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Athlete Spotlight: Michael on the UTC

By admin | In Athlete Profiles, Competition | on February 22, 2011

What inspired me to compete?

2 reasons that got me to sign up for the UTC Challenge.

So funny that you asked us to write a blurb that would hopefully motivate and inspire others, because I was inspired almost a year ago when we were out fist pumping, high fiving and cheering on our fellow Intrepid’s (Avelyne, Jake, Drew, Ruth, Sean and Dustin) @ NLP.  Watching each athlete train for that day and seeing it pay off in heart and strength had me sold on the next event.  On top of that, what also made it worthwhile was the fact that the competition was actually second to the camaraderie of the Crossfit community.

So what the heck, I’ll give it a go.  I’ve been training for over a year, why not put it to the test and see if I can get somewhere. There was nothing to lose and the end result of it would’ve just been another workout with a bunch of great people that share a common interest.

How it affected how I trained, rested, and ate…

Leading up to the event, I knew I had to make some adjustments and/or sacrifices.  One of my biggest struggles was staying focus and consistent on everything that influenced my performance outside the box.  I started to sleep a bit earlier (I guess to my standards, according to the iPhone Sleep Cycle® app, I’ve been sleeping on average 5.5 hours a night), started to eat breakfast and ate more in general (my diet was steering in the Paleo direction, not 100%, but I’m getting there), I made sure if I had any leftovers, I would at least eat all the proteins.

I knew my biggest challenges in any WOD was jumping out of the gate with an uncalculated pace and bank on my endurance to get me through, the problem with that I’ve consistently lost gas on the tail end of the WODs, so I had to start training smarter and began simulating the WOD’s in my mind to get an idea of the pace I need to sustain.  In order to do that I had to begin pushing myself out of my comfort zone on certain movements (I admit I’ve been sand bagging a bit on the KBS and have been using the 44# as my binky), I started to psych myself out to embrace the burn and reminded myself that it’s just temporary, I also started to lift heavier on weighted met-cons and stopped worrying about speed and focused on building my endurance with the heavier weights, which ended up working out pretty well despite the major suck factor.

What I learned from it all?

I definitely learned a lot from this experience.  Just like Nick, I too, pee a river when I’m nervous.  Leading up to that first event, I was so nervous.  I was a mess, I ate too much, my warm ups weren’t calculated, and Steph kept reminding me to calm down.  I paid for it at the end of the event when I puked up my breakfast, but as the day progressed; I started to adjust to the environment and started to relax a bit more.

I definitely went head on with my goats, heavy weight met-cons, I felt a bit disappointed that I should’ve done more but at the end of the day, I chalked it up as another thing to focus on moving forward.

Most importantly I learned that I can really push myself if I wanted to, it really came down to patience and focus, understanding what you’re getting into, listening to your body, and just execute.  That had a direct correlation in balancing my mental and physical state, which was necessary to be conscious of especially when you don’t know what to expect as the day came to a close.  As they announced the “2011” WOD, everyone gasped and doubt started to circulate in the air, I definitely had second thoughts on that WOD, but I was able to acknowledge the conflict and maintained my commitment to going till the end.

The Takeaway

Good Times! Just the experience alone is something you have to do for yourself to truly understand what I tried to convey in words.

Going out there with Nick and Holley to showcase our box as a product of Ruth, Marcus and Sean’s wisdom gave me a sense of pride to be representing what Intrepid’s stand for: integrity, camaraderie, a life experience, and apparently proper form.

Give it a try, you have absolutely nothing to lose, you’re in it for yourself.  You get a great workout, you meet a lot of great people, and you’ll be damn sure we Intrepid’s will be there cheering you on!

WOD 2.22.11

Hang Power Snatch 3×3

400m Run
6 Push Jerks
12 Pull Ups

5 Comments to "Athlete Spotlight: Michael on the UTC"

  • Scott says:

    February 22, 2011 at 8:31 AM -

    Nice post Michael!! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. It’s great to see you push through your goats and embrace the suck. Your effort helps motivate all of us to do the same.

  • Xuan says:

    February 22, 2011 at 8:49 AM -

    Great motivation! Not that I’m ready to compete yet, but that has nothing to do with your rockstar post.

  • Nick says:

    February 22, 2011 at 8:55 AM -

    Amen to the Bathroom club.

  • becky says:

    February 22, 2011 at 11:31 AM -

    Bravo Mike!!
    it’s so honorable to compete, people. you guys are my heroes!

  • Datenight says:

    February 22, 2011 at 8:43 PM -

    Nice post Michael. I don’t know about your heavy wod work, but your bodyweight stuff is inspiring. Although, I am not sure you could top your wife’s pistol 1 min amrap.

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