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Coffee Connoisseur

By Alia | In Rest Day | on February 16, 2014


A visual definition of the PERFECT Sunday morning.

Coffee is amazing. I don’t even know if I need to finish this post. I can say coffee appreciation was not one of my life goals. I never understood how people ‘needed’ it to start their day or how a double upside down skinny non fat espresso something or rather could be the life blood of someones world. I didn’t start out as a fan. But in college, I wanted to be a cool kid. And I went to school for up to 80 hours a week, a girl need fuel. I began my understanding of the coffee culture there and started where most people start. Starbucks.

It wasn’t long after finding coffee that I found myself hooked. Probably more on the insulin spiking sweetness than anything else. I ventured out and started honing my coffee tastebuds. I learned all about coffee from visiting small roasters and talking with people. The more I learned the more knowledge I craved to become a sommelier of coffee. There isn;t such a thing but I liked the idea. I’ve tasted various types of coffee from ones having a floral hints, roasts with hits of nuts adn my current favorite a smooth buttery roast.

My first whole 30 was a shock to my system. Of the many benefits I experienced was a palette more sensitive to finer, subtle taste in foods. Drinking coffee black was a whole new experience. Some of you may have already experimented with drinking coffe black. You may or may not have enjoyed it. But have you really tried? Did you just stroll into a mass chain coffee store and drink whatever ‘bold’ was on brew? I encourage you to try again. Go to smaller coffee houses like the Two Guns (Amazing!), Venice Grind or Intelligensia. You may find that without your knowing Whole30 hasn’t just altered your body composition and well being for the better, it may have turned your taste buds into tiny superhero’s of flavor. Enjoy and caution, contents of cup may be hot!

I would also like to announce that on Saturday March 1st, I will be holding the first in a series of 1 hour workshops about all things cooking, food prep, kitchen tools and sharing knowledge I have picked up in my food journeys. More information in the coming weeks. Be on the look out!


02.16.14 REST DAY

One Comment to "Coffee Connoisseur"

  • Michael says:

    February 16, 2014 at 11:19 AM -

    Oh that coffee smells so good!

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