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Jerk Blocks

By admin | In Olympic Weightlifting | on March 12, 2013
Breaking in the new toy!

Breaking in the new toy!

As some of you have seen, we’ve recently acquired jerk blocks this weekend.  These have been on my Santa’s wish list for YEARS, so a huge thank you to Roman at Refined Roots for crafting these babies for us.  We’ve had people ask today if they were fancy dressers, boxes for jumping, or Cade’s new changing table, so I figure I’d properly introduce what they are.

Think back to the last time you jerked some heavy weight.  Remember how they went up way easier than bringing them down?  You may have said a quick prayer that you don’t get crushed by a weight that may be two times what you can normally press.  The other option is to dump it, but lordy, then you have to clean it back up to the rack.  For an Olympic weightlifter, this is tedious and detrimental when you are on a heavy lifting cycle.

Enter the jerk blocks.  After a heavy jerk or even push press, you can safely guide the weight down to the blocks, which functions as a rack of sorts for you.  They can also be used as pulling blocks, as some of you have done with our 6″ and 12″ boxes, where the barbell sits on top of the boxes and you clean/deadlift/snatch from them.

While these won’t be made available for general class use yet, they may be in the future, so take a look at the below video (taken 2 years ago at our Level 2 USA Weightlifting Certification) for the proper way to return the bar to the blocks.  Oh, and as tempting as it may be, these will not be creatively re-purposed to high boxes for max box jump days!

WOD 03.12.13

Turkish Get Ups 3-3-3

3 Rounds:
15 Pull Ups
30 Kettlebell Snatches

One Comment to "Jerk Blocks"

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