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Food, Reformed.

By admin | In Nutrition | on August 14, 2012

A while back we posted about the movie, Food, Inc. which exposed the gory underbelly of factory farming.  One of the farms, Bird’s Eye View,  owned by Carole Morison, had a long standing contract with Purdue Chicken.  Her day often began with picking up dead chickens from their overpacked warehouse.    After the making of the movie, Purdue canceled their contract.  Three years later and after some soul searching, Carole decided to start a free range chicken farm.  This video shows the difference between the factory farm and the sustainable farm that she now runs.

For those of us who think we’re fighting an uphill battle against factory farms and the way we deal with agriculture and livestock in this country, take heart that people like Carole Morison are changing for the better. Do your part to support people who farm responsibly. Your motivation can come from wanting a more sustainable greener way of agriculture. Or it can stem from wanting the best quality food and knowing that animals raised in dirty, stressful conditions yield terrible meat. You may be an animal lover and want animals treated well, even if being raised for consumption. In any case, if you do your part to support good farming, your demand will lead to more farms like this.

WOD 08.14.12

2 Rounds of 2 Minute Stations:

5 Power Cleans
10 Slam Balls

5 Burpees
5 Pull Ups
(or GI Janes: Burpee Pull Ups)

10 Squats
15 Double Unders

Rest 30 seconds between stations.

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