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  • Strongman for CrossFitters

    By Sean | In Strongman | on October 20, 2014

    Recently Marcus’ post “Step Up Your Strongman Game!” highlighted an article from Kalle Beck, a Strongman competitor and creator of the Starting Strongman website and online community.  I regularly follow Kalle’s updates on his Starting Strongman Facebook page and enjoy following the increasing popularity of Strongman.  Kalle recently wrote an article for Juggernaut Strength entitled “Strongman Training for the CrossFit Athlete” where he touched on the prevalence of Strongman movements in the 2014 CrossFit Games (similar to Marcus’ post), and what he believes are the most beneficial ways for CrossFit athletes to incorporate more Strongman into their overall training program.  

    The movements he recommends for CrossFit athletes are the Log Clean and Press, Yoke and Farmer Carries, Sled Push/Pull, and Atlas Stones. If you haven’t tried on of our Strongman classes yet, these movements are regularly programmed on a weekly basis and with the help of Coach Marcus you’ll be able to really excel. As Kalle says, there’s no subsitute to training with a good coach and we at Intrepid have worked hard to train and learn from some of the best in the business in Strongman and other disciplines too. We’ve worked hard to set ourselves apart from other gyms by providing not only quality coaching but offer it in a variety of disciplines (weightlifting, powerlifting, rowing, etc). Every service we offer is aimed at helping you become your best, most well-rounded, and healthy self. Sometimes learning to lift heavy, odd shaped objects is excatly what it takes. Contact Marcus or I with any questions regarding Strongman Classes, Strongman Personal Training, or Strongman Remote Training.

    Please congratulate the newest additions to the Intrepid Family:

    Al and Michelle Viquez welcomed Mateo to the world.  Mateo is the 4th boy in the Viquez family!  Congratulations guys.

    Baby Viquez

    Daniel and Kylie Mulligan welcomed Shay into the world. Shay is their first child. Mother and baby are healthy and doing well. Congrats Mulligan and Kylie!
    Baby Mulligan

    WOD 10.20.14

    Front Squat 1RM

    A.) 4 Round for Time:
    25 Pull-ups
    25 Wallball Shots

    B.) 5 Round for Time:
    9 Pull-ups
    15 Wallball Shots

  • Recipe: Banana Cream Pie

    By Marcus | In Recipes, Rest Day | on October 19, 2014

    I refrained from labeling this “Paleo” because some people really get it twisted and think if they use (semi-) Paleo ingredients, any junk food is then somehow healthy. It’s not. If you eat desserts regularly, even when they’re Paleo, you are much more likely to gain body fat.

    That said, there is nothing wrong with the occasional treat when you have everything dialed in. Note: occasional does not mean several nights a week! If you’ve found that certain items you eliminated during the Whole30 do not agree with you, it is probably in your best interest to still avoid them — even in cheat meals. This is where the proper application of a “Paleo” dessert would be called for.

    Personally, I can’t handle gluten very well and I get some reaction from dairy. This recipe gave me the chance to enjoy a banana cream pie minus either of those and with much fewer ingredients than the average store-bought variety! For the mashed bananas, you want them very overripe — the peels should be almost black. You also need a high-powered blender to properly mix the filling.

    Banana Cream Pie with faux Graham Cracker Crust



    • 2 cups chopped walnuts
    • 1/4 tsp sea salt
    • 1/4 tsp baking soda
    • 1/4 cup coconut oil
    • 2 Tbsp honey
    • 1/2 cup pitted dates


    • 1 cup mashed bananas
    • 3/4 cup and 1 Tbsp coconut oil
    • cinnamon
    • 1 can coconut milk (full-fat only, not the “lite” stuff)
    • 2 pitted dates
    • 1.5 Tbsp honey
    • 2 ripe bananas



    1. Put walnuts and dates in food processor and slowly add in the rest of the dry ingredients.
    2. Mix in oil and honey last.
    3. Press dough evenly into a deep dish pie pan.
    4. Bake 15 minutes (until golden brown), remove from oven and let cool completely before adding the filling!!!


    1. Heat the 1 T coconut oil in a small frying pan or saucepan.
    2. Toss in the mashed bananas, sprinkle with cinnamon and cook until they start to caramelize.
    3. Pour the 3/4 cup coconut oil and can of coconut milk into your blender, mix well.
    4. Add the cooked bananas, dates and honey to the blender and blend until very smooth.
    5. Coat the bottom of your cooled pie crust with just enough filling to cover it evenly.
    6. Slice one of the ripe bananas and lay them into a single layer on the bottom.
    7. Pour the rest of the filling in to fill the crust completely.
    8. Refrigerate overnight and slice the last ripe banana to cover the top before serving.

    Rest Day 10.19.14

  • November & December Crossfit Events

    By Jake | In Competition, CrossFit | on October 18, 2014

    Over the last week or so I have heard about a few upcoming events that will be taking place locally in the South Bay. One of these events will be a little farther down in San Diego.

    The event that is around the corner on November 9th is the Battleship WOD. It is a Veterans Day Benefit Workout that will actually be taking place on the Battleship IOWA. It is only $40 to register and is down in San Pedro. The WOD will only require one piece of equipment which will be a kettlebell. Below is the WOD:

    “The IOWA”

    With a Kettlebell Complete

    • 200m Suitcase Carry
    • 20 Shoulder to Overhead
    • 35 Kettlebell Swings
    • 50 Goblet Squats
    • 35 Kettlebell Swings
    • 20 Shoulder to Overhead
    • 200m Suitcase Carry

    The weights to be used for the Advanced Division are 70lbs/53lbs. If you are looking to do the workout in the Intermediate Division then the weights will be 53lbs/35lbs. There is also a Fun Division for those just looking to get a good WOD in and you can choose any weight. The event will be capped at 100 athletes so if this sparks your interest I would suggest registering ASAP. The WOD will begin at 9am.

    In the month of December there are two Crossfit competitions that will be taking place the same day which is December 6th. Our friends at Code 3 are putting on a Triple Threat event. This will be a team competition and the teams will consist of 3 men or 3 women. From the registration site, which can be found using the same link as the Battleship WOD, there is only an Advanced and Intermediate division. Details of the WODs haven’t been released yet, but you can always check out the site to look for updates. The start time will be 8am and will be $180 per team. I think this is will be a very fun event. I know we have a handful of Intrepids that have verbally committed to this event. Get a team together and sign up now!

    About 90 minutes away in San Diego the 2014 Reindeer Games will be taking place. Crossfit East County will be the box that is holding this competition. It is a two person event with the teams being either 2 males or 2 females. While I was reading the description of this event I really liked that they included a Beginner Division along with the Advanced and Intermediate Divisions. This particular event is $85 per team. The Reindeer Games make for a longer day with a 7am start time and a 6pm finish time. Registration will be open on October 20th which is this Monday. No workouts have been released just yet, but the movements for all three levels are available and can be found below.

    Advanced Division

    • Max Clean 225/135
    • Shoulder to Overhead 155/95 for reps
    • Deadlift 275/185 for reps
    • Chest-to-Bar Pullups
    • Legless Rope Climbs (Males)
    • Rope Climbs (Females)
    • Pistols

    Intermediate Division

    • Max Clean 155/95
    • Shoulder to Overhead 115/75 for reps
    • Deadlift 225/155 for reps
    • Pullups
    • Rope Climbs
    • Double Unders

    Beginner Division (Only Female movements have been posted)

    • Max Clean 75#
    • Shoulder to Overhead 55# for reps
    • Deadlift 95# for reps
    • Wall Ball 14# to 8ft target
    • Box Jump 20″
    • Burpees
    • Single Unders
    • Goblet Lunges 35#

    Even though this is 90 minute trip away I really like the movements for each division. Hopefully we can get at least one team to represent the gym:)

    WOD 10.18.2014

    4 Rounds

    • 2 Rope Climbs (sub 8 Strict Chin Ups)
    • 12 HSPU (sub 8 Ring Dips)
    • 24 Air Squats
    • Run 400 Meters (sandbag/plate optional, but highly encouraged)
  • Halloween WOD Time!

    By avelyne | In Events and Announcements | on October 17, 2014

    In exactly 2 weeks from today, we’ll be celebrating my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN! In years past, you have all shown incredible creativity and straight up hilarity (just look at the “cholos” in the above photo!). We’d love it if you would do the same and dress up in costume this year. Please take into consideration that you will be WOD’ing in your costume. We don’t want you to pass out in your full on sock monkey suit! And in Intrepid tradition, we will award a prize for the Best Costume amongst all classes. Please don’t be a party pooper or you will face a stiff burpee/bear crawl penalty enforced by every coach! Looking forward to seeing all of the costumes!

    To get an idea of past Intrepid Halloweens, check out the photos on Facebook.

    WOD 10.17.2014

    Press 1RM

    Then 4 rounds 30sec on/30sec off of the following 4 stations:

    • Sledgehammer strikes (sub slam balls)
    • Manmakers
    • Box jumps
    • Russian Kettlebell Swings


  • Takano WL Clinic

    By Holley | In Olympic Weightlifting, Workshop | on October 16, 2014

    This past Sunday, Kathy and I went up to coach Bob Takano’s facility for a 2 hour Olympic weightlifting clinic. His facility was impressive with 10 platforms and one competition sized platform, jerk blocks, and high quality weights and bars. This clinic covered “the bottom position” and it was the first in a series of 12 clinics. The clinic was done in two parts, first we would cover a drill in a lecture type setting, then we would perform the drill. During the lecture setting he would describe the drill, talk about its purpose and pitfalls, and also show a video of someone proficient at the movement. We would then go to our bars and perform the drills with no weight or very light weight. Fortunately there were only 5 of us at the clinic, so we got a lot of individual attention. Once we had gone over all of the movements, there was about 1/2 an hour left in the seminar, so he allowed us to perform some snatches and clean and jerks, focusing on the bottom position. There were multiple coaches around so we ended up getting a ton of pointers.

    During the clinic I learned a couple of new drills I had never seen before, but most of it wasn’t new to me. However, coach Takano presented the information in a way I hadn’t heard before. That’s the great part about working with different coaches, one of them might present the same information to you in a different way, but one way of describing a movement may resonate better with you. That being said, if any of you are interested in olympic weightlifting, I encourage you to attend at least one of his upcoming clinics. There will be one clinic every month (except December) and it will be for 2 hours on a Sunday. The Takano Athletics facility is in Woodland Hills, so it’s not too far away. The next clinic is titled “movement patterns” and will be at 9a on Nov 9th.

    If you’re interested in reading more about coach Takano, you can visit his website here, and also use that same website to sign up for the next clinic. For a summary of what Kathy and I learned during the bottom position clinic, read coach Takano’s post here. We hope to see more of you there with us next time!


    WOD 10.16.14

    Skill: sledgehammer strikes

  • Ankles Away!

    By Alia | In CrossFit, Mobility | on October 15, 2014

          The human body never ceases to amaze me. Some of the smallest point of our body can affect the biggest movers and vice versa. You see people rolling out their glutes and hips all the time but how often do you see people working on their ankles.
          We are on our feet all day, our major flexion point is the ankle. Ankles need love too. Our ankles can dictate the quality and depth of our squats by affecting which muscle groups we recruit. And yes, sometimes our hips and hamstrings can be impinged but our ankles are players too. Another cause of tight ankles can be old sprains or breaks that never quite healed properly.
          Sometimes, lifting shoes or plates can help you along on your journey to greater squat depth but that almost skirts around the real issue that needs to be addressed. As with any impacted range of motion in other areas of the body, tight ankles can set you up for injury as your body tries to find ways to compensate inefficiently. Below is a video suggestion of how to work with these hard workers. Make your ankles happy by showing them the same love you do to any other part of your body that you stretch and roll.

    WOD 08.15.2014
    Back Squat 3×5

    AMRAP 10
    30 Double Unders
    15 Snatches (75/55)

  • A Heartfelt Thank-you

    By Sean | In Community | on October 14, 2014

    Yesterday I arrived in Portland and offloaded all of our household goods at our new house. Today, I’ll drop off all the gym equipment and pick up Ruth and Cade from PDX. Besides listening to NFL games and the occasional Pandora song that would come on when I’d get network coverage, I had plenty of time with my thoughts during my day and a half of driving. I would wonder what Ruth and Cade were up to, and then I’d shake my head in disbelief because I couldn’t believe how fortunate we are to be surrounded by such an amazing community at Intrepid.

    Ruth and I really can’t say thank you enough. Thank you for being amazing people who made our work so fulfilling. Thank you for being our friends and family helping us start our family and letting us live upstairs so we could make ends meet. Thank you for the amazing chili and the help packing up the moving truck this past weekend. I could go on and on but in the end we’re just thankful for all the incredible times we shared.

    Keep up the good work in El Segundo, and by Nov 1st Intrepid Athletics PDX should be up and running here in Portland. We look forward to keeping tabs over social media and can’t wait to have visitors here in Portland. In case you’re wondering, a current membership is good at all Intrepid Athletics locations ;)

    WOD 10.14.14

    Deadlift 1×5

    5 Rounds:
    10 Burpees
    50m Run

  • Sean spent the entire day driving yesterday and got into Redding (his goal for Day 1) pretty late, I’m reposting this article from 2010, which was one of my favorite articles he wrote:

    Just the other morning I was talking with Henry after the 6:30am workout about how he uses CrossFit workouts as part of his preparation for SEAL training.  His progress in just the last couple of months has been noticeable and he’s determined to work hard now so he can give his all when he gets to training.  He also shared his story with me about his previous experience with SEAL training.  He said he went into it without physically and mentally preparing himself and was behind the power curve from the beginning.  Coupled with the stresses and strains of being separated from his family, he decided to DOR (Drop on Request) from the program.  He said the straw that broke the camel’s back came after one of the instructors questioned the “fire in his heart”.  Understanding that it’s not unusual for the instructors to try to get the SEAL candidates to quit, he initially dismissed the statement.  Over the next few days, however, he found his thoughts occupied by what the instructor said until he woke up from a deep sleep around 3am one morning, decided to get dressed, reported to the cadre of instructors, and DOR’d himself.  He said he just came to the realization that he had indeed lost the fire in his heart and wouldn’t be able to continue giving the program and his teammates his all.

    Needless to say, his story resonated with me.  It got me thinking about my training, my goals, and my priorities.  Whether the “fire” Henry spoke of could be interpreted as passion, drive, motivation, sense of urgency, love, or anything to that effect, I realized that my training lately had been missing a critical element, fire.  This weekend’s NLP competition was an awesome experience, and although I placed 10th I know I could have done much better as I’m sure many of you who competed probably feel the same way.  If nothing else, competing helped rekindle some of my own fire especially after seeing you all train hard and push yourselves through Saturday’s tough workouts.

    For everyone who came down to Irvine on Saturday, whether to compete or cheer, I hope you feel the competitive fire in your own hearts burning.  Many of us have the Clash of the Affiliates competition in our sights on Sept 11 and/or the next NLP Invitational in December to shoot for, but if not I encourage you to find something to help focus your training and provide you the fuel to help keep your fire burning hot.  What are your goals?  What stokes your fire to fuel the intensity in your workouts?  Feel free to share in this forum, but I hope you at least have something in mind or written down in your workout book.

    So I ask again, what’s that burning smell?  No it’s not the refinery up the street, but it’s the fire in the heart of each and every member of this up-and-coming gym, pushing themselves to do today what others won’t, so tomorrow they accomplish what others can’t!

    WOD 10.13.14

    Thruster 3-2-1-1-1

    Every Minute On the Minute (OTM) for 14 Minutes:


    Odd: 3 Cleans (w/squat) (225/143)

    Even: 4 Muscle Ups


    Odd: 6 Power Cleans (135/95)

    Even: 7/5 Strict Chin Ups (7 Men/5 Women)


  • Is Flopping a Bad Idea?

    By Marcus | In Health & Lifestyle, Recovery | on October 12, 2014

    Making sweat angels. The bacon sizzle.

    After almost any hard workout in a CrossFit gym, you’ll see several athletes either rolling around or just laying on the ground in an attempt to recover. I know I’ve done it myself a time or two. But have you ever given any thought as to whether it’s a good idea or not? Over on the 70’s Big site, Justin tackled this topic and advised against flopping post-WOD.

    Everyone reading this is aware their legs are on the bottom of their body and that their heart is near the top. You intuitively know gravity pulls straight down into the earth. This poses a problem for venous return to the heart, so natural selection developed  one-way valves in the veins to prevent a back-flow of blood. Also, when skeletal muscles contract, they squeeze the veins to help push blood up and back to the heart (since the pressure from the heart is too weak to do it alone).

    Imagine those legs are full of acid and CO2 and lack oxygen. If the body listens to the brain and lies down, the muscles aren’t helping to pump the acidic blood. No flow means no O2/CO2 exchange and no acid buffering.

    This means that for the entirety of lying down, your legs are not dealing with the chemical environment that caused them to not work properly. This means that you’re exposing them to this chemical environment longer than they need to. This means that you’re potentially causing more and/or unnecessary damage to this area. This means that you could be delaying your recovery and limiting your performance increase.

    The amount of detriment is arbitrary; there’s not a practical way to quantify the debilitating effect of lying down. The point is that by putting your body flat on the ground and remaining still only means your body isn’t recovering as well as it could. And if you give enough of a shit to do this to yourself in the first place, then why not do everything you can to recover well? There’s a reason track coaches include a cool downs in their programming; it helps take bad stuff out and the circulation brings good stuff in.

    So what should you do instead? Justin gives the following advice:

    Stay on your feet and walk around. Yeah, I know it sucks, but the pain fades away. Put your hands over your head or grab onto something, and go through the “frantic catching of the breath” process, but start walking around as soon as you can. Lying down is defeat, it’s submission. It also says, “I’m not ready for what’s next.” So stay on your feet and keep moving.


    Rest Day 10.12.14

  • Eat More Protein!

    By Jake | In Nutrition, Uncategorized | on October 11, 2014

    Mark’s Daily Apple had a post from mid-September discussing 12 Signs You Need to Eat More Protein. Many of us may be guilty of not eating enough protein, I know I am. The fact that we exercise at least 5 days a week and take part in a strength based regimen is a good indicator that we need a sufficient amount of protein in our daily lives. Below I picked out a few of the signs that Mark talks about in his post. If the link above does not work then search the title on the Mark’s Daily Apple site (it is from September 10th).

    You’re lifting heavy things- By doing some heavy lifting it can change how the body processes protein. According to Mark, resistance training makes one more efficient at protein utilization so that you actually need less protein to maintain muscle mass.

    You’re on bed rest- Bed rest can eat at lean muscle mass. If you are not using certain parts of the body over an extended period of time then it is possible that limb will lean out. Have you ever experienced a broken bone? With that arm or leg in a cast for weeks then it will definitely go through atrophy. By eating more protein it will help with maintaining that muscle.

    You’re craving meat- How many times after lifting do you crave a steak? 10 times out of 10 I have the urge to go to Big Wok and stack a bowl mile high with meat. It is in our blood to crave meat. Chances are your body knows what it wants and in this case do not ignore.

    Feel free to check out the link to go through the rest of the article.

    Today is also the Chili Cook Off and it will be starting at 11! It also happens to be packing day for Ruth and Sean so be sure to swing on by and hang out (carry a couple of boxes to help load the truck).

    Reminder- We will only be having one Crossfit class this morning at 9am. If Front Desk says the class is full come on by anyways. We will be sure to get you in the WOD today.

    WOD 10.11.2014

    In teams of 4 complete,


    • 80 Ground to Shoulder (185/123)
    • 90 C2B Pull Ups
    • 160 HSPU
    • 200 Wall Ball Shots


    • 160 Box Jumps (One box per team)
    • 200 Push Ups
    • 240 Russian Twist Passes
    • 300 Squats

    *2 team members working at once

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