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  • Baker to Vegas 2015

    By Jake | In Competition, Running | on March 28, 2015

    Last weekend a handful of Intrepids, including myself, hit the road to Las Vegas for the March Madness weekend. Along the way I noticed a lot preparation going on for the Baker to Vegas 2015 Challenge. I don’t blame you if you haven’t heard about this event. I first heard of it maybe a couple of years ago. This particular event is a 120 mile race through Baker, Ca and ending in Las Vegas, NV. This event is mainly geared to law enforcement agencies from all over California from LAPD to police departments located in Sacramento. In the last few years there has been close to 6,000 runners.  At 8 am this morning the 2015 Baker to Vegas run will begin. Multiple teams (270 max) will run through the 20 stage race which includes very hot days and extremely cold nights. The format of the race has changed over the years, but below is the current format.

    The Annual Challenge Cup/Baker to Vegas Relay is scheduled to take place (depending on Las Vegas accommodations) over a weekend from late March to early April. The course begins 25 miles north of Baker CA. on Highway 127 to Shoshone CA; then northeast on Highway 178, across the state line into Nevada on Highway 372 to Pahrump NV., then southeast on Highway 160 to the finish inside the Hilton Hotel Convention Room in Las Vegas. Teams are scheduled to run in eleven flights, depending upon their ability, with flights starting hourly from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

    On Sunday, eight hours after the last team finishes, an Awards Ceremony is held in the Hilton Hotel Convention room for over 6000 runners and support personnel; several thousand family members and friends; and almost a thousand race volunteers. The festivities began with a most impressive Opening Program providing entertainment for all. Over 145 VIP law enforcement dignitaries, chiefs of police, agents—in—charge and sheriffs are introduced to the crowd.

    During the ceremony and throughout the hotel conversation is continually in a roar with the most common phrase and pledge, “Wait till next year”!

    I happen to know some people who are doing this race and have been training for the last couple of months. Preparation is key because of the weather conditions and terrain this is also a dangerous race. We at Intrepid wish the best of luck to all the participants out there!

    *On a very important side note, Jonathan and Nathania will be getting married today! We hope you both have an amazing wedding day and a wonder life together!!!


    WOD 3.28.2015

    Teams of 4-6

    Buy In- 15 yard Wheelbarrow Walk per person

    As a team must complete, team of 4 example

    • 80 Burpees (20 per- subject to change based on amount of persons per team)
    • 80 T2B
    • 80 KB Snatches
    • 80 Double Unders
    • 80 Pull Ups (C2B)
    • 80 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
    • 12 Rope Climbs

    *One person working at a time. To tag out must run to start mat to tag in next person.

    1 Minute Rest.


  • Open Season Finale

    By Al | In Competition, CrossFit | on March 27, 2015

    Over the past 5 weeks, we’ve been performing the Open workouts on Fridays along with the rest of the CrossFit community. This week marks the end of the Open – the 5-week online qualifier determining which athletes will vie to represent their respective regions at this summer’s CrossFit Games.

    Last night, the fifth and final workout was announced with the past 3 CrossFit Games individual female champs going head-to-head at CrossFit Max Effort in Las Vegas. The workout is a simple task priority couplet with a small addition to the classic CrossFit “21-15’9″ rep scheme. Sam Briggs won the battle with a 7:00 finish. All 3 former champions finished with sub 8-minute times.

    See below for the movement standards and a more in-depth explanation of workout 15.5.

    WOD – 3.27.2015

    Deadlift 3×5 (Moderate weight – no max effort)

    27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
    Row (calories)
    Thrusters (95/65)

  • Pull Down, Don’t Dive

    By Holley | In Olympic Weightlifting | on March 26, 2015

    Big congratulations to Michele Rice on the recent announcement, she has been named the principal of Saint Monica’s High School! Such an honor and accomplishment, we are so proud her! 

    Ruth and I much have been reading the same blog this week. Her Tuesday post was from Greg Everett at Catalyst Athletics about correcting the forward jump in the snatch and clean, and my post today is another article of his about getting under the bar. After coaching many of you on the snatch in class on Tuesday, there were a couple of recurring themes I noticed, one of which was diving under the bar to get to the receiving position. While that’s tempting to do to make sure you get under the bar quickly, in fact it’s not the fastest way to get under the bar and frankly not fast enough when the weights get heavy. I’ve tried a few ways to explain how to stay connected to the bar and to pull yourself under the bar, but I believe Greg Everett puts it very well in his post. I’ll quote the what I found to be the two most powerful sentences below, but it makes the most sense if you read his entire explanation. It’s a quick read and you can check out the article here. I hope his method of explaining “pulling down” resonates with more of you. Happy reading!

    “After you have completed your final explosive hip and knee extension, move the feet and pull the elbows as high as possible and out to the sides. This action is what changes your direction at the top of the pull and gets you moving down under the bar with enough speed that you can turn the bar over into the receiving position powerfully.”

    Reminder that tonight we have yoga with Gina at 7:15p

    WOD 03.26.2015

    Split Squats 3 x 5 per side @2010
    Bent Over Row 3 x 5 @ 2013

    Split Squats w/DB 3 x 5 per side
    Strict Pull up skills

    Optional WOD:
    4 Rounds NFT:
    5 GHRs (or 7-10 back extensions or GM)
    20 yard seal walk (or 20 Russian Twists)
    30 sec handstand (accumulated)

  • Epic Hunting and Gathering

    By Alia | In CrossFit, El Segundo | on March 25, 2015

          There are two universal truths (possibly way more but bear with me). 1) We don’t have ideal lives with endless hours to prepare foods and 2) We all need to eat. Grabbing a meal on the go can be difficult when adhering to a clean eating diet. We have posted multiple options for grab and go foods and I’d like to share yet another discovery I have made.
          The company Epic Bars, makers of various meat based energy bars has launched a new product. It is the Epic Hunter Gatherer series of grab and go foods. It come in a mini portfolio packet containing two tubes of foods. One side is a grass fed beef jerky, diced into small bits. The other tube varies. The Berry Blossom features mulberries, cacao, goji berries and Almonds. The Toasted Coconut comes with just that, coconut. Harvest Nuts has roasted almonds, brazil nuts, pecans and pistachios. The Mountain Meledy is almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts and apples.
          So far I’ve only tried the Berry Blossom. I like goji berries, eating them raw while not my favorite thing to do, was pretty good. I loved the cute maps of various national park areas inside each packaging. Good graphic design.
          If you’re on the go and need something good to eat, try grabbing one of these!

    WOD 03.25.2015
    A. NO LIFT
    B. Power Clean 3×3

    3 rounds:
    1 Mile Run (sub 400m)
    10 Squat Clean & Jerk (155/105) (sub G2OH 135/95)

  • For those of you who don’t follow Catalyst Athletics or our Intrepid Barbell Facebook Page may have missed Greg Everett’s awesome article about how to fix jumping forward in the snatch and clean. I come across this issue more often than I’d like but Greg explains some straight forward ways to either fix the symptoms or attack the root cause. Sounds like he’s had success with both.

    One example Greg offers that focuses on fixing the symptom of jumping forward is to try putting a thin rubber mat in front of a lifter’s feet giving them a physical barrier of sorts. With something like a ¼” or 3/8” rubber mat, if the lifter does happen to land on it, the consequences aren’t dire. A strip of thin mat will also slide forward out of the way if the lifter kicks it. Start with some space between the toes and the mat and over time, as the lifter gets better and better with the problem, begin starting the mat closer and closer to his/her toes. Use the mat in every snatch or clean training session the lifter does until the problem is sufficiently improved.

    For other ideas on how to fix symptom of jumping forward check out Greg’s full “Jumping Forward in the Snatch or Clean: Error Correction” article.

    One example Greg offers to attack the root cause of why the jumping forward might be happening in the first place comes from being off balance in the start position. Having the weight too far forward in the starting position may be visible, such as with the shoulders far over the bar and hips too high, or it may not be perceptible until the lift begins and the effects take place. Oddly enough, having the balance too far back in the starting position can set a lifter up to be too far forward once the lift begins. If a lifter tries to start with the weight on the heels, it’s likely there will be an overcompensation early in the pull and the lifter will end up farther forward than he/she would have been with a balanced start. Greg recommends reinforcing a balanced starting position with partial pulling movements like lift-offs, halting deadlifts, or segment deadlifts.

    Greg goes through each phase of the lift and offers insight into where faults might cause the lifter to jump forward. He also provides corrective drills to fix the root cause and get rid of the jump forward. Check it out by visiting his “Jumping Forward in the Snatch or Clean: Error Correction” article.

    WOD 3.24.15

    A Lift
    Snatch 3×50, 3×60%, 3×70, 2×75, (rest 1 min between)
    2×80, 2×85, 2×85 (rest 2 min between)

    B Lift
    Snatch 3×3
    rest 1-2 min between

    5 Rounds:
    3 DL 315/205 (sub 6 heavy or 12 regular kb swings)
    40 Double Unders

    Rest 2min

    3 Rounds:
    20 cal row
    10 RD (sub push ups)

  • You may have seen the benign looking white rope coiled on the floor by the GHD and wonder what it could possibly do to make you more fit. But if you have ever spent 10-15 seconds of quality time with the battle rope, you’d know it is not for the faint of heart. It is so simple and yet so terrible, quite like the airdyne.

    When done right, you are working grip strength, cardio vascular endurance, stamina, midline stabilizers (“core” muscles), and coordination (and much more). It’s great as a warm up, workout, or a cash out (post workout skill work). While it does look simple, you can put stress on your shoulders, elbows, and wrists if you do it wrong. Take a look at the video and notice his shoulders are down and elbows closer to his body in most of the movements. If you relax your midline and try to use just your arms, you’ll most likely tweak something, not to mention the rope won’t move like it should.

    In the beginning, pick a rhythm you can stick with and keep the movements fluid for a short duration (5-10 seconds) until you get the hang of the technique. If your shoulders tend to float up during this, take some time to warm up on the Crossover Symmetry bands first. Keep a bend in your knees and make sure your glutes are on. Pretend you’re trying to prevent someone from picking you up off the floor. Make yourself heavy and anchored. If you can convince a buddy to hold the center of the rope you can both get a workout in!

    WOD 03.23.15

    A. Back Squat 3×75%,3×80%, 2×85%, 1×90%, 1×90-95%
    2010 Tempo, 2 min between sets

    B. Back Squat 3×5-7
    3010 Tempo, 2min between sets

    AMRAP 10
    3 Bar Muscle Ups (sub 6 pull ups)
    7 Burpee Box Jump Overs

  • NLI Classic

    By Jake | In Competition, CrossFit | on March 21, 2015

    According to Legendary Competitor, NLI will be hosting the NLI Classic. The event will be taking place on May 16, 2015 down at the Orange County Market Place. There will be four divisions (1-4) to choose from including a kids division.

    Taken from the site about the Classic- “The NLI has grown from its humble beginning as a small one-off competition, to a 3-event series competition held twice a year, to its new current format of a single day, stand-alone event – The NLI Classic. With broad programming for a variety of athletic skill levels, the NLI Classic, as always, provides athletes with intelligently designed workouts that test them in wide range of physical fitness categories, including cardiovascular endurance, strength, power, gymnastic skills and general physical ability. Most athletes who compete in the NLI come from CrossFit affiliates or gyms that train in a functional fitness style. Expanded divisions are available so athletes young and old, beginner to elite can receive an equally excellent competition experience that challenges them mentally and physically, in a fun and supportive environment.” The list of the movements as well as general information can be found here on the Legendary Competitor page.  I would like to see some Intrepids participate in this event. Register now!

    WOD 03.21.2015
    Partner Chipper
    20 Alternating Box Jumps
    40 CTB Pull ups
    80 KB Swings
    100 Air Squats
    80 KB Swings
    40 CTB Pull ups
    20 Alternating Box Jumps

    *one teammate must perform a rope climb while the other runs 100m before the team can transition to the next station.
    **work is divided equally among teammates.

  • Power Supply

    By Al | In El Segundo, Health & Lifestyle, Nutrition | on March 20, 2015

    We are now in our second week of having Power Supply meals delivered straight to our door. Everyone has been impressed by the food quality and variety – including me. What’s great about this service is that they have a pool of locally sourced chefs that craft each week’s menu. All meal offerings are free of gluten and dairy with quality ingredients being a top priority. The convenience of having the meals delivered before our Monday and Thursday morning classes is also a huge plus.

    We’ve been fortunate enough to be given our own promo code for our members to receive their first meal FREE. There are two size options for meals and require only a minimum order of 3 meals to get started.

    These meals can be a real difference-maker for those participating in the 75-Day Transformation challenge. It’s always a treat opening that fridge in the Intrepid office and finding a bundle of meals on Monday and Thursday mornings. Personally, I’ve really enjoyed every meal that I’ve tried and I’m sure you will too! Check out this link to get started with your first free meal.

    WOD – 3.20.2015

    8-minute AMRAP:
    3 handstand push-ups
    3 cleans (185/125)
    6 handstand push-ups
    3 cleans
    9 handstand push-ups
    3 cleans
    12 handstand push-ups
    6 cleans
    15 handstand push-ups
    6 cleans
    18 handstand push-ups
    6 cleans
    21 handstand push-ups
    9 cleans
    Etc., following same pattern.

    Standards and more info>>>

  • Product Review: Honest Brand

    By Holley | In Health & Lifestyle | on March 19, 2015

    If you are doing CrossFit, or some form of exercise you enjoy, and paying attention to your nutrition, it’s clear that you pay attention to your health and well being and are willing to put some effort into it. Nutrition and exercise often go hand in hand when people think about being healthy, but how often do  you think about environmental impacts on your health? While things like air quality and city water quality are difficult to influence, you can influence the environment within your home. Since recently becoming a homeowner, that is something I have worked to improve. One product brand in particular that I have used to keep my home clean, yet as chemical free as possible is Honest brand. I had heard about Honest products a while ago, but I had always associated the brand with baby products as opposed to household products and personal care products. One day, my hair dresser told me that she had tried Honest shampoo and conditioner and really liked it. She is into the more natural products and said this one left her hair more residue free. I decided to give the shampoo and conditioner a try, and I haven’t gone back to my old brands since. I really like how clean my hair feels and it even takes less time to dry since there aren’t any residues left on my hair. After that, I decided to try more Honest brand products. One of my favorite products of theirs is the all-purpose cleaner. The cleaner is entirely plant based, so it is safe on pretty much any surface. I used it to clean everything from the walls after moving, to dirty spots on white shoes, to my granite counter tops (if you’ve ever had granite counter tops, you know how annoying it is to buy expensive specialty granite cleaner). For the kitchen, I have really liked the dish soap. It cleans very well and doesn’t leave any soap stains on the dishes. I also love the fruit and veggie wash. It comes in a little spray bottle that you can use to quickly clean my fruits and veggies prior to cooking.

    I have tried many of their other products and so far I have been happy with how they have worked out. Plus my home is becoming more and more chemical free, helping us to stay healthier. The only product that I haven’t loved so far is the body lotion, it takes a lot to make my skin feel moisturized. Has anyone else tried out their products? Good or bad results? Any other natural brands out there that anyone has tried and likes? Share thoughts to comments!


    WOD 03.19.2015

    Jerk 4 x 2
    Weight PU 3 x 3

    Push Press 3 x 3
    Bent over row 3 x 5

    3 Rounds, not for time:
    50 ft. yoke
    2 Rope Climbs
    40 Double-unders

  • Intrepid Vault: Hydtration

    By Alia | In Uncategorized | on March 18, 2015

          So you’ve eliminated fruit juices, smoothies, sodas and other not ideal libations. There is still black coffee, unsweetened tea iced or hot and good ole water. Water, the source of all life. As athletes, it is imperative to stay hydrated. Our level of hydration is directly tied into our ability to perform at optimum levels. With summer approaching and the past few days starting to show signs of warmth, it is key to being a successful human doing (we are doing things we aren’t just being). Crossfit Endurance did a great video about hydration. It’s recommended that at the very minimum you should drink at least one half of your body weight in ounces each day. And if you are physically active that day, whether you’re working out or going for a light jog add 16-20 oz per hour of activity.

          Mobility is also affected by how hydrated we are. We are comprised of mostly water! 70% of our bodies are water (I would argue that we’re 70% awesome, but scientifically speaking). This number includes organs, muscle, ligaments and skin. How are we going to be mobile, strong or flexible without being hydrated?

          Note: K-Starr goes into electrolytes and salt intake and ends with hip smashing. Happy Hydrating!

    WOD 03.18.2015
    A. Back Squat 4×4@80%
    B. Back Squat 3×5-7@3010

    Partner WOD, 5 Rounds each:
    7 Front Squats (heavy)
    10 Burpees (AFAP)
    Row 150m
    *1 partner works, 1 partner rests

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