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Movie Motivation

By Jake | In Uncategorized | on December 13, 2013


In the last couple of weeks there has been a usual amount of sport films on TV.  It is not a bad thing because it just so happens that I love most sport movies, especially the training montages. I don’t know if it was 80’s/90’s week, but there were some classics on. The film series, Rocky (except Rocky V), happens to have my favorite training scenes. Everybody loves Rocky III and IV when Rocky gets ready to fight Mr. T and Ivan Drago. You can be sure that I watched both movies when they played last week. Some other good ones that were on were Blood Sport and Kickboxer. Jean-Claude Van Damme had some bad a$$ training going on. I even caught Daniel Larusso getting ready to take on the Cobra Kai. What I noticed about the majority of these movies was that I was getting super motivated during the training scenes. After each scene I had the urge to go to Intrepid and attempt PRs on every movement we do. So needless to say after the marathon of awesome sport flicks I browsed the web to find the “Greatest Movie Training Montages Ever”.

In the link below there are 10 scenes that get the adrenaline pumping. Men’s Fitness provides the list.


I also found a site that was inspired by the 2012 Summer Olympic and this site got in the action with a list of “10 of Film’s Greatest Training Montages”. There were some movies on there that I haven’t seen and feel shouldn’t have made the list.


Motivation is a funny thing because it can come from anywhere and everywhere. Is there a particular movie out there that gets you pumped up and makes you want to hit the gym that moment? Go ahead and post to comments if you would like to share.

WOD 12.14.2013

Run 1 Mile,

then Rest 4 Mins, then complete:

  • 15 Back Squats (225/155) or 60% of 1 Rep Max
  • 30 Toes 2 Bar
  • 30 Pistols
  • 60 Sit-ups

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