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CrossFit and Risk

By Holley | In CrossFit, Health & Lifestyle, Philosophy | on April 17, 2014

CrossFit has always gotten a lot of backlash for risk of injury, especially after Kevin Ogar’s freak accident. Many people have posted rebuttals to the risk of CrossFit, but Julie Foucher posted an article on her Comfort in the Uncomfortable blog today and it’s definitely the most intelligent piece I’ve read to date. In case you’re unfamiliar, Julie Foucher took second place in the 2012 CrossFit Games and took last year off to focus on her studies while in her second year of medical school.

Julie’s post isn’t a quick read, but she provides a lot of references to scientific studies that back up her conclusion that in all activities, and in life in general, there are risks, and CrossFit is no exception. She even provides information about studies that have concluded that inactivity is a higher risk to your well-being than activities such as CrossFit (big surprise there…). Also, she presents a study that shows that preventable medical errors is the third leading cause of death in the US behind heart disease and cancer. However, we all still decide that going to the hospital in an emergency is worth the risk. In the end she concludes that it is our individual responsibility to decide what’s worth pursuing with respect to our fitness. Julie has decided that pursuing the highest level of fitness is of higher risk than just participating in the sport, but to her, the rewards far outweigh the risks.

Julie clearly spent a lot of time on this post as it is extremely well written and one of the better CrossFit articles I’ve read recently. That being said, I can’t do it justice in a short summary, so please go read it yourself. From now on, if anyone out there speaks negatively of the risks of CrossFit without giving it a try, I will be direct them to Julie’s post.

What I ask of all of you is to read CrossFit and Risk and then reflect on your goals and involvement in CrossFit to make sure that the risks you take align with your goals. If you feel it’s necessary, please have a conversation with one of the coaches about the topic to make sure we are helping you stay on track one way or another.


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