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By Alia | In Recipes, Rest Day | on March 16, 2014

Furikake! It’s not just an awesome alternative word to ‘Cowabunga’ or a word to scream whilst bungee jumping. It’s a very common and versatile dry condiment from Japan. It is commonly used as a sprinkle over plain white rice, fish, sashimi, salads or snack foods. It is often savory, sometimes spicy and full of umami flavoring! It is unfortunate that 90% of furikake found in Japanese grocery stores use MSG and sugar as main ingredients. Double the yuck. But not all is not lost. I finally found a brand that doesn’t use either of those ingredients. Urashima brand! I love rice, I grew up with rice, I don’t need rice to be spiced up in any way but when I do Urashima brand is my go to. I happened to find this brand at the local Mitsuwa store in Gardena.

One of my favorite party dishes, while not aligned with the paleo lifestyle, uses furikake as the main ingredient. The recipe is listed below the jump. Other great uses of furikake is sprinkled over tofu, kimchi, over french fries or sweet potato fries and my favorite, eggs! It’s something that some Japanese families keep on the table, like Americans keep salt and pepper at hand. The traditional variation of the Urashima blend is made of nori (seaweed), toasted sesame seeds, mirin and soy sauce. There are varieties sold that have bonito (shaved dried fish), shrimp, teriyaki and sesame with salt; although, some varieties contain sugar.

Furikake is a great alternative to the traditional salt and pepper and adds depth to any simple dish. It adds a dash of excitement to any side or dish. So instead of enjoying your morning eggs with just salt and pepper try a little furikake! It’s always nice to venture out and see what other cultures have to offer when it comes to flavoring foods!

Furikake Party Dish (I’m sure there is a real name I just don’t know it.)



3/4 cup sour cream

3/4 cup mayo

Short grain rice

1 lb. fresh crab meat (Can be found at Trader Joe’s in the refrigerated section. Don’t use canned!)


Cook a cup of Japanese sushi rice.  (Omit the sugar if desired).

Pat the rice mixture into 9 x 13 rectangular glass tray.

Mix and spread the mayo and crab over the rice.

Generously sprinkle with the some furikake.

Bake 20 min approx in 350 oven.

Serve with the Sriracha (or desired hot sauce) and seaweed strips.

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