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Bringing Brutus Back

By Alia | In Uncategorized | on February 7, 2014

To our newer members who may not know, Brutus is a character that was introduced a few years ago. He was brought to life in the gym to aid in enforcement of out rules and remind us of gym etiquette. We’ve had posts about Brutus before as seen here and here. I would like to (re) introduce to you, Brutus aka “The Enforcer”.

Tools and equipment.
Our space is much bigger than our last and Brutus has made the move with us. He would like to remind you that a larger space doesn’t mean that we can make more of a mess or try to hide the messes we may not have intended to make. We are a growing family and sharing is caring. So that means, when you finish with your equipment, put them away so that others may find them without searching too long. While locations of equipment may change appreciate that the change is happening because we are always getting newer stuff to play with. Don’t leave your bands tied up on the rig assuming that they will untie themselves and walk casually back to their hooks. Brutus also wants to reinforce the empty barbell rule. NEVER DROP AN EMPTY BARBELL! This also means not letting the end of a barbell drop to the floor when removing the plates. Brutus wants you to be like a ninja when placing the bars on the ground. So silent that no one knows when the bar is placed on the ground. Dropping a bar with plates from below waist level, is still OK.

Brutus says the floor is not a trash can nor any other place other than the rubbish receptacle. Put rubbish and recycling in the proper places. Don’t assume that low traffic areas of the gym are garbage cans and especially not the jerk blocks in the barbell club area.

Personal equipment.
Brutus and most of the coaches haven’t memorized what rope, wrist wrap, shoes, clothing or other accessories belong to each athlete. If it’s on the floor or hanging on a rack when a workout is not in progress, Brutus may mix it in with public use equipment.

Chalk Talk.
The east coast is currently in what meteorologists are calling the “Polar Vortex”; snow everywhere. We are lucky to live in California and do not need to replicate the conditions of the east coast using chalk on our floors. Keep your hands in the bucket when chalking up. A little goes a long way.

Weight Stacking.
Brutus wants you to take the extra few seconds to properly stack the weights so that the PVC pipe can be placed through the holes. This helps to keep the weights aligned in a orderly manner and easily accessible for others.

The last friendly reminder relayed from Brutus is any violation of gym rules and etiquette shall be paid for in burpees or bear crawls. So please do your part to keep the gym neat and orderly.

WOD 02.07.2014

Back Squat 3×5

AMRAP 4 min
10 Wallball 2-fers
5m-10m-15m Suicide Runs

Rest 1 min

AMRAP 4 min
10 Manmakers
2 Bar Muscle Ups (sub 4 C2B or 4 chin ups)

One Comment to "Bringing Brutus Back"

  • Tina says:

    February 7, 2014 at 7:23 AM -

    One pictured is mine and one is my daughters! Uh oh!

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