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I’m “Buggin” Out

By Alia | In Rest Day | on April 20, 2014

      A Public Service Announcement. Brought to you by the number 9 and the possibility of zombies.
      We live in the greatest state. Snow to the east, oceans to the west, dense forests of ancient trees to the north and tropical like heat in the south. We can easily find fresh fruit and vegetables of every color, variety and hybrid in between. Avocados are not taken lightly, some of us spoiled Californians will only eat the best and biggest. However, the one trade off for living in this culturally fascinating bountiful state is living with the ground being constantly shaken beneath our feet.
      Most California natives aren’t phased by the occasional rumblings. Pshh, magnitude 2.0? Did someone just drop a deadlift? 4.0? OK, you’ve got my attention. ANything above that and I’ve most likely started running for the proverbial hills. Most of the time we can get excited about ground shakings, asking our coworkers and friends if they felt the earthquake. Or even getting on social media and bombarding the world with “Earthquake!”. But being realistic, these little earthquakes are not to be taken lightly.
      Have you spent time preparing for a large shake up? While most Intrepid’s are physically prepared to take on whatever comes their way, we have to think beyond our physical capacities and think logically. And with all of the recent activity to the east of us, I decided it was time to for me to really get (what doomsday prepper shows call) a “Bug Out Bag”. It’s a bag that can be easily grabbed in an emergency that contains medical supplies, food and water and other essentials. The Red Cross has an app for a variety of natural disasters available on iTunes or Google Play. It’s a helpful tool to help prepare you and your family for a natural disaster.
      What’s in my bugout bag is what will sustain me. I don’t have a family or pets to support so I have only enough supplies for myself. I have shelf stable water and MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat; It’s ready to eat pre packed meals the armed forces use with a shelf life of up to 5 years), a first aid kit, a survival kit (matches, whistle, knives, flints, flashlight), candles, a hand crank AM/FM USB charging radio , a set of spare clothing (items I don’t miss wearing) and some space blankets. If you have a family you would need to pack more of the essentials and pets are something to take into consideration, they need food and water as well.
      I’ve been through some pretty big shakers, thankfully none that put me out of a home but always better safe than without food. There are some local places that sell pre made packs for emergency kits similar to this one.

04.20.14 REST DAY

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