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More BBQ Please!

By avelyne | In Recipes, Rest Day | on June 26, 2011


As Sean mentioned in his post on Monday, we Intrepids love BBQ and I am no exception.  Prior to reading about all of the pork cuts on amazingribs.com,  I had purchased some country style pork ribs with the intent of finding a recipe for them.  Little did I know that this particular cut isn’t really considered a true rib and should be cooked more in the style of a pork chop.  Whoops!  After browsing through various recipes, I decided to just throw some spices together to create a dry rub and toss them on the grill.  The recipe was the easy part.

I had never used a grill before but was intent on learning.  After some grilling basics from my very sweet and patient boyfriend, I was on my way.  We started off with grilling fish for dinner, Alaskan Halibut caught wild by my very own Hunter Gatherer.  Then, since I was packing food for my next work trip, we grilled the country style pork ribs followed by some bison burgers.  Everything came out wonderfully tender and flavorful.  Yay for learning something new!

Alaskan Halibut:

Melt half stick of butter and combine with 1t of onion salt and juice from half lemon.  Baste fish with mixture.  Grill halibut skin side down for 20min until flakey.  Continue basting fish while grilling.  Serve!

Country style pork ribs:

Add liberal shakes of ground cumin, garlic powder, freshly ground pepper, chili powder and freshly ground sea salt to 1 pkg of country style pork ribs (season both sides).  Place on the grill for 10 minutes before turning.  Grill for 10 more minutes and done!

Bison burgers:

Add 1 egg, liberal shake of garlic salt and freshly ground pepper to 1 1lb package of ground bison.  Form patties.  Dust with cayenne pepper for an added kick.  Then grill for 6min per side for medium doneness.

06.26.2011 Rest Day

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