buddies)- Our gym is evidence alone that our WODs are that much more fun and enjoyable when we are pushed by someone who is going through the same thing. I see this rule mostly in the team workouts we do. I see our athletes push themselves a little bit more just because they don’t want to let their teammate down.

    Find Flow- This is the exact same thing as being in the “Zone”. Have you ever played a game or went through a WOD where everything just went right for you? How much more enjoyable did it feel?

    Savor How Exercise Makes You Feel- When we hit a PR on a lift or string multiple reps together we get that “feel good” reaction. You feel very confident about yourself and on top of the world. Remember that feeling. Exercise is supposed to be enjoyable and it is great to savor the movement. The same can be said for the exact opposite. We all know that nasty burn we get from certain movements like wall balls. It may not be the most pleasant feeling, but it does remind us that we can push through the pain.

    Go ahead and click the link to see the rest of Mark’s Rules and post your thoughts to comments.

    WOD 11.22.2014

    A) 3 Rounds-

    • 10 Atlas Stone to Shoulder
    • 3 Rope Climbs


    3 Rounds-

    • 10 Strict HSPU
    • 50′ Yoke Carry (3x BW)

    B) 3 Rounds-

    • 50′ Farmers Carry
    • 10 Dips
    • 20 Double Unders


    4 Rounds-

    • 1 Rope Climb
    • 250m Row


  • Play

    By Al | In Community, Health & Lifestyle, Outdoor | on November 21, 2014

    Today we are bombarded with more sensory overload than probably any other generation that has come before us. Smartphones, email, Facebook, Twitter, text messages, video games, satellite TV with 1000′s of channels can provide endless opportunities to occupy our time. But is that really the best way that we should spend our free time? It may give us temporary entertainment but that fleeting pleasure doesn’t always lead to improving our quality of life.

    In Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint, play is one of the 10 Primal Blueprint Laws that the author believes will lead us down a path to improved health. Play simply refers to activities that are preferably physical in nature but most of all fun! Unplugging from daily life and getting outdoors and enjoying the pleasant weather that we are fortunate to have this deep into fall. Taking a hike along some of the local trails. Getting together with some friends and tossing around the football. Taking the kids to the park or a local pier to enjoy an afternoon of fishing. Get together with friends and start a book club, take up painting, join a bowling or softball league.

    The possibilities are endless. Leisure time that challenges the mind and/or body has been shown to improve immune function, reduce stress and enhance the enjoyment of life. The main thing is to get outside, leave the digital distractions behind and reinforce social bonds with our family and friends through good old fashioned fun just like we used to back in the day before the street lights came on!

    Monday – Wednesday Regular Schedule
    Thanksgiving CLOSED
    Friday 9am and 10am CrossFit classes
    Saturday Regular Schedule

    WOD 11.21.2014
    A. Close-Grip Bench Press 3X5 3010

    Team WOD (teams of 3-4 with 2:00 staggered starts)
    40 Wallballs
    30 Ball Slams
    20 Man Makers
    10 Muscle Ups (can sub bar muscle ups)

    B. Bench Press 3X5 3010

    Team WOD (teams of 3-4 with 2:00 staggered starts)
    20 Wallballs
    20 Ball Slams
    20 Burpees
    20 Box Jumps
    20 Dumbbell Push Press
    20 Knees to Elbow

  • Two Tools -> Perfectly Cooked Steak

    By Holley | In Recipes | on November 20, 2014

    If you are looking for a foolproof way to cook your steaks exactly to your liking, every single time, there are just two items that you need, a cast iron pan and a digital thermometer that goes in the oven. We have this Polder digital thermometer and it works great. Not only does this method allow you to cook your steaks evenly and consistently, but they will be extremely juicy and retain their moisture. The steps are pretty simple, here goes:

    1. Take the steaks out of the fridge, pat them dry and let them get as close to room temperature as possible. The closer to room temp they are when you cook them, the more evenly they’ll cook.

    2. In the meantime, pre-heat the oven to 400F with the cast iron pan in the oven.

    3. Season the steak with salt and pepper, maybe some garlic powder too. Season it on both sides.

    4. Once the oven and the pan reach 400F, carefully take the pan out of the oven and put it on a stove top on high. Place the steak in the pan, apply some pressure and allow it to cook for 30-45 seconds. Then flip the steak over and repeat.

    5. Once the steak has seared for 30-45 seconds per side, insert the oven thermometer in the thickest section of the steak and set it to your desired temperature. We like medium rare (see pic), so we set it to 128F (good temp reference here). Then place the pan with the steak back in the oven and wait for it to reach temp. The great thing about the thermometer is that it has an alarm on it, so you don’t have to wait around and watch it, it’ll beep at you once it reaches temp.

    6. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP. Once the steak reaches temp, pull it out of the oven and put in on a plate and let it rest for 10 minutes. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200, do not cut into the steak…just let it rest for 10 agonizing minutes. Once the 10 minutes has passed, serve and enjoy. I wouldn’t wait much longer than that though, it’ll start to get cold. There is science behind the resting for 10 minutes, this is what allows the steak to be extra juicy and hold it’s moisture. You can read about that science here, if you don’t feel like reading, the pictures tell the story (juices and flavors in your meat, not on your plate).

    Yup, as simple as that! Perfect steaks every time and you don’t even have to walk out to your grill.


    WOD 11.19.2014

    Back squat 5×2 at 2210 tempo (reference this post on tempo)

    Weighted pull up 1-1-1 at 3010 tempo

    * must be able to do at least 3 unassisted strict pull ups

    Back Squat 3×5 3010
    Bent over Row 3×6-8 1015

    Bent over Row:
    1. 1 second pull to chest
    2. 5 second hold at chest
    3. 1 second down
    4. No rest between reps

  • Veggie 101: Endive, Holiday Edition

    By Alia | In CrossFit | on November 19, 2014

          Endive (ˈen-ˌdīv, ˌän-ˈdēv) pronounced ‘on-deeve’ is a leafy plant closely related to daisies. It is can be served raw or cooked. Mild and pleasantly bitter, endive is actually a secondary leafy growth from the chicory root. Some chicory root is used in coffee as an additive. Many varieties exist and the common endive seen in most supermarkets is the California red and white. Endive may be beyond the recreational gardeners grasp when it comes to growing. There is a two-step process before it is ready to be harvested. The first growth involves 150 days in the field, where the chicory grows from seed into a leafy green plant with a deep tap root. Come harvest time the tops of the leafy chicory plant are cut off, the roots dug up, and then placed in cold storage where they enter a dormancy period. Required roots for consumption are removed from cold storage for their second growth, which takes 28 days in dark, cool, humid rooms. At which time the familiar tight bundles of leaves have matured. I’d like to make a side note that I just went ahead and renamed this plant “enDIVA” because it is so high maintenance. It is high in beta carotene and potassium. It has been thought to aid in lowering cholesterol and slow food metabolism.
          The holiday season of crackers and cheese boards or chip and dip fare is upon us. The wheat in the crackers can have an adverse affect on the body as we all know and it’s easy to get carried away, especially with a good dip. A great alternative to using crackers as a mode of food transportation are separated leaves of the endive. It’s also a very green (pun intended) way to serve individual appetizers as an alternative to multiple small plates or fancy serving spoons. While most will encounter this plant in it’s raw form it can also be grilled as a side or baked into savory breads and biscuits; there’s always my favorite, slicing them in half, wrapping in bacon and baking. Endive is available all year round and can be found at many farmers markets. Next time you have a gathering or want a healthier alternative to chips or just need variety in your salad grab an endive.

          Special birthday shout out to Tom D. I recently learned that Tom is a country music fan because he somehow convinced Coach Al and the 4pm class to workout to country. I give him a hard time about that now but Tom, you are an inspiring person to be around and it’s always a joy! If you see him this week wish him a great birthday.

    WOD 08.19.2014
    Row 2K
    Rest 4 minutes, then:
    A “Big Grace”
    30 Clean and Jerks with Atlas Stone, Axle bar or Keg
    B . For time:
    25 Kettlebell clean and jerks (per hand)
    Rest 4 minutes, then:
    Run 1 mile

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