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From the Intrepid Vault: Kipping Toes to Bar

By avelyne | In Uncategorized | on January 4, 2013

Kipping Knees-to-Elbow & Toe-to-Bars from Again Faster on Vimeo.

Today’s WOD is a bit of a chipper.  While it is a partner WOD, there are still quite a few movements that you will have to complete as a team.  I thought it would be appropriate to repost this helpful video and post as a refresher.  I know that many of you are now able to do this movement, albeit one at a time.  By learning and practicing kipping toes to bar, you’ll save yourselves some time and energy.

Again Faster’s tutorial on kipping toes to bar is very comprehensive and breaks down the key to linking these movements:

1. Closing the shoulder angle hard: The video begins with an explanation of what closing the shoulder means. Many athletes concentrate only on bringing the legs up to the bar without closing the shoulder angle. This makes it impossible to link consecutive reps.

2. Pausing: Once you close the shoulder angle and your toes meet the bar, pause while your body is weightless just long enough before you start to feel your momentum carry you forward. Then open your hips as you swing forward. Without this pause, you end up dropping your legs back too early and swinging like a pendulum.

3. Use your hip flexors: Focus on using your hip flexors to bring your toes to the bar rather than your abs. This will cause your body to ‘fold’ at the right angle.

4. Glide more, work less: As you come out of the toes to bar and open your shoulders and hips, your muscles will stretch out and naturally want to contract. Think about using your body’s natural stretch reflex and relax into a gliding rhythm.

Much like all of the movements we encounter, proficiency in a kipping toes to bar will take practice! Watch the video and visualize yourself kipping the toes to bar!



WOD 01.04.2013

Stop Squats 4 x 3

Partner WOD (one person works at a time)

    • 100 Wall Ball Shots
    • 80 Box Jumps
    • 60 Toes to Bar
    • 40 Overhead Lunges
    • 20 Handstand Pushups


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