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Hitting the Shoulder Reset Button

By admin | In Events and Announcements, Mobility | on September 10, 2013

After a tough workout like yesterday’s which involved high repetition pull ups and burpees, it’s easy for the shoulder to come out of its ideal position. Perhaps this morning your shoulders feel slightly sore and tight. Kelly Starrett posted a great video a while back with a 3 step quick reset-the-shoulder routine that has worked wonders for me whenever my shoulders feel tweaked.

1. Free up the first rib. In the video, Kstar uses a stick pushed into the wall, but he has since come up with a better video using a racked barbell.

2. Use a lacrosse ball to roll the area around your shoulder blades and your traps.

3. Help the humerus move back into position by using a kettlebell for weight and a band for distraction (a technique which creates space for the joint).

If you have time, I would also add a fourth step:

4. Use a lacrosse ball to roll your pecs, either against the wall, or as seen in this Trigger Point video.

While this list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shoulder mobility, it’s often a quick fix that can make a world of difference some days. Come in a few minutes early today and give this a try. Test and retest your shoulders before each step to see if one helps more than the others.

Holley just confirmed that RPM Ropes will be here September 19th at 6pm to put on a 90 minute jump rope clinic for $35. They are giving us til Thursday September 12th to fill the 30 spots before they open it to the public. I believe a few people from the gym have already signed up so hurry and register here before it’s full! They will also bring ropes to sell and help you size it!

WOD 09.10.12

Deadlift 1×5 or Wendler

Standards WOD
5 Hang Power Cleans (175/113)
10 Wall Ball Shots (12′ target)
30 Double Unders

Every athlete will get the chance to be a ‘judge’ to enforce proper standards for each movement.

Hang Power Cleans
-must start in the hang position and the bar cannot go past the knees during the dip
-must finish in the rack position with the hips and knees fully open

Wall Ball Shots
-must start with a full squat (hips below knees, unless limited mobility is an issue)
-must hit the wall at or above the 12′ line (or 10′ for scaled)
-if you don’t catch the ball, it has to come off the floor without bouncing.

Double Unders
-rope must pass under twice to count

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