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Cold Roller

By Sean | In Recovery | on July 8, 2013


You hear us mention all the time to immediately roll those areas of the body most affected from a workout. Read more here on the research behind it, but know it will help you recover better, feel less sore, and get more volume in over the course of a training cycle. Improving on the design of their popular Quadballer, Trigger Point Therapy unleashed the Cold Roller with the added element of cold compression. However debatable as to the effectiveness of cold compression on the reduction of inflammation and its role (if any) in the recovery process, there is no debating the fact that cold numbs the pain receptors which may help make rolling more effective.  The body’s natural reaction to pain is to tense up, and I find that the cold helps reduce the pain therefore allowing the roller to sink deeper into the muscle.  Use on different areas of the body like your calves, quads, lats, triceps, and forearms just as you would a Quadballer or Footballer.  The cold roller needs at least a few hours in a freezer, but once out it stays cold for up to 4 hours allow you bring it with you where ever you’re headed.  One word of caution, keep the cold roller moving as leaving it in one spot for longer than about five seconds may cause some counter productive effects.  Not sure about it, or want to try one out?  We have one available for use in the smaller deep freezer, the same one that holds the OhMyBars.  We have several in stock here in the Intrepid Store selling at the retail price of $99.99+tax, and all are chilled and ready for your immediate rolling needs, or check out the Trigger Point online store and buy yours now.

Colleen and Mat are headed to Idaho next Monday (July 15th) for their wedding and honeymoon and won’t be returning unit late August, after all the festivities.  Let’s send them off with some fun in the sun at the beach. This coming Sunday, July 14th meet near the Rosecrans Life guard tower around 1:00 pm. Check our Facebook page for the latest details.

Snatch 3×2

5 Rounds For Time:
5 Clean & Jerks (165/115#)
7 Handstand Pushups
1 Rope Climb

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