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Nutrition to the Rescue

By Holley | In Health & Lifestyle, Nutrition | on January 23, 2014

 jon front squat

Dave Aspry, the bulletproof executive, released his newest podcast this week, starring model Andy Hnilo as his guest. People see what I eat and it usually leads to questions, so to avoid long conversations, I try to convey that nutrition is paramount. It’s not just about the doctor’s standard of health and they way you look, nutrition really makes you who you are because it affects your mood, behavior, brain function, resilience, longevity and so much more. The reason, I’m sharing Andy’s story with all of you is because it completely blew me away and really stands as a testament to what I try to explain to everyone about nutrition.

On a Saturday night, March 20th, 2013, Andy Hnilo was hit by two cars on Melrose. He was first hit by a Toyota Tundra and was then thrown into the opposite lane moving in the other direction, and run over by a Land Rover. It turned out to be a double hit and run accident. He had a compound fracture in his jaw (which required some titanium plates and his jaw being wired shut), 7 broken ribs, a collapsed lung and some gnarly road rash. Believe it or not, the first weekend in June, less than three months later, he did a runway show and never even told his agent he was in an accident. How did he recover so quickly? Nutrition.

I’ll start with the disclaimer that Andy was already in good shape, eating the right things, and taking care of his body before he got in the accident. He also went to some pretty extreme measures to recover quickly, but perhaps if my life and longevity depended on it as well, I might be willing to do the same. Since his jaw was wired shut, there weren’t many options for food, so he made super high fat, super nutrient dense smoothies for meals. Here’s an outline of his regimen for recovery:

– smoothie ingredients: liver, Chinese herbs (primarily deer placenta), egg yolk, raw cream (looking back he wishes he did avocados instead) and colostrum; also almond butter

– additional supplements: Amino acids – L-glutamine, citrulline and arginine

– for scars: topical made of manuka honey and colostrum

Basically, this guy loaded up on only super nutrient dense and high fat foods for recovery. He counted on fats to help his body rebuild as efficiently as it possibly could. Right after the accident he couldn’t even count on his core to sit up and eat, within a month to 1.5 months after his accident, jaw still wired shut, he was running up a nearby canyon to exercise. Less than three months later, he had a shirtless runway show and no one even knew of his accident. He still continues on with some pretty crazy/brilliant dietary choices and daily routines, and if you’re interested in the rest of the story, you can listen to it here.

I’m not saying you should eat liver and deer placenta smoothies, or try out any of his other routines, but I was really inspired by his discipline to use nutrition to speed through recovery from a major trauma. So when you’re recovering from an injury, feel a cold coming on, or even if your child has an exam coming up, be sure to dial in your nutrition and give your body the highest quality fuel to function at its best.

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