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“Goal” Getters

By Alia | In Rest Day | on August 4, 2013



       Everyone has their own way of setting and reaching goals. Some people just keep it in their heads and think about it. Some may create Pintrest boards online. Others may keep it in a journal. But how often do we share these personal goals? Often, it is easier for us to reach our goals when we get to see them everyday and are reminded to work on them. The success rate is even higher when we have our friends and coaches there to help guide and support us. Unless Dr. Xavier from X-men is lurking about, no one is going to get into your mind via Cerebro (nerd alert!) and know what your goals are. So I propose that you pick a goal and share it with the world. To help meet your goals, there is a new dry erase area by the workout journals at the back of the gym.

       Here is what you should do. Pick ONE goal. It could be something like getting 5 unbroken strict pullups, a 180lb Clean and Jerk or getting inverted in a handstand. Something realistic that you think should be achievable in around 6-8 weeks. I suggest you write some thing in the format of “Your Name: Goal” Jane D. : 5 strict pull ups. This way, you will see this goal before you start your workout everyday or are reminded of it when you get your workout log. Even better, someone who may be able to help you can see your name on the board and if you are open to it, can help you achieve that goal!

       Exciting right?! Don’t be shy, the next time you are in the gym take a look at the wall. Put your name and goal up or see if you have advice for someone who may want to do something you have already achieved.

Now, the rules and regulations:

1. No Profanity. Keep it clean. No rudeness or disrespect.

2. Be Specific. I couldn’t write something like “Alia D.: To be a better athlete.” Narrow it down, find one thing you would like to share write it down.

3. Be Yourself. Don’t expect “I want to be like Matt Chan or Iceland Annie” is going to get you anywhere. See guideline #3

4. No negativity. Don’t make your goal to beat a peer at a specific thing. Make this your own goal, something that is all you.

5. Stay Grounded. Don’t be afraid to aim high but keep it realistic. If someone currently has a 160 lb deadlift don’t aim for a 300 lb deadlift in a 6-8 week time frame. That just isn’t safe. Base your numbers on past PR’s and weights.

6. Identify yourself. If you share a name with someone in the gym add the initial of your last name.

7. Have fun and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

       As a coach and a friend I like to see athletes, my friends and myself meet goals. I’m sure the other coaches feel the same way. We all have different goals, maybe even a long list of them. Use this opportunity to help prepare yourself for the upcoming Intrepid Games. Most of all have fun and be a “goal” getter!


08.04.13 REST DAY

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