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Cooking, Simplified

By Marcus | In Nutrition | on April 24, 2013

Some time back, Robb Wolf had posted a super quick recipe for a meal made out of beef and tomatoes. In the article, his first sentence particularly resonated with me. This is mainly because I see many new to cooking their own food on a regular basis have this same issue, especially when foraying into unfamiliar territory such as the paleo scene.

Folks tend to over complicate cooking.

The main exhibit I see of this is when people get too caught up in creating their overarching idea of a “meal” as opposed to just making. some. food. Sure, many of us were raised with having recipes with specific names like beef stroganoff, veal parmesan or chicken cordon bleu. But really, what is food other than a fuel source to keep you going? If you’ve ever gone camping and cooked for yourself, you likely threw together a few food items and called it a day. You didn’t worry about fitting some grander idea of a fancy recipe because you were hungry and you needed to eat, period.

Those of you who have been keeping to the Whole30 meal template may have a leg up in this regard. With the template, you’re encouraged to eat a particular amount of a protein, a fat, veggies and maybe some fruit in each meal. Doing this on a daily basis, you get used to mixing and matching the desired quantities of each category to form a meal instead of trying to replicate an exact recipe.

Thankfully, people find success with the Whole30 without having to go to the extent of weighing and measuring each meal. When you keep the food sources clean and eat to satiety, things just fall into place. Sure, you can make a tasty meal — but just make sure you’re getting some solid protein, good fats and carbs from vegetables and/or fruit. For more ideas on using spices to make your meals tastier, see Ruth’s post on the Food Matrix.

And before I get accused of being too unrealistic, I’m not glossing over the fact that food can be quite enjoyable. Anyone that knows me would be well aware that I do appreciate a wide variety of foods. I frequently take recipes that I enjoy and find ways to make them compliant to the Good Food standards. However, if you find yourself standing at the refrigerator absolutely stumped at what to eat, this post is directed at you. Don’t fall victim to paralysis by analysis, and instead mix and match the foods you have on hand to satisfy your hunger.

WOD 04.24.13

Deadlift 1×5 or Wendler

Partner WOD:
Row 250

15 KBS
50m Heavy Farmer’s Walk (to fence and back)

One partner rows while the other completes kettlebell swings and farmer’s walk.

One Comment to "Cooking, Simplified"

  • kathy says:

    April 24, 2013 at 11:06 AM -

    Marcus- I made your tri tip recipe on Friday night for my brother and sis-in-law. They raved about it. Funny thing is, it was pretty easy to do and super tasty, as are all your recipes. You make cooking simplified!

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