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More Hip and Quad Mobility

By Holley | In Mobility | on December 13, 2012

After the last couple of days, my quads, hips and glutes are feeling a bit sore. Recently I came across a video by Tim Childers from Trigger Point Performance on our very own James S.’s Work Hard, Work Harder page. In the video, he covers how to use a trigger point quadballer to loosen up the hip flexors and quads. The trigger point quadballer is much more intense than a foam roller, so if you have a foam roller handy, you can use it instead. Childers suggests taking a slow and methodical approach to rolling the quads and hip flexors, one leg at a time. His method is to forward one inch and back half an inch about 4 times, then roll side to side to get some cross friction, and then bend the leg at the knee a couple of times to flex and extend the muscle. You continue this all the way up into your hip flexor, then roll 45 degrees and repeat back down the quad.

For the full explanation, check out his video here: Releasing the Quads and Hip Flexors

You may recognize the second part of this post from back in February, but it’s a good time to take another look at Kelly Starrett’s hip prep video.

Our trainers do a great job providing us with stretches to work on our quads, hamstrings, glutes and hips, but how often do you put them to work outside of the gym? Quads, hamstrings and glutes are pretty easy muscles to stretch, and if you’ve had good stretching habits outside of the gym, then hopefully you hit these muscles on a regular basis. The area that I inadvertently end up neglecting most of the time are my hips. They’re a bit more of a challenge to stretch and most people don’t think to work on hip mobility in their spare time. So this Sunday, I challenge you all to take a rest day + hip mobility. Kelly Starrett offers a great hip mobility exercise video that I encourage everyone to follow along with. As you’re following along with his movements, continually go back to a good squat position (no deeper than you can hold properly) and pay attention to the movements that improve your squat position the most. Hopefully these exercises will help you all to come in on Monday refreshed and limber, prepared for another week of hard work.

Hip Prep Video

*Note the video requires a subscription to the CrossFit Journal.  I recommend signing up and taking advantage of not only the current posts but the wealth of archived articles and videos.  If you’re unable or unwilling to and want to still watch the video please let your coach know.

WOD 12.13.12

Skills Day

  • 3-Position Snatch
  • L-Sit

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