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Guest Post: Jake on the NLI

By admin | In Competition, Events and Announcements | on April 20, 2012

This past Saturday Holley, Brian, and I took part in the second competition of the Iron Will Series for NLI. With over 200 individuals ready to compete, we all knew that every single one of them was going to bring their “A” game. We felt just as ready as the other athletes and felt very confident that we would perform well. Like most competitions there are three work outs. Two of them have a set start and end time while the other (the floater WOD) can be completed anytime throughout the day.
The first work out of the day was called “Clean Track.” This consisted of two parts. Part A was to get a 1 Rep Max in 4 minutes of a Clean and Jerk. After a 2 minute rest you then had to do Part B, which was running 800 meters around the track as fast as possible. All three of us did well on the Clean and Jerk. We either got a PR or came pretty darn close. It was so awesome to see all our hard work on our Oly lifts pay off. It was even better to see Brian toss up 250 like it was nothing. I would like to add that the photographer had a thing for Holley. Every time she was getting set to do the Jerk, he was in her face trying to “capture the moment.” I give her an A+ for staying focused with a camera right in her grill.

As soon as those 4 minutes were up we quickly changed out of our weight lifting shoes and put on our flats. The 800m is a hard distance to run. You don’t want to take it out too fast because by the 2nd lap you will be gassed out. At the same time you can’t wait until the very end to sprint because you may run out of track. I think we all could have gauged the run a little better. We all felt that we waited too long to do our final “kick” which would have resulted in a faster time. Oh well, I guess that means more 800 meter work outs in the future.

C&J Holley 140 (12th overall), Jake 230 (27th overall), Big Brian 250 (12th overall)
800 meter Holley 3:08 (10th overall), Jake 2:35 (6th overall), Brian 3:00 (40th overall)

The Floater WOD was called “Powerhouse.” This was a three part WOD and happened to be super leg intensive, which is something NLI is famous for. First up was the Watt Bike Power Test. “The test will calculate your avg. power output over the 20secs and then it will divide it by your bodyweight to provide a ratio. ex power avg 600 @ a body weight of 200# = 3.0 ratio. The higher the score the better.” Now after 20 seconds on the bike, it is safe to say that all 200 plus individuals in this competition had that jello like feeling in their legs. What made it worse was we only had a minute to rest before Station B, the shuttle run. This was a 60 yard shuttle run and you only had 1 shot to do it as fast as possible. So whether legs were still numb or not you had to go all out. Once you crossed the end line you had another minute to rest. Station C was a leg killer. When the clock started you had to drag a sled (140lb/70lb for men and women) for a distance of 20 yards. Once you got to the end line you had to pick up a sandbag (50lbs/25lbs for men and women) and then do 20 yards of OH walking lunges. That was immediately followed by 30 sandbag cleans and then finally 20 more yards of the sled drag. Station C had a 6 min cap and every single person collapsed as soon as they finished. The trick to Station C was to keep moving and use minimal time for rest. After this WOD we did some serious rolling and stretching in order to stay loose for the final WOD of the day.

Bike- Holley finished 2nd overall which is pretty awesome. Brian and I were towards the middle of the pack which wasn’t so awesome. He and I both agree that Watt Bikes suck☺

Shuttle- Holley came in 12th overall with a time of 16 seconds. I finished 12th with 14 seconds. Brian took 2nd overall at 12 flat. Not bad for someone who hates anything to do with running.

Sled/Sand- Holley did outstanding finishing this leg killer at 5:43. She maintained her focus throughout. I completed the station in 3:12. Brain made the sandbag cleans look way easy and he finished in 3:32.

The last work out of the day was an AMRAP 6 min. This one was called ‘5, 4, 3…Go.” Everyone who came into the gym this past Friday had the chance to do this WOD. It consisted of 5 dead lifts, 4 front squats, and 3 push press. What a way to end the day with more leg movements. The only places you could rest were in the rack position or at the end of set. We can say this was a leg and grip killer. Trying to game this WOD was difficult. Only way to get through it was to just do it. All 3 of us managed to keep moving for the entire 6 minutes.

5, 4, 3…Go
Holley with 116 total reps finished in 16th place. I completed 139 reps for 8th place and Brian did 134 reps for 14th place.

The three of us represented Crossfit Intrepid well. I know that I am very proud of Holley and Brian and it is always a real pleasure to watch them compete. Within our divisions we all placed in the top half. Holley finished in 12th place. I came in 2nd, and Brian came in 12th. We left NLI knowing that we gave it our best and with some tired legs.

*A special shout out to our friends Cherie and Nicole from Karma Crossfit. They did very well in their division!

Our very own Tomfoolery (Tom R.) is looking to put together a team for the Spartan Race this Dec 1 or 2nd in Malibu this year. It’ll be an awesome homecoming for him, so post to comments if you’re in! It’s almost filled to capacity so speak up now! Tom will sign in under Team Intrepid (or something like it) and you’ll be able to sign up as part of the team. Mercy and Patrice are on the team so far!

Also, we’ll be sending out his box Wed of next week. Feel free to bring in goodies for him!! His latest email is posted in the gym by the key board.

WOD 04.20.12

Banded Deadlift 7×2

Not For Time:
5 Rounds
20 Pistols
10 Decline Push Ups
50m Waiters Walk

3 Comments to "Guest Post: Jake on the NLI"

  • Corrine says:

    April 20, 2012 at 10:50 AM -

    Great job Team Intrepid! Holley, you are truly an inspiration to all of us Intrepid women. I am encouraged by you. Jake and Bri, way to go! Keep up the great work guys and gal. Thanks for making us proud :)

  • Jon says:

    April 20, 2012 at 2:24 PM -

    Congrats All! Stupendous Job! I am also in for the Spartan Run and would like to put in my vote for Dec. 1…Sloppy seconds mud just seems exceptionally unsanitary.

  • Anna says:

    April 22, 2012 at 9:46 PM -

    Tomfoolery, wouldn’t miss your homecoming for the world… As long as you promise we are celebrating for real that night! We will bring the scotch.

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