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Meat for Thought

By admin | In Nutrition | on January 7, 2014

As we embark on our nutrition challenge, I hope you’re not approaching this as a crash diet to save you from a holiday-indulgence-turned-binge. Yes, our gym tends to do one nutrition challenge each year, usually in the beginning of the year. Each year, I see amazing results, not only physically, but in each participant’s performance as well.

This year, however, I hope you enter into this challenge by committing to choose quality nutrition. Adopt the attitude of including good quality foods and not merely excluding “bad” ones. Actively seek out foods that will make you healthiest. If it doesn’t make you healthier, it doesn’t make it into your shopping cart.

This is your chance to re-prioritize how you shop for your food. Whole 9 Life posted a fantastic and thought-provoking article today about being a conscious omnivore. Dallas pointed out:

Americans spend the smallest percentage of their income on food of any country in the world. A few decades ago, Americans spent three or four times as much on food (by percentage) as they do now. So consumers demand cheap meat and are willing to turn a blind eye to how that meat is produced, and unscrupulous companies are willing to produce and sell large amounts of that industrially-produced meat to consumers at progressively lower prices—but at great cost.

I understand financially it can be challenging to eat pastured, organic, grass-fed, locally grown, etc. However, I challenge you to prioritize your spending. As a culture we are willing to spend a lot of money on what we put on our bodies (clothing, makeup, accessories, shoes, etc), but balk at spending over Costco prices on what we put in our bodies.

You’ll find a routine of planning, shopping, and cooking this month and most likely try foods and recipes you never would have otherwise.  Try ordering from our grass-fed beef CSA, J&J Beef.  Get notifications from Whole Foods to stay up on sales on their grass-fed or pastured meat.  Are you a conscious omnivore?  Do you participate in CSAs, go to local farmers’ markets?  What works for you?

WOD 01.07.13

Bench Press 3×5

Time cap: 12 Minutes

7 Rounds
3 Cleans (205/135)
4 Handstand Push Ups (25#plates)

*can be power or full clean

Compare with 7.23.13

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