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CrossFit Games 2012: Back to the Future!!

By avelyne | In Competition, Rest Day | on July 15, 2012

Today we have a guest post from OG Scott as he shares highlights from this years CF Games.

Is it just me?  Or have we been here before?  No, I’m not talking about Annie Thorisdottir and Rich Froning pulling away with the 2012 titles for Fittest Man and Woman on Earth, much like they did in 2011.  I’m talking about the sea of Neon Yellow and Neon Orange flooding the Home Depot Center!  Is Michael J Fox coming out with a new movie this weekend?  With the latest line of Athlete apparel CrossFit is apparently leading the charge Back to the Future!


Intrepids at Games 2012

Several of your fellow Intrepids have joined the glowing masses at the Home Depot Center this weekend and it’s been an amazing experience.  We have all been awed by the feats these elite athletes are able to accomplish.  I’m often left thinking, “I couldn’t do this with the women’s prescribed weight!”  With the Men’s prescribed weight I would hurt myself simply dreaming about doing 1 rep, never mind the 30 reps they bang out in the middle of a 12 minute WOD.  At the same time, as many of these elite athletes are struggling to complete their grueling workouts, they actually seem more human.  There actually is something they can’t do in five seconds flat.  I see that look of complete exhaustion as they drive their legs to complete the 5th 20 yard sled drive and think, “That’s how I felt when Marcus gave me 6 rounds of Prowlers last weekend!!”

Jason Khalipa, 2008 Games Champion

At one point Friday night Jason Khalipa seemed to be making a charge toward a podium finish.  He was crushing a WOD with 3 rounds of 10 – 150lb Medball Cleans,  40 yard 150lb Medball Carry, 7 Paralette Handstand Pushups, and 40 yard 150lb Medball Carry.  The Medball weight was unbelievably heavy, but the real crux of the workout was actually the Paralette HSPU.  The athletes had to lower their heads about 10 inches below their hands, which completely changed the strength and technique required.  After completing 20 of the 21 total HSPU Jason hit the wall.  He tried time after time to push out the last rep.  Once in the lead, other athletes charged past Jason.  The crowd roared every time he kicked up into a handstand, but he just couldn’t muster the strength to lock out his elbows.  Finally after 8 unsuccessful attempts, Jason gave one last push and locked out, then completed his last Medball carry, and collapsed across the finish line as the crowd went crazy in support.  Afterwards, Jason sat dejected on the Medball, seemingly defeated.   I know that feeling man.  Of course, just like any CrossFit Intrepid and millions of CrossFitters around the world, Jason was back for the next WOD with a smile on his face ready to give every ounce of energy he had.


The ladies cheering each other on in The Chipper

As the old ABC Wide World of Sport cliché says, we’re witnessing everything from the Thrill of Victory to the Agony of Defeat.  The energy at the stadium has been pulsing, ready to crescendo whenever an athlete is fighting to complete the next rep, or two athletes are racing to the finish line neck and neck.  And it’s not just the fans who are screaming.  Just like your fellow Intrepids who finish a WOD and turn around to cheer on the rest of the class, the Games competitors all lay it on the line and then immediately turn around to cheer on their fellow competitors.  One of my favorite moments this weekend was watching all of the top ladies, led by Stacie Tovar, surround Caroline Fryklund as she struggled to finish up her overhead squats.  And this was really just the most dramatic example of what was happening in every heat of every WOD throughout the weekend.


Photo finish

A couple other highlights of the weekend included Graham Holmberg and Chris Spealer dashing around the track on their final 400m and lunging for the line for a photo finish.


2011 Games Champ Rich Froning and Matt Chan

Also Rich Froning and Matt Chan, at the time placed 1st and 3rd overall, staring each other down at the final stations of a long chipper.  They cranked out Overhead Squats and raced to win the event, with Rich beating out Matt in the end.

At the end of 3 grueling days, with 1 more day left with 4 unknown workouts Rich and Annie are sitting atop the leaderboard with comfortable, seemingly insurmountable leads.  But in many ways that’s not even the point.  The point is seeing all these amazing people pushing themselves to unbelievable heights.  We all see something similar every day at Intrepid the first time someone does an unassisted pull-up, a muscle-up, or sets a new personal PR, all with their fellow Intrepids yelling and screaming encouragement.  I get excited just thinking about it.

Tune in today to see the live feed of the final events from 11am – 4pm here.  And tune in to Intrepid all next week as we set another round of PRs!

REST DAY 07.15.2012

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