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Now that the Open is Over…

By admin | In Competition, Uncategorized | on April 1, 2014

The 2014 CrossFit Open has come to an end. We had so much fun in our Friday Night Lights when our competitors came out to perform, judge, and cheer on the Open WODs. I’m so very proud of all of our competitors for putting themselves out there and posting their scores for the world to see. Most of you, even if you didn’t officially participate can see how you fared amongst the best in the region as well as the world. Did you perform as you expected or hoped? What were your greatest weaknesses? What demons did you encounter?

For those of you who are looking toward the 2015 Open, what are your goals? Do you want to place in the top 50th percentile, top 100 men, or qualify for Regionals? It’s one thing to just participate in the Open and “see how it goes,” but another thing entirely to declare “I want to qualify for Regions next year.” A declaration of that kind takes cajones. It holds you accountable. Your whiteboard expands now beyond that of the gym and into the gyms of all the other regional athletes who share the same goal. Your benchmark isn’t just your 1RM deadlift or Fran anymore. It’s now also where you place in regional level competitions such as Legendary Competitor. Look at the Leaderboard. Pick an athlete who placed where you’d like to place. Click on their name and see what their stats are. Are your lifts close to theirs? What about your benchmark WODs?

This week will serve to taper down and reset your bodies. Tend to any nagging mobility issues or tightnesses. If there is an area that is over-trained, rest a little. For those of you with specific goals for next year, speak up now. Put it out there on comments. Include what weaknesses you discovered this year. When evaluating your fitness level as a CrossFit athlete, don’t allow excuses to creep in or focus on how life threw curveballs at you. Look at the facts: I’m good at A. I suck at B. I hate working on C, but it will significantly make me a better athlete.

I’ll go first: I love heavy lifts. I suck at light weights at high reps (that “burn”). I need to work pull ups and muscle ups, and be able to do them in high volume when I’m tired. I hate aerobic work (run 5k, row 2k) but it will help me recover during an anaerobic workout better and significantly make me a better athlete. Unless we end up giving Cade a sibling, my goal is to be on a qualifying team in the 2015 Open and place at least in the top 80 women of the SoCal region next year.

Matt DeVille of Good Life Chiropractic will come to the gym this Saturday, April 5th from 8:30am to 10:30am. He’ll be providing free Active Release Therapy and chiropractic work during this time. Matt used to work out at Intrepid so he’s quite familiar with our movements. All WODSERIES competitors can come get a tune up before Sunday and stay to use the MarcPro if you like. Matt’s office is local and he does fantastic work. Sean and I both see him for soft tissue work and have seen great results.

WOD 04.01.14

Press 3×5 or Wendler

7 Muscle Ups
30 KBS
100 Double Unders
30 KBS
7 Muscle Ups

15 Pull Ups
30 KBS
60 Double Unders
30 KBS
15 Ring Dips

3 Comments to "Now that the Open is Over…"

  • Jake says:

    April 1, 2014 at 9:21 AM -

    I am a fan of long beat down WODs with moderate weight. I dont mind the “burn”. I suck at quicker and heavier WODs. HSPUs, Pistols, and MU (high volume) need a ton of work. I hate working on mobility and am not consistent with bodyweight skill work, but I feel the skill work will make me a better athlete. I do like lifting heavy, but I need to improve my overall strength to be competitive. My goal for next year would be to place in the top 100 males in this region and I would love to be part of a qualifying team.

  • jsutandyo says:

    April 2, 2014 at 12:42 PM -

    I’m good at anything under 6 minutes, and anything with jumping or squatting. I suck at anything over 6 minutes, anything with a bar overhead, and weightlifting movements. I don’t hate working on anything. My plan is to focus on weightlifting, slowly incorporate more crossfit as my strength comes back, and place in the Top 150 in Socal Regionals next year.

  • Holley says:

    April 3, 2014 at 10:35 AM -

    Behind on this one…just catching up on post reading for the week. I think I suffer from jack of all trades syndrome. My strength isn’t bad, but I’m not among the strongest in the region. I can handle some burn, I like the sprint WODs, but can hang for the longer ones too. Again, I’m not at the top in region in either type of work out. My body weight movements have really started to come along, but again, not at the top of the region. I need to increase my overall work capacity and get stronger, which means I need to find the right balance in my training. I thinking nailing muscle up and butterfly kipping technique will be a must for placing where I want to in the region, top 100 females. I’m going to need to achieve a better work/life balance to accomplish this though.

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