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Home for the Holidays

By avelyne | In Travel | on December 13, 2013


It’s that time of year again when we leave the comforts of our home boxes and head home for the holidays.  As I’ve spoken with some of you throughout the week, you’ll be traveling around the nation to celebrate Christmas festivities with your families from Florida to Washington, NorCal to Austin, DC to San Diego.  Some of you may also try to get a WOD in at some point over the Christmas break.  With so many CrossFit gyms opening up around the world, you might even be lucky enough to have one close to you.  You’re even luckier if the programming isn’t focused on breaking you but that’s a whole other topic of discussion.  For those of you opting to do a WOD on your own, whether at home, in a hotel gym, or at some other fitness club, this is where the fun begins.  When you’re here at Intrepid, you don’t think twice about doing thrusters, or box jumps, or burpees.  Yet, if you were to do these same movements outside of the box, you might get some quizzical stares.

The CF Journal had a recent Thanksgiving post that detailed comical situations that CrossFitters had endured over the holidays from being quizzed about their dietary habits to being asked to slice the turkey because the electric knife broke.  I could easily identify with many of the stories in the post just on a day to day basis since I travel for work.  I’ve had co-workers (usually my male pilots) try to engage me in a arm wrestling match, ask me to flex, do a double take when they see how many plates I have in front of me at breakfast.  At times, it can be funny and at others it’s just downright annoying.  With my family, it’s also the same.  While my younger cousins admire my strength, my aunts will tell me to be careful because the weights are too heavy and I can get hurt.  It’s cute.  Kinda.

The point is you may encounter a bit of questioning about CrossFit, your diet, maybe even your bruises and/or calloused hands.  Take a stab at explaining it to them.  Some may already have it in their heads, that CrossFit is a cult but some will have an open mind.  And to those that just stand there astounded, mouth agape, brows furrowed, just shrug and smile.

WOD 12.13.2013

Press 3 x 5


  • 4 Pullovers (sub 8 chin ups)
  • 12 Ball slams
  • 24 Double Unders

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