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Nutritional Q&A 15

By Marcus | In Nutrition | on March 27, 2013

If you started a Whole30 at the beginning of our Nutrition Challenge, today is Day 30. Congratulations if you stuck it out thus far! Please refer to my post from last week as far as tips on how to handle Day 31 and on. With the end of the Whole30 and the rest of the Nutrition Challenge in mind, today I have a recent question one of your fellow athletes has asked.


If we’re done with the Whole30, do we still follow the meal template?

In most cases, yes! Those guidelines are the amount of protein and other nutrients you need on a daily basis. If you’re introducing some dairy, for example, realize where it would fall in comparison to other foods. Keeping with the dairy example — butter is a fat, while cottage cheese is a protein.

Note, I did say “in most cases”. If you fall completely off the Whole9 wagon and are no longer eating per the Good Food standards, your meal template is going to be shot to hell. You’ll quickly notice that a sandwich for lunch and pizza for dinner will leave you overloaded on starchy carbs and likely very short on protein. This is in addition to the other ill effects you will undoubtedly notice.

That said, your choice to go nutritional off-roading is something you need to accept as your choice as an adult. Own your decision! No one is “forcing” you to eat poorly. This is a large part of the reason behind a 90 day challenge — giving you time to forge these new habits, rather than a sprint to 30 days followed by a binge fest.

Discipline quote

WOD 03.27.13

  • Jerk 3×2
  • Deadlift 1×5
  • Max Kipping Pull-Ups (one set)

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