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Into 2013 We Go

By Jake | In Uncategorized | on January 5, 2013


Well folks, we have officially finished the first week of 2013. I have a good feeling that this year will bring many PRs and many goals will be reached. Refer back to Ruth’s New Year’s post and take into consideration the goals you want to reach this year. I cannot wait to see and post about all things that our athletes will accomplish in 2013. As a gentle reminder, try and stay away from WOD shopping this year. I noticed on Thursday’s attendance that there weren’t too many athletes showing up for the running/rowing WOD. In all fairness this past week was still part of the holiday vacation, but like I said a gentle reminder. It’s a known fact that running and rowing are not fan favorites, but if they happen to be your goat(s), let’s do our best to attack them head on. This is how all goats should be approached. Of course there will be the normal dreading of a certain movement we do not like to do, but that is when we should see it as an opportunity to practice and master that particular movement. I have no doubt that WOD shopping will be on the decline if goats are consistently practiced.

Time for the PRs…

The week started off with a hero workout. The WOD was called “Victoria” and was 5 rounds of 10 thrusters, 14 box jumps, 12 hang power cleans, 12 burpees, and 27 kettlebell swings. There was a 30 minute time cap on this WOD and for those that were able to finish just barely made it under 30 minutes. The majority of the athletes finished at least 4 rounds. It was a very difficult WOD and was a solid way to end 2012.

On Tuesday the gym was closed due to the New Year holiday.

Wednesday all classes were back open and the lift for the day was the dead lift. Tom D. set a new PR at 305lbs for his 1×5 set. The WOD was 3 different AMRAP workouts. Each AMRAP was 3 minutes long. The first was 15 kettlebell swings and 10 pull-ups. After a 1 minute rest athletes did 20 ball slams and 10 push-ups. After another 1 minute rest athletes did the last workout which was 20 double unders and 10 pistols.  Tyler was able to stay consistent on all 3 AMRAP’s by completing 3 rounds each time. Nick also kept the same pace throughout the WOD.

Thursday was not a skills day since the gym was closed on Tuesday. We had the chance to work on the snatch. The goal was to get up to a challenging weight that an athlete could do a 3×3 set. No PRs were set on Thursday but that did not stop athletes from pushing themselves. Holley and Steph lifted 88lbs and 83lbs. David P. lifted 105lbs with good technique. Jon made 135lbs look very easy as he worked on his power snatch.  The workout was a combination of running and rowing. The WOD started off with a 400 meter run, 500 meter row, 240 meter run, 250 meter row, 170 meter run, and finally a 125 meter row. Many athletes finished the WOD within 8-9 minutes. Josh finished the run/row combo in 7:21. Mark finished in 7:20. James just squeezed under the 7 minute mark by finishing in 6:59.

Friday’s lift was the stop squat. The stop squat helps to eliminate the bounce at the bottom of a back squat.  Athletes got up to a weight where they could do a 4×3 set. James M. used 225lbs for his stop squats and Amanda used 125lbs for her set. The workout was a partner WOD. With partners working one at a time they had to complete a total of 100 wall ball shots, 80 box jumps, 60 toes to bar, 40 overhead lunges, and 20 handstand push-ups. Josh and Mike S. finished in 12:46. Tami and Sara completed the WOD in 13:58. We had 2 PRs on Friday with Alia and Chris Q. both getting their first handstand push-ups.

Please post any PRs that I may have missed.

WOD 01.05.2013

Press 3×5


4 Rounds NFT (Not For Time)

  • 3 Ground to OH
  • 6 Strict Chin Ups
  • 12 Sledgehammer Strikes

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