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News Déjà Vu

By Marcus | In Uncategorized | on December 5, 2011

New pullup bars being installed!

This week I saw an article over on Fox News get several mentions in social media related to paleo nutrition. This article, called “7 Foods You Should Never Eat” shares much in common with typical paleo recommendations, including those posted on this very site. The original source looks to be Prevention Magazine, and for each food, they have a corresponding “expert” who gives their reasons why. Since we’ve had a number of posts over the years, I thought it might be useful to let our newer members know where we touched on these subjects previously. If the “forbidden” food interests you, check the provided links for more information!

1. The Endocrinologist Won’t Eat: Canned Tomatoes
Fredrick Vom Saal, is an endocrinologist at the University of Missouri who studies bisphenol-A.

If this sounds familiar, it should! See our previous posts:
Rotten Tomatoes
Can the Canned Foods

2. The Farmer Won’t Eat: Corn-Fed Beef
Joel Salatin is co-owner of Polyface Farms and author of half a dozen books on sustainable farming.

Most of you are probably already sick of hearing your trainers yap about grass-fed meat, but it’s with good reason. The movie Food Inc. features Joel Salatin and Ruth posted about this movie some time back.

4. The Farm Director Won’t Eat: Nonorganic Potatoes
Jeffrey Moyer is the chair of the National Organic Standards Board.

7. The Organic-Foods Expert Won’t Eat: Conventional Apples
Mark Kastel, a former executive for agribusiness, is codirector of the Cornucopia Institute, a farm-policy research group that supports organic foods.

When it comes to organic produce, we are quite fortunate here in California to have year-round farmers markets to visit. It pays to know the farmer who grew your food and to be able to ask them any questions you may have. Good luck with that at your local megamart!
Farm Fresh
What is a CSA?

5. The Fisheries Expert Won’t Eat: Farmed Salmon
Dr. David Carpenter, director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany, published a major study in the journal Scienceon contamination in fish.

Ruth posted both about the benefits of wild-caught fish as well as the ethical and environmental concerns when choosing your catch.
Farmed or Wild?

6. The Cancer Researcher Won’t Drink: Milk Produced With Artificial Hormones
Rick North is project director of the Campaign for Safe Food at the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

Not only is the avoidance of milk with hormones a key goal, but it is also of benefit to find grass-fed sources. In a previous post, I cover pretty much all sources of dairy and what to look for.
On Dairy

WOD 12.05.11

Jerk 2-2-2

Max Strict Pull Ups
7 Knee Raises
7 Power Cleans
21 Double Unders

3 Comments to "News Déjà Vu"

  • Amanda says:

    December 5, 2011 at 8:56 AM -

    WAHOO! I missed everyone last week. Can’t wait for this afternoon.

  • Brady Held says:

    December 5, 2011 at 10:14 AM -

    Man I was stoked for the pull-ups… Then everything else wrecked me! Awesome WOD!

  • ruth says:

    December 5, 2011 at 11:37 AM -

    Heard you knocked out a ton of pull ups, Brady! Dang climbers!

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