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Evolution of the GMO

By admin | In Events and Announcements, Nutrition | on August 16, 2011

We’ve posted before about Genetically Modified Organisms and how dangerous that can be, but are you aware of just how far science will go to turn a buck? At a recent dinner at the Farmstand (amazing food, by the way), we were told about Responsible Technology, a website that promotes awareness of the foods you consume.

Their FAQ alone was eye opening to say the least! They define a GMO as “the result of a laboratory process of taking genes from one species and inserting them into another in an attempt to obtain a desired trait or characteristic.” Below are just some examples of the extent some well respected institutions are willing to go to:

  • Spider genes were inserted into goat DNA, in hopes that the goat milk would contain spider web protein for use in bulletproof vests.
  • Cow genes turned pigskins into cowhides.
  • Jellyfish genes lit up pigs’ noses in the dark.
  • Artic fish genes gave tomatoes and strawberries tolerance to frost.
  • Potatoes that glowed in the dark when they needed watering.
  • Human genes were inserted into corn to produce spermicide.

Current field trials include:

  • Corn engineered with human genes (Dow)
  • Sugarcane engineered with human genes (Hawaii Agriculture Research Center)
  • Corn engineered with jellyfish genes (Stanford University)
  • Tobacco engineered with lettuce genes (University of Hawaii)
  • Rice engineered with human genes (Applied Phytologics)
  • Corn engineered with hepatitis virus genes (Prodigene)
As for the purpose of using GMO’s in produce, the main traits that are being added are herbicide tolerance the ability of the plant to produce its own pesticide. Neither of these results produce a health benefit, but only economic benefit.
Currently commercialized GM crops in the U.S. include soy (91%), cotton (88%), canola (88%), corn (85%), Hawaiian papaya (more than 50%), zucchini and yellow squash (small amount), and tobacco (Quest® brand). About half of the sugar beets grown for sugar in 2008 were GM and current projections are that about 90% grown in 2009 will be GM.
As a consumer you have a right to question where your food comes from. As an athlete endeavoring for lifetime health and wellness, you have a responsibility to know. As a consumer lamenting the high cost of eating clean, you have a duty to reshape the supply and demand of the produce made available to us.

Huge Thanks to CFI
Yesterday was the Big Day for us and would not have been possible without the help of our Intrepid Fam. Thank you so much Stephanie for organizing the Team and making the day flow seamlessly! Big thanks to the Fam for setting up, pulling guestbook duties, running last minute errands, and tearing down the site for us. As always the support and love was amazing and abundant. Love you guys and see you in a couple of weeks!

WOD 08.16.11

Bench Press 3×5


  • 9 Jumping Squats (squat and jump to a target 1 foot above your reach)
  • 7 Toes 2 Bar
  • 5 Clapping Push Ups (can sub 10 regular push ups)

2 Comments to "Evolution of the GMO"

  • Amy says:

    August 16, 2011 at 7:57 AM -

    Congrats Ruth and Sean!!!! Have fun in Bali! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!

  • Mark Miller (M^2) says:

    August 16, 2011 at 9:20 AM -

    Congratulations! I am so happy to hear that everything went well!

    Have an awesome Honeymoon!

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