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Know Your Limits

By Holley | In Recovery, Yoga | on August 8, 2013


Well it’s Thursday, how are you feeling? Are you excited to start your day with “Wakey, wakey eggs and bacey!?” Or is more like, “Wakey, wakey aches and shakey?” It’s important to listen to your body and make sure you’re giving it enough rest and food to recover. If you continue to work out and go negative in your recovery, that’s when you tend to get injured or your training takes a step backwards. CrossFit in its origins was intended to be three days on, then one day of rest. Intrepid is closed on Sunday, so you’re at least forced to take one day off of lifting and CrossFit in the gym. On Thursdays, we offer the opportunity to have an active rest day where you can do some mobility work, work on your goats and now even participate in Recovery Yoga (tonight at 7p).

Lately there has been the opportunity to do a WOD during the individual time on Thursdays. These WODs are intended for people who missed a day earlier in the week and want to get another metcon in. However, if you show up to Thursday class and truly need an all mobility day with maybe a little skill work, don’t feel obligated to do with optional WOD. Over-training can lead to injury and even sickness if you make your body weak enough. If you really want to push yourself and get an extra WOD in, make sure you’re eating right and eating enough! Consult with the trainers to make sure you have a high enough caloric intake so you’re actually recovered for an extra metcon a week. It takes planning and discipline to make that happen, so make sure you’re up for the commitment.

Also, whether you want to get an extra metcon in or not, make sure you’re keeping up with recovery work during the week, Thursday isn’t the only day you should be focusing on it. Below are links to posts for recovering and mobility tips:




Don’t forget to sign up for the Intrepid Games! If you’re unsure what division to sign up for, consult with your trainer.


WOD 08.08.13

Skills Day
Quads and Shoulders

Muscle Up Skillwork

Optional WOD:
6-8 Rounds
16 Sledgehammer Strikes
20yd Prowler Push

One Comment to "Know Your Limits"

  • Anna says:

    August 8, 2013 at 9:26 AM -

    Quads and shoulder mobility, huh? Clearly programmed with yesterday’s WOD in mind! Feeling the “aches and shakey” this morning!

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