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It’s Been a Hard Days Week

By Jake | In Uncategorized | on October 27, 2012

This week a few fellow Intrepids approached me about the intensity of the WODs. They all noticed that this particular week was more exhausting than the past few weeks. Andrea from the 6:30am class assumed that I was responsible for the tough workouts but I assured her that I had nothing to do with it. What I take from this is although some weeks may be more difficult than others every single athlete in the gym gives 100% everyday. I admire that quality in everyone. There were plenty of PRs this week which means no matter what lift or met-con is on the board, athletes will do their absolute best to succeed. Great job on a tough week!

The week began with the press. Francis started off the PRs with 90lbs for his entire 3×5 set. Brendan was up next by hitting 105lbs for his set. Jeanne successfully lifted 5 reps at 55lbs. The WOD was 4 rounds for time of max pushups, max strict pullups, 15 toes to bar, and a 250 meter row. As you can imagine the shoulders were spent after this workout.

On Tuesday the strength portion of class was spent on the dead lift. In the morning classes we had 4 PRs! Francis got his work set up to 245lbs. Paul and Greg both lifted 215 lbs while Brendan finished with a 205lb set. In the afternoon classes Mike S. got into the 300+ club and finished with a set at 305lbs. Mitch also hit a new PR at 120lbs for 13 reps. After the dead lift athletes set up heavy power cleans and high box jobs. The WOD was 3 rounds of 5 power cleans and 5 box jumps. James used 185lbs for the power cleans which also happens to be his body weight. He finished the workout in 5:43. Paul finished in under 3 minutes using 95lbs for cleans and a 30 inch box. Sara raced through the WOD in 3:21 using 83lbs and a 24 inch box.

Wednesday was full of AMRAPs. Athletes worked through 5 different AMRAPs which were 3 minutes each. Below are the 5 AMRAPS:
-10 KBS/10 Push Press -10 WB Shots/10 Situps -10 Ball Slam/5 Tire Flips -10 Lunges/20 -5 Burpess/10 Sandbag Ground to Shoulder
All athletes managed to complete about 2-3 rounds per AMRAP. Well done for 15 minutes of work. James and Avelyne made up the Fran workout from last week. James flew in 4:08 and Avelyne finished in 5:54 which is a 1 minute improvement. Patrick and Celina also made up Fran and completed the WOD at RX weight.

Thursday consisted of working on rope climbs and pistols. Jesper got his first full rope climb. Ning was able to get her first pistols ever!

The week ended with back squat and a 4 round WOD. Francis again hit a new PR in the back squat. His set was at 170lbs. Barbara worked on goblet squats while using a 35lb kettle bell! Pablo used 160lbs for his 3×5 set and also did his first unbroken 30 yard bear crawl. We all know that isn’t easy. The WOD started with 4 rope climbs as a buy-in. Once those were completed athletes did 4 rounds of 12 pistols, 8 ring dips, and a 170m sprint. Mike H. looked like he did the entire WOD without resting. He finished in 6:08. Date Night was also quick and finished in 7:40. Lisa worked hard and finished the WOD in 12:42.

 WOD 10.27.12


5 Rounds:

  • Run 400 meters
  • 30 Box Jump
  • 30 Wall Ball Shots

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