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Coaches Getting Coached

By Jake | In Rowing | on March 23, 2013


Today Alia and I will be making our way out to Bermuda Dunes, which is just outside of Palm Springs. We will be spending the day at Foundry Crossfit as they will be hosting a rowing certification. The coach who will be heading the lecture is Erin Cafaro, who has some impressive credentials. She happens to be a 2-time gold medalist in the Women’s Eight. She won her first gold medal in 2008 at the Beijing Games and followed that performance with another gold medal at the 2012 London Games. Alia and I are very excited to be trained by one of the best rowing coaches around. Be sure to keep an eye out for rowing tips in the near future. We plan on implementing what we learn so that all our athletes have the opportunity to optimize their rowing skills.

Good luck to Kyle O., Tom D., Portia, and Michele Rice in the El Segundo 5k today!

PR time…

On Monday we did the overhead squat. Athletes should have worked up to a weight that they were capable of doing a 3×2 set. Tina worked up to 103lbs. Tom R. knocked out all his reps at 135lbs. Kevin R. did his 3×2 set at 185lbs. Ning had a nice set at 83lbs. The WOD was 4 rounds of a 240 meter run, 12 toes to bar, and 12 wall ball shots. Nicole used a 12lb wall ball and finished in 11:24.Kyle O. finished in 11:44 and used a 20lb wall ball. Nate A. finished in 8:10 while using a 20lbs wall ball. Steph was able to use a 16lb wall ball and completed the WOD in 11:18

Tuesday we worked on the dead lift. Alia had a PR of 1:55 on the row during her warm-up. As you can tell she was very eager to get her morning started. Mike S. had a nice dl set at 320lbs. Mark worked his way up to 275lbs for his 1×5 set. Colleen knocked out 10 reps at 170lbs. Randy was able to lift 325lbs for 5 reps. The WOD had athletes complete 1 power clean followed by ball slams. Athletes started with 2 ball slams and then would increase the reps by 2 every minute. The WOD ended when the athlete could no longer complete the ball slams for that particular minute. All of our athletes finished within the 7-12 minute range.

Wednesday was a double lift day. The first lift we worked on was the bench press. Holley had a PR at 133lbs for 3 reps. Francis was able total 11 reps at 145lbs. Mercy used  113lbs for her set. Next up was the back squat. Abel had a work set at 235lbs and he knocked out 11 reps. Renee also hit double digits as she completed 10 reps using 108lbs. Sheena totaled 15 reps at 45lbs. After the two lifts athletes then attempted for max strict pull-ups. Scott C. got 3 in a row! Troy and Tyler made their way to 22 and 24 pull-ups.

On skills day we did the usual mobility and recovery. The next part of class was spent on 13.3 skill work. Athletes worked on wall ball shots, double unders, and muscle-ups. Whatever time remained, athletes used it for individual time.

Friday’s lift was the RDL (Romanian Dead lift) once athletes found a challenging weight they would then proceed to use it for a 3×5 set. Cherie did her set at 65lbs. Andri got her set up to 83lbs. Mike K. worked the snatch grip RDL and used 95lbs for his 3×5 set. The CF Open 13.3 was the WOD for Friday. The AMRAP 12 minutes consisted of 150 wall ball shots, 90 double unders, and 30 muscle-ups. Everyone who did this workout performed very well. Anna knocked out a total of 240 reps. Lauren was able to complete 190 reps. Nate powered through this WOD and finished with 242 reps. Scott C. shifted into another gear by wrapping up his wall ball shots and then did 7 dubs in the closing minute.

Please post any PRs that I may have missed.

WOD 03.23.2013

6 Prowler Runs


  • 10, 9, 8…1 Push-Ups
  • 1, 2, 3…10 Sit-Ups

*Athletes will do 10 psu, 1 sit-up, 9 psu, 2 sit-ups…

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