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  • SAT 4.18.2015

    By Jake | In CrossFit, Workout of the Day | on April 18, 2015

    WOD 4.18.2015

    Team of 3-

    3 Rounds

    • 15 Thrusters (135/95) (Hang from Bar)
    • 30 Double Unders (Handstand)
    • 20 Burpees (Farmer Carry Hold)
    • 20 Toes 2 Bar (Front Rack Hold with Thruster Bar)

    *Active rest for one teammate, full rest for the other

    **Also, Mike Cottle will be competing today at No Limits Sports and Fitness in Signal Hill today. His heat times are at 8:48, 10:00, and 3:23 if anyone would like to cheer him on. We wish you the best of luck!

  • Power Supply will be back on Monday evening with some samples of their tasty meal delivery options. Stick around after your workout for a quick bite and learn more about what they offer!

    REMINDER: Don’t forget to RSVP for Ice Skating Night next Friday on April 24. Click HERE to reserve your spot!

    WOD – 4.17.2015

    A. Clean 3×50%, 3X60%, 3×70%, 3×80%, 3×75%, 3×80%, 3×85%
    B. Power Clean 3×3

    4 Rounds
    400m Run
    15 Kettlebell Swings
    10 Overhead Walking Lunges (115/75)

  • THU 4.16.15

    By Holley | In Competition, CrossFit | on April 16, 2015

    Looking back at Tuesday’s post, you get a summary of the 2015 regional competitors in an awesome infographic. After that was released, Boxlife Magazine took a closer look at the body weight side of things at the Games level. Does size matter? Can the little guy still survive at the Games level? Check out what Boxlife Magazine had to say about it:

    Does Size Matter? The Role of Bodyweight in CrossFit


    Bench press heavy triple @3010
    Weighted PU 3-3-3

    Bent over row 3 x 5 @2013
    Strict PU work

    8 rounds each couplet, alternating (4 rounds per movement):
    Tabata hollow/support hold
    Tabata L-sit/handstand hold

  • Farewell Jose O.

    By Alia | In Community, CrossFit, El Segundo | on April 15, 2015

    Jose O. is a 0600 regular who always comes in with a smile on his face. Really, who smiles that at 0600? Jose. He came to us from another gym because he moved for a job. He’s like the most “interesting man”. I would never admit to this in person but I like giving my own backstories to people when I first meet them. I have a big imagination.

    My back story for Jose is that he came form a royal family and he moved here to lead a more humble life. As a show of his maturity he must go out on his own like a young Spartan. He smiles so much because he knows struggle like none of us can endure. CrossFit is nothing when compared to outrunning a bear, whilst living in sub zero temperatures with nothing to eat but berries and an occasional pinecone.

    None of this is true, or maybe it is. Either way, Jose you and your enthusiastic smile will be missed in the mornings. Good luck on your new job and adventures!


    WOD 04.15.2015

    A. Deadlift 8-6-4 (take last week’s 6 and start at 8)
    B. Deadlift 3×5-7

    Every minute, for 24 minutes:
    Minute 1: Row 150
    Minute 2: 4-6 stone to shoulders (sub sandbag to shoulder or 7 Shoulder 2 OH)
    Minute 3: 2 rope climbs (sub 1 rope)

  • Regional Grade

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on April 14, 2015

    CrossFit released this infographic on the caliber of Regionals athletes this year. Pretty amazing stats! From strength to speed to endurance, these athletes are putting up legit numbers across the board.


    Does this affect your goals for the next year?

    WOD 04.14.15

    A. Jerk 4×2
    B. Jerk 3-3-3

    Strict Ring Dips (sub Push Ups)
    Power Cleans (135/95)
    C2B Pull Ups
    Box Jumps

    B. can start at 12 if necessary

  • MON 4.13.2015

    By admin | In Workout of the Day | on April 13, 2015

    WOD – 4.13.2015

    A. Back Squat 8@50%, 6@60%, 4@70%, 6@70%, 4@80%, 2@90%

    B. Pause Back Squat 5×3 (2-second pause)

    Partner Stations, Relays:
    30 total Tire Flips
    6 Rounds each of Sandbag Shuttle Sprints (5-10-15 yds)*
    6 Rounds each of 15 Wallballs*
    *sandbag and medicine ball do not touch the ground

  • SAT 4.11.15

    By Jake | In Workout of the Day | on April 11, 2015

    WOD 04.11.2015

    4 Rounds

    • 7 L-Pull Ups (7 Strict Chin Ups)
    • 20 Burpees
    • 800 Meter Run

    C/O- Roll out calves and shoulders

  • Intrepid Ice Skating Night

    April 24 • 5:30p – 7p

    Come join us for a fun night of ice skating at the Toyota Sports Center! We have open ice time from 5:30pm-7pm on Friday, April 24. Family and friends welcome. Hope to see you there!



    WOD – 4.10.2015

    Bear Complex

    5 Rounds

    7 sets of the sequence:

    • Power Clean
    • Front Squat
    • Push Press
    • Back Squat
    • Push Press

    No resting the bar at the ground in between sets. Rest as needed between rounds.

    Watch CrossFit OG’s tackle this workout back in the day below…

  • THU 4.8.2015

    By Holley | In Events and Announcements | on April 9, 2015

    Make sure you get your t-shirt and/or tank orders in by TONIGHT if you’re interested in getting one! We will be placing an order on Friday. They will be $20 each. Place your pre-order here: http://goo.gl/forms/B7WPCWDTPA.



    Check out this JTS article for a unique perspective on mobility: http://www.jtsstrength.com/articles/2013/09/20/5-mobility-must-haves/


    WOD 04.08.2015

    Snatch 3×3
    Close-grip bench 5-3-1-5-3-1

    Power Snatch 3×3
    Bench 3×5-7

    3 rounds NFT:
    1-3 rope climbs
    40 yd prowler push
    1 min Chinese plank

  • WED 4.8.2015

    By Jake | In Uncategorized | on April 8, 2015

    Today we say “see you later” to a dedicated 6AM-er, Francis. Francis has been part of the AM class at Intrepid for just about 3 years. In good old Intrepid fashion the 6AM crew has some kind words for Francis! Don’t be a stranger and drop in when you can!

    Andrea- The thing about Francis (aside from being one of the nicest guys there is) that I always think about is how much dedication it took to get up as early as he had to in order to catch the metro and then ride his bike to the box. Not to mention after whatever killer WOD we’d do he had to get back on his bike and ride to work. There were some mornings I can remember thinking there is no freaking way I could ride a bike even 2 blocks right now. I even would offer him rides occasionally and he’d say no thanks and hop on his bike. Francis is just badass like that!

    Tina- What can I say Francis is Francis!! He was always motivated to do better even though he was known as “PR Francis”! Which in turn would motivate me!! We were always ready to tackle the WOD for the day. And when he wasn’t there everyone always asked where’s Francis!? I missed him when I left the 6am class. I know everyone else will!! Good luck on the move and God bless you and your family.

    Renee- A few kind words about Francis… *He is the bomb.com *He is one heck of a team player, always cheering others on… Encouraging them to TRY THEIR BEST (I.e. “Renee, are you going to try hand stand push ups?”) *So nice and just enough “crazy”… Who else would BIKE to Intrepid, work out, then bike to work? *WILL BE MISSED! **Best of luck to you Francis. The 6:00 am crew will miss you!

    Rachel- Francis is da man! And definitely the coolest biker dude I know! – Such a warm and friendly guy! Always the first to welcome someone new to the 6 AM crew – He can lift some serious weight … but nothing impresses me more than his max height box jumps!! I am like WHOAAA! – Francis — I can’t wait to see your family grow and thrive in your new home. You’re an awesome friend and family man, and your new neighborhood and CrossFit box will both be lucky to have you.

    Brian P.- Francis, it was great training with you and it’s impressive to see the strong work ethic you bring to the box each day. It was fun to train with you. I wish you all the best with your new home and keep training hard!

    Morgan- Francis is the kind of guy you want to meet at the gym – friendly, motivated, strong, quick with a smile, ever-encouraging. All of these attributes never wavered – even in the dark, cold, early morning hours, he is always the same. Bike-in-hand, he is the one everyone looks to for the first “hello”, easing them into their morning. As you can tell, Francis is a great guy and will be missed greatly. Francis – you better come back soon so we can see how much you can lift. Go show your next gym how it’s done and I’ll see you soon!

    Paul- Francis is a great inspiration to me each time we work out. He and I literally started on the same day as part of the same on-ramp class with Andrea. Sad to know I’ll be the last one standing. Francis quickly outpaced me with his weight because he’s such a hard worker and you can find him at Intrepid almost every day. He’s the nicest guy ever, but then you’ll also hear him yelling from across the gym when he’s in the middle of a heavy lift. As soon as he’s done with a workout (or sometimes when he’s still in it) you can always hear his voice cheering you on. The gym and the 6am class is noticeably different without him when he takes his annual month-long December holiday sabbatical. But it’s always great to come in after the new year and see him smiling and hearing his words of encouragement. Francis – don’t be a stranger and maybe try to make it back for a 6am workout every now and then! I know whatever gym you decide to go to you’ll continue to kill it!


    A) Split Squat 3×5 (per side)

    B) Back Squat

    4 Rounds-

    • 50′ Front Carry
    • 15 T2B
    • 30 Double Unders
    • 15′ HS Walk (2x around box or 15yd plank drag)
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