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  • MON 2.8.16

    By Holley | In CrossFit, Workout of the Day | on February 8, 2016

    The CrossFit Open begins Feb 25th, just a few weeks away! If you’re interested, be sure to register here. As the workouts are announced on Thursdays, we’ll be having Friday night lights at the gym at 6p to complete the WOD. It’s a great chance to be pushed in a group setting and have a cheer squad to get you through it.


    WOD 02.08.2016

    Back Squat
    B. 3 x 5


    Deadlifts (115/73)
    Shoulder to OH
    Front rack lunges

  • SAT 2.6.16

    By Holley | In Workout of the Day | on February 6, 2016


    WOD 02.06.2016

    Teams of 4:

    Buy in: synchronized OH WL (down and back) x 2 per pair (45/25)

    4 Rounds: (one pair)
    4 rope climbs
    170m partner carry

    AMRAP: (other pair)
    10 sync burpee pick up plate
    20 Wall balls (alt)
    10 Tire flip jump throughs (alt)


  • FRI 2.5.16

    By Holley | In Workout of the Day | on February 5, 2016


    WOD 02.05.2016

    A. Pause Clean (knees) 4 x 3 @75%
    B. Power Clean + Front Squat 4 x 2


    4 Rounds:
    10 HSPU (sub: HUPSU)
    20 Pistols
    240m run

  • THU 2.4.16

    By Holley | In Workout of the Day | on February 4, 2016


    WOD 02.04.2016

    Bench Press
    A. EMOM 8 x 2
    B. 3 x 5

    UH Bentover Row
    3 x 5


    AMRAP 5
    8 KBS (70/53)
    8 Box jumps (24/20)


  • WED 2.3.2016

    By Alia | In CrossFit, El Segundo | on February 3, 2016

    WOD 02.03.2016
    “Ring skills: inversions, skin the cat,
    levers, MU, pull overs”

    AMRAP 17
    40 Burpees
    30 Snatch (75/45) or (75/45)
    30 Burpees
    30 Snatch (135/75) or (85/55)
    20 Burpees
    30 Snatch (165/98) or (96/65)
    10 Burpees
    AMRAP Snatch (210/118) or (105/75)

  • Yup, I said it, you’re not a 10. Maybe a 6 possibly an 8 on a good day. I’m sure as hell not a 10, I’m a solid 6.5; 7 on a good day. In my dreams I’m a 10. In fact, I can scientifically (somewhat)http://www.concept2.com/indoor-rowers/training/tips-and-general-info/damper-setting-101 figure your exact number out. At least that’s what my years of rowing have taught me to do. What am I talking about. Your damper setting. What did you think I was talking about?

    If you were to enjoy a few moments of sitting on an erg, you may notice the giant rotating lever on the right hand side. Next to this lever are numbers ranging from 1 to 10. While these numbers are in no way indicative of your personal worth or amount of sass, they are very important. The damper directly controls the amount of air flowing into the flywheel at the completion of the stroke. Smaller numbers means less air slowing the flywheel down which is less resistance. More air is more resistance which essentially stops the flywheel upon completion of the stroke. Rowing at a 1 is like rowing a sleek racing shell, quick and almost effortless. Rowing at a 10 is like rowing a tugboat full of tortises across a mud puddle.

    If neither of those analogies work for you think of this. Rowing at a 10 is essentially opening the door for injury. Wide open. It would be like doing max deadlifts at high volume. Why? Why would you do that? Even after a few sets of moderate weight deadlifts, the average athletes’ form starts to fall apart. Imagine form breakdown on an erg. Opening the back early, using the wrong muscle groups, it’s bad news. And our bodies, while strong, usually don’t adapt in the way we want them to under heavy loads. Very few people have good form on an erg let alone keep it together at a high damper setting for a long amount of time. Similarly, using a trainer bar with plastic weights for deadlifting will not do much for you in the long run other than teach you form. That has it’s benefits but we’re looking for a good sweat session. In a workout capacity, rowing at a damper setting of 1 won’t help you gain meters.

    How can you find your optimal setting? Well, you can fine tune that info at our rowing classes or know that the average setting for men is 6-8 and women can hover between 5-7. Try it out and stop trying to be a hero. Leave the 10’s for strength training work and the 1’s for form. Happy rowing!


    WOD 01.27.2016

  • TUE 2.2.16

    By Holley | In Workout of the Day | on February 2, 2016


    WOD 02.02.2016

    A. Push Press + Jerk 4 x 1+2
    B. Split or Power Jerk 4 x 3


    2K Row for time*
    *every minute on the minute, get off of the rower and do 1 thruster, second minute 2 thrusters, etc. (95/63)

    15 min cap

  • MON 2.1.16

    By Holley | In Workout of the Day | on February 1, 2016


    WOD 02.01.2016

    Back Squat
    A. 4 x 4 @80%
    B. 3 x 5


    5 Rounds:
    7 MU (sub: C2B or PU + RD, one at a time)
    7 Power cleans (170/113)
    35 Dubs

  • SAT 1.30.16

    By Jake | In Workout of the Day | on January 30, 2016

    WOD 01.30.2016

    Partner WOD:
    100 Air Squats (while holding ring support)
    70 Sledgehammer strikes (hold other hammer overhead)
    40 Thrusters 125/83 (hold bar in front rack)
    20 Stone to shoulder (superman hold)
    240m weighted run (trade off weight as needed)

  • FRI 1.29.16

    By Holley | In Workout of the Day | on January 29, 2016


    WOD 01.29.2016

    A. 6 x 1 @ 90%
    B. 3 x 5


    15.1: AMRAP 9
    15 T2B
    10 DL (115/73)
    5 Snatches (power or squat)

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