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“Grip Killer” & Junky Forearm Recovery Tips

By Sean | In Mobility, Recovery | on June 13, 2012

Yesterday, after numerous comments about the workout being a “grip killer”, I thought some might appreciate ideas on recovery techniques for your wrists, forearms, and elbows other than stretching. Don’t get me wrong, stretching has its place and stretching your forearms is an easy one to check off. I often use the steering wheel at stop lights to assist in my forearm and wrist mobility, especially after grip taxing workouts like yesterday’s. Another option is to simply use your favorite internet search engine to search for forearm stretch ideas. I like videos and came across this one from our friends at Paradiso CrossFit just a short drive north in Marina Del Rey.

My quest for knowledge on how to unglue overworked forearms then brought me to mobility Sensei Kelly Starrett’s mobilitywod.com website.  He posted some ideas in video below to help with the recovery of overworked forearms.

For those interested in the learning more about the Armaid that he discusses in the video visit their site here.  Just another tool for the mobility warrior to consider.  I’ve also had success using the arm rest of my office chair when I lacked a lacrosse ball.  I’ve also found that racquetballs works very well as well on the smaller muscles of your forearms.  Be diligent with your recovery and if you get to class early use the time to your advantage by trying some of the forearm mobility drills.

WOD 6.13.12

Bench Press 3×5/Wendler


  • 6 Ring Dips
  • 8 Overhead Squats
  • 36 Double Unders

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