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Gym News

By Jake | In Events and Announcements | on October 6, 2012

Good morning everyone! I would like to start off the post with two announcements. Today is Neil’s birthday! Neil happens to be a private client of Sean’s. Many of you may not know Neil seeing that he doesn’t have a particular class that he works out in. Some days he’ll be in nice and early while other days you’ll see him in the evening working out. Regardless of the time he works out he is always working hard and putting in 100% effort. We hope you have a great birthday! I couldn’t find a picture Neil, sorry!

Today also marks the union of an Intrepid couple. Our very own Simon and Kimberly will be tying the knot today! We wish you guys the best and hope to see you around very soon!

Let’s move onto the PRs for the week.

Mondays lift was the bench and right after we worked on pushing the prowler. This workout was a perfect way to recover and ease back into training, seeing that a couple days before most athletes had competed in the CFI Games. There weren’t any PRs specifically for this day but some notable lifts were Date Night benching 205lbs for 3 reps. Scott C. was able to lift 220lbs for 3 reps as well. Cherie has a solid lift at 83lbs. She was able to lift that weight 9 times.

Tuesday’s lift was the back squat. Mark Miller, who usually workouts at 630am got a new 1 rep max at 300lbs! The partner WOD that followed was a shoulder and grip killer. It started off with both partners running a total of 6x240m sprints. Partners would run one at a time then tag their partners hand to switch out on the sprint. Once the sprints were completed they would alternate between 10 pull ups and 20 kettlebell swings for 3 rounds. Ning and Sara worked well together and finished at 16:01. William and Ryan V. also did well and finished just after the 9 minute mark.

Wednesday we got to work on the snatch. No PRs for the lift, but there was some impressive weight being tossed around. Tina got up to a heavy set of 2 reps using 78lbs. Patrick at 135lbs also completed 2 reps. Celina also did well and lifted 68lbs. The WOD that followed was not easy by any means. For 18 minutes athletes would complete 3 power cleans on even minutes and 10 burpees on odd minutes. The remaining time in that minute was used for rest. I can guarantee by the end of the workout that everyone was drenched in sweat. This WOD deserves the award for toughest WOD for the week.

On skills day athletes worked on running drills and individual time.

Friday wrapped up the week with dead lift. Patrice hit a new PR at 213lbs for her 1×5 set. The WOD was a reverse chipper. Athletes had to complete 10 hspu, 20 pistols, 30 toes to bar, 40 squats, 50 pushups, and 60 overhead lunges with a plate. Wasn’t easy, but James moved quickly and finished in 8:27. Michelle did well and finished in 14:04. Luke also did well and finished in 10:07.

WOD 10.06.12

Partner WOD-

A)    5 heavy push presses / 40 dubs

B)    15 ball slams / 3 shuttle runs

Holding side planks if one partner finishes before other

2 Comments to "Gym News"

  • Scott says:

    October 6, 2012 at 1:31 PM -

    Congrats Kim & Simon!!

    Happy Birthday Neil!

    Michelle and I finished the MB10k today. Slower than last year, undoubtedly due to our spotty attendance at Intrepid recently. But it was fun and we finished.

    Michelle – 55:04
    Scott – 56:09

    I searched for Date Night on the race results website, but for some reason there was nobody with that name! Hmmm…. Some dude name Matt Williamson finished in 53:25. Not too shabby! Nice work Matt!

  • Holley says:

    October 7, 2012 at 3:13 PM -

    Congratulations to Kim and Simon and Happy Birthday to Neil!!!

    Nice times on the 10K, way to represent!

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