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Intrepid Travels

By Jake | In Travel | on May 11, 2013


I’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the fearless leader of the 7pm class! Happy Bday Marcus and we all hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!

These last few days Ashley B. and I have been to D.C., Annapolis, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. We’ve been out here visiting her sister, who attends the Naval Academy, and have tried our best to fill our days and nights with awesome attractions, restaurants, and the occasional WOD. Since we have been out here we managed to attend two different gyms. The morning we flew into D.C. we got our rental car and drove straight to District Crossfit. A week prior I went ahead and emailed Andrew Killion, head trainer and owner, about stopping by for a WOD. He responded within a day and said that there wouldn’t be any issues with dropping by. In his email he sent me an online wavier to fill out. The process was painless and took less than 10 minutes to fill out. The only thing we needed to bring to the class was $20 for the drop in fee. As we walked through the door the 6am class was underway. The trainer, Jonathon, walked over to us and introduced himself. He asked if we had done Crossfit before and we filled him in with our experience. During the warm up for the 7am class everyone made an effort to introduce themselves. After 15 minutes of hamstring mobility, feet together burpees, and box jumps, we got into the lift. The lift was snatch pulls and weight could be added onto the bar as long as form was not compromised. Jonathon made his rounds and did a great job of keeping his eyes on his athletes as well as Ashley and myself. The WOD was 3 rounds of 20 heavy goblet squats and 15 pull-ups. It was a quick, but a high intensity workout. What is very unique about this gym is that they always program 2 lifts and 2 WODs for athletes. One is geared to folks who are looking to improve on the basics and get into good shape (fitness) and the other is targeted for athletes that only want to compete (performance). Ashley and I really enjoyed our WOD at District Crossfit and would most likely come back if we are in the area again.


For our second WOD we went to Crossfit Annapolis and they happen to be the only gym in the city. Just like District Crossfit I had a fast response from one of their trainers letting me know that it would be more than OK to swing on by. When we walked in we took notice to the size of the gym. They had lots of space with plenty of racks, pull-up bars, yoke stations, etc. After a solid 20 minute warm up we got into the WOD. I noticed from their board that Monday-Thursday classes had a portion of class for strength and then a shorter WOD. Friday’s class looked to consist of a longer met-con. The WOD was 21 press, 400 meter run, 21 push press, 400 meter run, and then 21 push jerks and one last 400 meter run. I think on a normal Southern California day this workout would have sucked, but with high humidity you can imagine this to be a much sweatier WOD. Ashley and I found it very hard to grip the bar since our hands were slippery. The run was a little difficult as well since the weather was dry making it hard to breathe. After the workout the Annapolis athletes came up to us to make conversation about our gym and if we liked our current travel plans. It was very nice to make conversation with them. As we left Ashley and I both agreed we would definitely come back the next time visiting Annapolis.

So if any Intrepids happen to be in the D.C. or Annapolis area, please be sure to make time and WOD at District Crossfit and Crossfit Annapolis. Both are very welcoming to drop-ins and make the time to chat to new faces. This was our first time working out away from Intrepid so although it was unfamiliar territory it is very nice to know that there are other high quality gyms out there.

WOD 05.11.2013

“Capture the Ball”

Two teams compete to get as many points as possible. Points are acquired by completing a given task (ie 10 burpees) first and running to grab the ball from the box before opposite team does.

5 Comments to "Intrepid Travels"

  • Troy says:

    May 11, 2013 at 7:46 AM -

    Happy birthday Marcus!

  • Amanda says:

    May 11, 2013 at 11:13 AM -

    Happy birthday, Marcus! I hope you enjoy your birthday weekend.

  • Tina says:

    May 11, 2013 at 4:54 PM -

    Happy Birthday Marcus!

  • Tami says:

    May 11, 2013 at 6:18 PM -

    Happy birtday Marcus? Are you gonna have ice cream? Appreciate all of your help.

  • Alia says:

    May 11, 2013 at 10:53 PM -

    Have a wonderful birthday weekend Marcus! *big hugs*

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