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Last Chance!

By Holley | In Competition | on August 22, 2013

2012 games

I have a feeling I sound like a broken record at this point, but this Friday is your last chance to sign up for the Intrepid Games that takes place on Sept 21st, so if you haven’t yet, get on it! I really don’t think I can say enough to encourage anyone who meets the minimum novice requirements (or maybe super close, there’s still a month!) to participate. Competitions are great opportunities to PR and surprise yourself with your abilities. I have yet to participate in a competition where I didn’t surprise myself with a PR in strength or skill. More importantly, and you can ask everyone who participated in last year’s competition, you get to experience the support of the Intrepid community.

I came across a Games article today that really hit home to me on the community aspect of CrossFit, even during competition. The CrossFit Games website posted an article covering data from the results of the Games, called By the Numbers. There were some cool stats, like 7: the number of masters athletes that finished Nancy sub 11 min, 6:33.6: how much faster Val Voboril finished the event “2007” that the original winner at the Games in 2007, Jolie Gentry, and the list goes on. The last number was the most inspiring, 210,000: the difference between first and second-place prizes. They then went on to say that on Sunday of the CrossFit Games with many events still to go, Lindsey Valenzuela (2nd place) and Sam Briggs (1st place) were spotted in the hallway going through each others bags to make sure neither had forgotten anything. With over $200,000 on the line, they still remained training buddies first and competitors second.

While we don’t have a Reebok level prize purse (sorry guys, the $35 entry fee is just to cover costs), as you can imagine, the attitude of your fellow competitors will remain the same. We are Intrepid family first, competitors second (or maybe third or thirtieth). There is no need to be anxious or nervous about this event, everyone there is supporting you and will be cheering you on 100%. So get a sign up sheet from you coaches in the next couple of days and do it! I promise you won’t regret it! If you have already signed up, make sure you get your goals up on the goal board and get after them, 30 days left!


We can still use more volunteers, so please either sign up at the gym on the board on the office door or email me @ holley@intrepidathletics.net. Thanks!

Coach “Jake at Intrepid” is famous! Val Voboril mentions him in her chat with the guys from WODCAST PODCAST. Listen to episode 76 at about 1:13. He may not have recognized her at first, but she did say “he was great!” :)


WOD 08.22.13

Skills Day

Mobility: Pecs, hamstring, or hips
Yoke and Farmer’s Carry

Optional WOD:
NFT (Not for time)
6 x 15 yd Yoke Carry


Row 2k
30 Burpees

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