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Midline Positioning

By Alia | In Rest Day | on July 14, 2013


      Proper midline bracing and positioning is something that we practice a lot during CrossFit and Olympic Lifting movements. While the concept is fairly simple, execution isn’t always ideal due to fatigue or distraction. The midline brace and position can and should be applied to everyday movements like sitting, walking, laying down and running.
      To find your midline stabilization position, stand tall looking straight ahead. Your spine should be in a neutral position and your head looking forward. Take your right hand and with your palm facing down, extend your thumb and pin it to your sternum. Take your left hand, palm facing down and pin your thumb to your pelvic bone just below the belly. The goal is to maintain the distance created by the both of your hands stacked in this manner. Take a breath and brace your abdominal position and try sitting down or air squatting. If you find that your hands separate, you are most likely hyper extended and in an unstable position. If the distance between your hands lessens you have rounded forward and lost the brace.
      This is a fun little exercise that can be done at home , at the gym or workplace. It’s a nice quick reminder to protect our midlines so we can be more efficient in everyday movements. If you need help to find this neutral position ask you coach the next time you are in the gym.

07.14.13 REST DAY

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