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Food in the News

By Marcus | In Nutrition | on September 19, 2012

In previous posts I’ve mentioned how the modern US farming industry has changed the way that food tastes. Most people can notice a difference in grass-fed vs grain-fed beef and you may recall that I spoke on the homogenization of chicken.

Mexico has been going through an egg shortage due to an outbreak of avian flu amongst their chickens. This has caused a spike in prices and the US has been exporting eggs to Mexico to supplement their supply. However, the US eggs aren’t quite the same…

The first shipments from the U.S. have already arrived at Mexico City’s huge wholesale warehouse and are helping to stabilize prices. But egg vendor Adrian Hernandez says his clients don’t like the U.S. imports; they tell him the American eggs don’t have any flavor, and that the yolks are pale.

It should also come as no surprise that eggs will also taste differently, especially when you consider how most of the industry keeps their chickens. (See my post “Eggs in One Basket” for more info) Not only are these chickens kept in horrid conditions, but they are grain-fed. It bears mention that chickens are natural foragers who eat insects. This change in their diet messes up the omega-3 levels in their yolks. Some US farmers have tried to compensate by feeding the chickens flax seed, and this does raise the omega-3 levels somewhat. It also causes the yolks to be darker (almost orange), which is suggested to be evidence of the greater concentration of beneficial fatty acids. Take a look at the below comparison (source unknown):

While your taste buds may have adjusted to the relative blandness of conventionally raised eggs, you may wish to consider a better option. As with anything, you are going to be paying for the quality, but what is your health worth to you?

WOD 09.19.12

Front Squat 3×3

Partner WOD
12 Med Ball Tosses
10 Toes to Bar
12 Med Ball Tosses
8 Burpees

2 Comments to "Food in the News"

  • the Pooj says:

    September 19, 2012 at 8:25 AM -

    Emperor! funny story. My roommate bought cage free, grain fed eggs the other day, and I was (sad to say) not happy with it! I am so used to regular super market eggs :( I knew fruits and veggies taste better from the farmers market and stuff, but I was shocked at the difference in egg quality! ok that’s my little story.

  • becky says:

    September 25, 2012 at 9:06 AM -

    i like this post!! thanks Marcus !

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